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skydiverhi guys12:11
skydiveri suppose you have broken link on main page www.shogun-toolbox.org: Check out some basic examples on how to develop with libshogun http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/doc/libshogun__examples.html12:12
skydiverit should be http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/doc/libshogun_examples.html :)12:12
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sonney2kskydiver, thx16:45
skydiverhttp://www.shogun-toolbox.org/doc/developer__tutorial.html - also should be fixed with http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/doc/developer_tutorial.html16:54
sonney2kskydiver, I am just running a link checker16:56
skydiveri have question about gsoc idea: "Implement Kernel Feature Analysis (KFA)"16:56
skydiverunfortunately i don't have access to mentioned article http://www.computer.org/portal/web/csdl/doi/10.1109/CVPR.2006.4316:57
skydiverAccelerated Kernel Feature Analysis. Jiang et al. (2006)16:57
sonney2kskydiver, *sigh* me neither. please ask konrad about it.16:59
seviyorhttp://www.people.vcu.edu/~ymotai/Publications/conferences/01640748.pdf  (from ones of the athors web page)17:01
sonney2kseviyor, good job :)17:02
skydiveroh, i've just found the same doc17:06
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AdaHopperI am a spanish student, and I am interested in working with shogun at gsoc program18:47
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sonney2kAdaHopper, ok, so what do you want to do?19:52
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-!- sonney2k changed the topic of #shogun to: The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox - http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/ | We have been accepted for GSoC 2011 | Check out or ideas list http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/gsoc-ideas.html | GSoC Timeline http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/events/google/gsoc2011 | How to apply http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/show/google/gsoc2011/shogun | This Channel is logged.19:59
@sonney2kDid anyone try to login the new google melange gsoc site?19:59
AdaHopperSorry sonney, I just gone out20:09
AdaHopperI would like to implement one of the new machine learning algorithms20:10
AdaHopperI don't know if you received some applications before, or if you have some preference between them20:11
AdaHopperso I could get ready a better application20:12
siddharthHow to apply for shogun through Google Summer of Code?20:13
AdaHopperby the way, I just logged at the new google melange site.20:13
@sonney2ksiddharth, that is a good question... I am not sure if this is possible already - probably tomorrow there should be some apply link according to #gsoc20:57
@sonney2kAdaHopper, you should email chris about this, he is mentoring this.21:00
@sonney2k(or will be)21:00
@sonney2kyoh, around to talk about git?21:03
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yohsonney2k: uff, git again ;)23:04
yohsonney2k: I am somewhat around (conditioned on family dragging me away from the laptop)23:05
@sonney2kyoh, no idea who suggest to switch to git ;-)23:05
@sonney2kyoh, family is luckily asleep here23:05
yohsonney2k: it was the inner voice I bet23:05
@sonney2kluckily  they admittedly seem to sleep a lot23:06
@sonney2kyoh, well I'd like to finish the git transition23:06
@sonney2knot sure if you have received my reply (email?)23:06
yohyeah -- those precious hours after everybody (but yourself) closes their eyes to enjoy lovely dreams ;)23:06
yohreceived... just opened23:07
@sonney2k... and all powered by black tea and tons of chocolate...23:07
@sonney2kyoh, in short I'd like to get shogun (Source) repo to minimal size23:08
@sonney2kso I don't mind trashing github again but I am not sure how to do it and what will happen with the shogun-toolbox.org git mirror (that has some remote branches)23:08
@sonney2kregarding data I would just keep it in git and ftp.23:09
yohok -- read email23:09
@sonney2kbut git annex really sounds cool23:09
yohso, if you rewrite git repository while pruning some files it better be done on the repository with all the branches of interest available locally I think... e.g. pretty much in the state of right after svn2git... then rewrite, gc, repack, reinit repositories on github and shogun-toolbox.org, and push fresh nice tidy local one to both of those remotes23:11
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yohsounds reasonable?23:11
sonney2kin principle yes23:12
sonney2kthe only problem I see is that svn2git creates a remote repository23:12
yohmeanwhile just experiment with rewrite -- see how much space would you save? you might recall some other data files which were committed/removed23:12
yohnever used svn2git -- remote one is for incremental syncs from SVN?23:12
sonney2kso it is that structure that I find on the server - and I definitely have to git clone this23:12
yohare you planing on fetching new commits from SVN using svn2git ?  then you would need to research how to make it work on rewritten one... with 'git svn' it would have been quite easy23:13
sonney2kno svn is *DEAD*23:13
yohah, cool23:13
yohnot sure what you meant with "so it is that structure that I find on the server - and I definitely have to git clone this"23:13
sonney2kyoh, svn2git operates on the subversion tarball (the true archive) and comes up with a .git thingy that you can directly put on the sever23:14
sonney2kin case of shogun this contains23:14
yohnot sure what is marks-shogun.git23:15
yohprobably some symbolic-ref (like HEAD)23:16
sonney2kyoh, some file with a number and a hash23:16
yohbut otherwise it is just a generic git repository structure23:16
sonney2kyes it is23:16
sonney2ksvn2git gets all the tags right (even when modifications exist it seems)23:17
sonney2kand branches are remote branches23:17
sonney2k  origin/HEAD -> origin/master23:17
sonney2k  origin/boost_serialization23:17
sonney2k  origin/galaxy23:17
sonney2k  origin/master23:17
sonney2k  origin/structure23:17
yohwhat are remote branches in case of SVN? ;)23:18
yohis that already on a clone?23:18
yohwhat if on the server in that git directory you do: git --bare branch23:18
yohin any case -- not a biggie since number of branches is small so you could just check them out manually locally before doing the rewrite, or you could just copy that git directory as your .git into a directory to mimique local clone I guess... let me check23:19
