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elementwise_unary_operation< Backend::EIGEN3, Operand, ReturnType, UnaryOp > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class Operand, class ReturnType, class UnaryOp>
struct shogun::linalg::implementation::elementwise_unary_operation< Backend::EIGEN3, Operand, ReturnType, UnaryOp >

Specialization for elementwise_unary_operation with EIGEN3 backend. The operand types MUST be of CPU types (SGMatrix/SGVector).

Definition at line 116 of file ElementwiseUnaryOperation.h.

Public Types

using T = typename Operand::Scalar
using ST = typename UnaryOp::return_type

Static Public Member Functions

static void compute (Operand operand, ReturnType result, UnaryOp unary_op)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ST

using ST = typename UnaryOp::return_type

The scalar type of the result

Definition at line 122 of file ElementwiseUnaryOperation.h.

◆ T

using T = typename Operand::Scalar

The scalar type of the operand

Definition at line 119 of file ElementwiseUnaryOperation.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compute()

static void compute ( Operand  operand,
ReturnType  result,
UnaryOp  unary_op 

Method compute that computes element-wise UnaryOp operation for the Operand using EIGEN3 backend.

operandThe operand on which element-wise unary operation has to be performed
resultThe result of applying the unary operator on each scalar of the operand

Definition at line 139 of file ElementwiseUnaryOperation.h.

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