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mankHi, I am a Computer Science student. I am working in the area of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I am looking forward to contribute through GSoC. I am looking for some guidance as to how to start. Please help13:03
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CIA-30shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r0d5bae1 / src/ : Adjust version script to fix build failure on OSX -
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@knrrrdExceptional good weather in Berlin!17:09
@knrrrdDon't waste your time on IRC :)17:09
* sonney2k is doing his tax declaration17:20
* sonney2k sighs17:20
@sonney2kbettyboo, knrrrd is enjoying the Berlin sun - dont you think that is fair?17:21
@bettyboosonney2k: so the implementation of kfa does not requires any special kernel or feature representation17:21
@knrrrdyou see, bettyboo is also working (on shogun of course)17:23
@bettybooknrrrd: each vector of this basis is a linear combination of all training examples17:23
@sonney2kit is always good to have a bot doing some real work - even though its name is bettyboo *heh*17:24
@bettyboosonney2k: i have been working with svm17:24
@sonney2kbettyboo, I am pretty sure of that.17:25
@bettyboosonney2k: I am not sure what KFA does17:25
@knrrrdAdded a new matching routine which randomly kicks in and looks for a similar phrase17:26
@knrrrdCleaned my balcony today. Hard work with a Schrubber!17:27
@sonney2kknrrrd, you really are working hard - I mean it :)17:29
@sonney2kknrrrd, It is hard to believe, but you can have a PhD a.k.a. Dr. and still be childish^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hperform very relevant social experiments..!17:32
* sonney2k just compiles shogun for all potentially available interfaces17:32
* sonney2k just to check if the temperature of my CPU goes beyond 90 deg. C or actually which language is most demanding. So far octave wins...17:34
@knrrrdI don't get the social experiment part?17:39
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CIA-30shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r9842cfe / src/modular/SGBase.i :17:41
CIA-30shogun: Ignore a few more sg_* functions in modular interfaces.17:41
CIA-30shogun: This fixes a r_modular build failure. -
CIA-30shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r4bd3981 / (src/libshogun/lib/DataType.cpp src/libshogun/lib/DataType.h):17:41
CIA-30shogun: Don't call the return value result as this clashes with swig's R17:41
CIA-30shogun: wrapping (calling return SEXPptr's result). -
@knrrrdbettyboo: Do you understand these git logs?17:43
@bettybooknrrrd: Tanmoy, I don't understand your question...17:43
@bettybooknrrrd, zzz17:43
@knrrrdbettyboo: I am not Tanmoy17:44
@bettybooknrrrd: I am not sure what KFA does17:44
Tanmoy@bettyboo for the part in missing algorithms i talked about KPCA17:48
@bettybooTanmoy: I think there's an issue about this somewhere17:48
Tanmoywhat are the preprocessing methods there17:48
Tanmoyin shogun17:49
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@sonney2kTanmoy, there is none yet20:49
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Tanmoy@sonney2k well its actually mentioned that there are a whole lot of preprocessing methods available that would complement the features in shogun20:59
Tanmoy@knrrrd which question didn't u understand ?21:00
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@sonney2kTanmoy, well these ones
Tanmoyoh okie21:52
Tanmoythnx for tht21:52
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