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add< backend, Matrix > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<Backend backend, class Matrix>
struct shogun::linalg::implementation::add< backend, Matrix >

Generic class which is specialized for different backends to perform addition.

Definition at line 61 of file Add.h.

Public Types

typedef Matrix::Scalar T

Static Public Member Functions

static void compute (Matrix A, Matrix B, Matrix C, T alpha, T beta)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Matrix::Scalar T

Scalar type

Definition at line 64 of file Add.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void compute ( Matrix  A,
Matrix  B,
Matrix  C,
T  alpha,
T  beta 

Performs the operation C = alpha*A + beta*B. Works for both matrices and vectors

Afirst matrix
Bsecond matrix
Cmatrix to store the result
alphaconstant to be multiplied by the first matrix
betaconstant to be multiplied by the second matrix

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