sonney2kyoh, can I do that without risk?23:19
sonney2kyoh, no copying does not work23:19
yohrisk of what? just keep a copy of it for your sanity sake ;)23:22
yohok chief -- give me a tarball of that repository and I will do ;)23:22
sonney2kyoh, ahh well - I only have hundreds of copies23:22
yohcopying works -- just need few changes in config23:22
yohswitch from bare to non-bare and remove shared flag as well so it looks like a local clone with a checkout tree, then do git checkout master upstairs (i.e. in the directory where you copied that directory as .git)23:23
sonney2kwell it is this one http://shogun-toolbox.org/gitweb/?p=shogun.git;a=summary23:24
yohright, but I can't scp it "for completeness"23:25
sonney2kyoh, I see. I am creating a tarball.23:25
yohif I clone (which I have from github) lazy me would  need to do those manual checkouts of all 4!!! remote branches ;)23:25
sonney2kdoes github also have the remote branches?23:25
yohgkhm... use of "remote branches" confuses me ;) whatever is a branch on github locally would be a remote branch for me whenever github is added as a remote (e.g. origin by default)23:26
sonney2kyoh, well the branches on shogun-toolbox :)23:27
yohso yes -- it ha sthem all I guess23:27
yoh* master remotes/gh-yarikoptic-temp/master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/boost_serialization remotes/origin/galaxy remotes/origin/master remotes/origin/structure23:27
sonney2kthere you go23:28
yohok -- gimme a few minutes of joy and waiting ;) will probably do on the box with a few cores (git repack I believe is multithreaded)23:28
yohso it wasn't even shared -- you could have problems with multiple people committing under their own logins...23:32
yohfor "push" rights into the repository by different people23:33
sonney2kI still don't understand - no idea what you are talking about23:34
yohwhenever you init git repo, you could use 'git init --shared'23:34
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yohsomeone would need to check what would need to be adjusted to switch existing one to shared mode -- I recall that few things needs to be twicked... or it will be noone but you directly pushing into that repository on shogun-toolbox.org via ssh?23:35
yohso -- those files you listed in the email are the only ones to be removed?23:36
sonney2kyoh, I intend to give a handful of people push rights...23:36
sonney2kI didn't even know that there is a difference in git for this setup...23:37
yohwell -- if you take github as the primary one, you could easily setup different groups with different rights (eg pushing)23:38
sonney2kyoh, well I suggest to grep for .bz2 files the files might have occurred under different paths / names23:38
yohbut all that will be easy to fix anyways... so no worries...  ok -- so all those listed + bz2, right?23:38
sonney2kyoh, yes23:42
sonney2kI just checked again. the biggest ones are the ones in the asp dir (or asplicer at some previous point)23:43
sonney2kand the ones from the msplicer dir23:43
sonney2kthere are lots of others that are slightly big when uncompressed but small when compressed (test suite) so no need to remove them23:44
yohok -- filterbranch is running23:47
yohI just did that list + any .bz2 ... or do you mean that some bz2 should have been saved?23:48
sonney2kyoh, if I get this right this will only remove the commits with the files right?23:48
yohno -- commits will be there -- just without those files ;) so if commit was only about those files -- it will be empty commit23:48
yohthose could be skipped if you like (I recall there is aprameter)23:48
sonney2kno they can all go23:49
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sonney2kthat is what I meant :)23:49
sonney2kyoh, regarding github - I currently want to turn this into my primary source23:49
sonney2kbut still I'd like to have shogun-toolbox.org's git to be a up-to-date mirror23:50
sonney2ksergey_lisitsyn, hi...23:50
yohsonney2k: no problem, you can push changes to as many remotes as you like -- you just need a habbit (or helper tool) to do so23:50
sonney2kyoh, can I in github configure branches that only the respective student has push access for?23:51
sonney2kyoh, well I could also have a cron job doing this on shogun-toolbox.org23:51
yohdo you mean per-branch? ... in any case-- I would recommend github because it makes it really easy for people to work on their own clones (so your students just clone your repo directly on github into their accounts) and then for you to see the 'Network'23:52
sergey_lisitsynsonney2k: a little question: that description on shogun GSoC page was long ago or it appeared recently? I'm confused that I haven't seen it before23:52
yohso no need to grant students push access23:52
sonney2kyoh, I see23:53
yohlet them push into their very own clones23:53
yohthen add them as remotes to your own local checkout and you will be able to merge or cherry-pick hteir changes23:53
sonney2ksergey_lisitsyn, err sorry? I don't understand the question.23:53
yohand on github they could submit official pull requests for such merges... and github provides convenient code-review facilities so you could discuss those right there in place23:53
sergey_lisitsynsonney2k: that one: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/google/gsoc2011/shogun23:54
sonney2ksergey_lisitsyn, we had this description in the application template form. Since I couldn't find a link to this in the new melange I included this in the raw description.23:55
sergey_lisitsynsonney2k: okay, thank you23:55
sonney2ksergey_lisitsyn, so yes it is 'new' on this page but old otherwise23:55
sonney2kyoh, sounds cool23:55
sergey_lisitsynI think I forgot to make acquaintance :)23:55
sonney2kyoh, the only thing that worries me is that if someone deletes his account/repository that I don't have anything...23:56
sonney2k(I mean maliciously... of course I have high hopes that won't happen)23:57
sonney2kyoh, btw, please email me the git commands you have issued once you are done...23:57
sergey_lisitsynsonney2k: may I ask another question?23:59
sonney2ksergey_lisitsyn, just ask23:59
sergey_lisitsynokay :) so, will students commit code right in that svn trunk or it will be some another way?23:59
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