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* fredt Hello World02:15
* fredt Great and bye =)02:25
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sonney2kyoh, around?17:18
yohnow - yes17:20
yohsonney2k: above ;)17:20
yohbut my screen with IRC is burried deep - so do not get surprised if I do not respond immediately17:21
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sonney2kyoh, *sigh* my machine froze - in case you answered please pong again17:33
yohsonney2k: answered to what? that I am here? yes I am ;)18:58
sonney2kI am trying to do the git conversion
sonney2kI've split out data and source code to actually not waste to much hard disk space /bandwith19:00
sonney2kyoh, would be great if you could check it out and give comments19:01
sonney2k(I will now have to fix all the many scripts / makefile etc to work with git)19:01
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yohok -- will check it in 30mins, ok?19:43
yohfor some reason github became slow on my in the last few days20:24
yohI saw their recent blog only on 'improved' performance.20:25
yohinitial throughput is high but then it drops considerably :-/20:27
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yohbtw -- not sure if that would matter if pushed back to github: if I repack local clone -- size of .git goes from 200MB to 118MB20:41
yohhave you repacked it before pushing to github?20:41
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yohwhat is that really dangling tag for genefinder_0_1_0?20:45
sonney2kyoh, the mighty roots of shogun20:45
sonney2kwe started out to write yet another genefinder20:46
yohbut it seems to be without a tree ;) (no files etc) -- why to keep it?20:46
sonney2kbut for some reason we are taking looong shortcuts :)20:46
sonney2kyoh, it has files here!?20:48
yoh1 sec20:50
sonney2khowever I don't really know how to access the tag...20:50
yohah sorry -- yes20:51
yohfiles are there20:51
yohthe same way -- you can check it out20:51
sonney2kbeyond my git skills20:51
yohI just got confused in gitk a bit ;)20:51
sonney2kwell git checkout <tag> makes me git tell me that I am in detached head state20:51
yohyou might have rewritten that commit though with some useful message ;)20:51
yohyes- - because tag is not a branch20:52
yohif you like  to get it into branch, just do "git checkout -b branch-for-tagX tagX"20:52
sonney2kthen it is a local branch right?20:52
sonney2kyoh, ahh how do I get rid of untracked files?20:55
* sonney2k *sigh* once again /me is a newbie20:56
sonney2kcool stuff
yohsonney2k: you mean in the local checkout?20:56
sonney2kyoh, yes20:56
yohmost oopportunistic 'git clean -dfx'20:56
yohand I would recommend to have data not as a symlink but as a git submodule20:57
sonney2kyoh, did you find anything suspicious otherwise?20:57
sonney2khow to do that?20:57
yohit does take a bit to get used to but it is the correct way to bind tw o repositories together e.g. so you could assure specific revision of data for specific release of shogun20:57
yohgit rm data20:58
yohmkdir data20:58
yohactually let me just do it and then give you a list of commands ;)20:58
yohdamn... need to leave atm (help doing MRI scanning)... will do later today20:59
sonney2kyoh, enjoy20:59
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yohbtw -- wanna see big tree of your git: *** "mod:pickle/cPickle modules" doesn't render nicely ;)21:11
yohoops -- wrong paste21:11
yohsonney2k: eh -- you are offline again so no reason for me to type on instructions with gitsubmodules -- will send you an email with the log21:14
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sonney2kyoh, I was riding the train back home again and had to switch to a bike...21:26
sonney2k(it is still hard for me to stay online while biking ;)21:26
yohI would recommend running some console base IRC client (e.g. irssi) in a screen on some always-online box, so you could always be omnipresent and get all the messages pepople write to you while you are physically offline21:38
sonney2kyoh, that is what shogun-toolbox is...21:39
sonney2kyoh, I did the submodule thing21:39
sonney2knot sure if I like it that much though21:39
sonney2kit forces people to get the data submodule21:40
sonney2kwhcih is pretty big compared to the src21:40
yohno -- if they just clone shogun repo -- nobody forces them to do submodule update ;)21:41
yohsrc is as big atm21:41
yohwanted to test either pushing repacked repository to github would reduce the size on github .... but will need to go offline soon, so will check later21:42
sonney2kyoh, you mean git gc?21:42
yohgit repack21:43
yohin particular I usually do git repack -a -d -f --window=10021:43
sonney2kOK running21:44
yohgit gc should not hurt either ;) especially if you removed any unneeded branches21:44
sonney2khowever I did that already after svn2git21:44
sonney2kI didn't21:44
sonney2kbut hey I am happy that the tags are there just fine21:44
sonney2kand the branches too21:44
sonney2kyour git repack brings it down 80MB21:45
yohok -- need to go now -- TTYL ... play with submodule idea -- you might like it at the end ;)21:45
sonney2know 480MB in checkout21:45
sonney2kyoh, it is already commited like this21:46
yohtold ya ... well -- it should not impact checkout. but only size of .git21:46
sonney2kyeah but how do I upload the repacked thing to github?21:46
yoh;) that is the question... I asked on github irc but no asnwer yet if it would be of effect:  remove old one, init it, push a new one21:47
yohsince shasums are the same -- no one should mention anything if they already cloned it ;)21:47
yohnow I am gone21:47
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* sonney2k gets sleepy23:06
splovingwhere is the svn trunk? I cound not find it.23:06
splovingsorry to boter you23:06
sonney2ksploving, check www.shogun-toolbox.org23:06
sonney2kdescription is all there23:06
sonney2kalternatively I am in the process of moving things to git
sonney2kso you could use that as well23:07
splovingok i know. thx23:07
Tanmoymoving to github is pretty cool23:08
sonney2kyeah... much easier for gsoc23:09
sonney2kbut it is quite some effort ...23:09
sonney2kanyways, I am too sleepy now...23:09
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Tanmoyoff to sleep23:55
yohsonney2k: btw -- have you considered pruning data files from the history of the repository entirely?23:56
yohsonney2k: btw -- tested upload of the repacked repository -- cloning became faster and size remained at 118MB -- coolio23:58
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