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yohI guess you aren't online00:00
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siddharthanyone here?04:42
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sonney2kyoh, indeed10:23
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sonney2kYin so?11:03
sonney2kShoot :)11:04
YinI saw "See #topic for more details." and typed #topic...11:04
YinI am not familiar with IRC thing..11:04
sonney2kYin, I see. Topic is what you should see in your IRC client in some summary line...11:05
sonney2kcurrently this one: The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox - | We have been accepted for GSoC 2011 | Check out or ideas list | GSoC Timeline | How to apply | This Channel is logged.11:06
YinI just know that Shogun is in this year's GoSC and studying some related stuff :)11:06
Yinexcuse me. are you Dr. Soeren Sonnenburg?11:08
YinI've just sent an email to you asking about the project:)11:08
sonney2kYin, yes I am. I have a hard time catching up answering emails currently11:10
Yinnice to meet you :) should be a lot of emails asking about  the GoSC proejct these days.11:12
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splovinghello I tired to use 'library(shogun)' in R-modual, it could not find it . should i add the lib path?14:16
splovingi maked install the lib already14:16
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Tanmoyhmm sploving cld u reproduce ur steps ?14:31
splovingmy find is in /usr/local/lib14:32
splovingso one way use LD_LIBRARY, the other way is rebuid it with : ./configure --prefix=/usr/14:32
splovingam i right?14:32
Tanmoyhmm seems fair14:34
Tanmoylet me check it out14:34
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splovingI tried to fix the R-module bug, although I am not familiar with R14:36
splovingSo I first need build it with "--diable-reference-counting" then enable it. and in the two sce, i test the module example, to see which cause the crash up14:38
Tanmoyok cp nd to ur /usr/local/lib14:40
Tanmoythn try it again14:40
splovingwhen i test, i cd examples/documented/r_modular,and run R14:43
splovingthen I use library(shogun)14:43
splovingit shows there is no shogun14:44
splovingmy /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib both have the libsogun*.so14:44
splovingit works14:47
Tanmoynow try the rem examples14:47
splovingbut the examples are all "library(shogun)"14:48
splovingthe diffirence between the R and R modular is one static, the other dynamic?14:48
Tanmoysee the .so file14:50
Tanmoyu might have gone to the static part and trying the one for modular14:51
splovingI need test the modular example14:52
splovingi know that i use ./confiugue , it shows SHOGUN was configured for libshogun, libshogunui, python,python_modular, r.15:03
splovingthere is not r_modular!15:03
Tanmoyhold on15:05
Tanmoyim reproducing it15:05
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Tanmoydid u try the ./configure with r_modular15:07
splovingi will have a try15:08
Tanmoydo let me knw what u r doing15:10
Tanmoyill get back asap15:10
splovingit works.15:12
splovingso I think the default configure is that disable r_modular15:12
splovingbut when i make, my os crash down!15:21
splovingbtw,i used another computer15:21
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Tanmoysounds gr816:08
Tanmoyur os crashes down ...16:08
Tanmoywht os r u using16:08
splovingubuntu 10.0416:09
Tanmoyi am using the same16:09
splovingi think that fixes these bugs should be one of gsoc project16:09
splovingas it is not easy to fix16:10
Tanmoywell u c thr r sometimes dependencies which u cannot look into16:10
Tanmoyanyway do mail me a detailed step of what u r doing at  mukherjee.tanmoy@gmail.com16:11
Tanmoyill have a look into it16:11
splovingI wanted to support the Lua language, but now I think it is more import to fix these bugs16:13
Tanmoydo talk to soeren abt ur plan16:14
Tanmoythy might be intrstd16:14
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serialhexanyone awake in here??20:57
serialhex...i guess not :/20:58
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