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yohHi! Here to help -- just to raise the attendence ;)19:04
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sids_aquariushi everyone :)19:10
tanmoyTanmoy here19:12
sonney2khi there19:18
sonney2kI am sitting in a train currently19:19
sonney2kbut have to leave now19:19
sonney2kwill be back l8r19:19
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sonney2kyoh, I didn't know you have time to hang out on IRC21:13
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yohI don't ... and I do not ;)21:39
yohI just keep it open and some times join some channels to ask silly questions for a quick response21:39
yohmoreover I keep archive of the IRC logs, so at times I use them as a cheatsheet for a quick grepping for something I only vaguely remembering asking in IRC21:40
sonney2kheh, I guess I am doing the same thing21:41
* sonney2k wonders what happened to #swig-wrapper21:42
sonney2kit used to have many idlers...21:42
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@sonney2kgood night everyone...23:00
* sonney2k is off to bed23:00
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