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@knrrrdNite guys01:23
@knrrrdTime to sleep, bye01:24
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* sonney2k opens his eyes09:59
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@sonney2kbettyboo, are you always smiling?10:58
@bettyboosonney2k: but you are interested in shogun?10:58
@sonney2kbettyboo, yes of course - now I understand the reason why you are smiling.10:59
@bettyboosonney2k: input set of strings, output n-dimensional representation10:59
@sonney2kbettyboo, You are talkng about kPCA or KFA right?10:59
@bettyboosonney2k: shogun: Implement snappy compression support (
Tanmoy@sonney2k some of the preprocessing methods for example norm won't it be better to use GSL's code11:24
Tanmoyespecially BLAS11:24
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@sonney2kTanmoy, I am not sure I understand: Did you mean we should use blas whenever possible?12:30
@sonney2kbecause - that is what we are trying12:35
@sonney2k(though the preproc code is probably among the oldest parts of shogun and not yet utilizing all of that)12:36
Tanmoy@sonney2k yes thts wat i mean12:42
Tanmoyfor example why would this be required
Tanmoywhen already implemented as a norm in BLAS12:43
Tanmoy@sonney2k however for the missing algorithms part i think the desgn issues needs to be a bit better sorted out12:44
@sonney2kTanmoy, well one is a preprocessor that you can attach to features and one is just the method to compute the norm of a vector12:44
Tanmoybut i belive the work is to find norm right ?12:45
@sonney2kno, it is that when you have a set of vectors to ensure that they all have norm one.12:46
@sonney2kso divide each vector by its norm12:46
@sonney2kit is actually using blas already...12:47
Tanmoythe link i sent was for norm12:47
Tanmoymaybe i shld have said divide by norm :)12:48
CIA-30shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * rb0614d4 / .gitignore : improve gitignore for modular interfaces -
CIA-30shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r085319f / src/Makefile.template : Add dummy make install targets for java, lua and ruby -
CIA-30shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r56b366c / .gitignore : improve gitignore to exclude doxy files etc -
@knrrrdi think i need to fix something here12:49
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mank@sonney2k, Hi. I had sent you an email regarding GSoC Project ( i/o in .hdf5 format )13:00
@sonney2kmank, I recall answering :)13:00
mankyeah, I wanted to discuss more about it.13:01
@knrrrdwoah, truecrypt really improved in terms of GUI and usability13:01
@knrrrdgenerating a encrypted harddisk is really easy now13:01
@knrrrdand its cross-platform (in contrast to linux and osx specific drivers)13:02
mank@sonney2k, Is it a good time to discuss ?13:08
@sonney2kmank, if it does not take too long - ask!13:09
mankOk, couple of quick questions.13:09
mank1. Are we going to use HDF5 Api's for i/o ?13:10
blackburnsonney2k: I have implemented a fast nearest neighbor classification (in case of k=1) in CKNN class. what should I do after cleaning and commenting to get it commited?13:10
mank2. where should i start from ?13:11
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@sonney2kmank, hdf5 api's are already used for i/o look at CHDF5File and the CSerializableHDF5File classes13:12
@sonney2kmank, look at the CFile API13:13
@sonney2kblackburn, submit a patch to the mailing list (attach what git format-patch produces )13:14
blackburnsonney2k: okay, thank you13:14
mank@sonney2k: Thank you. I am really interested in working on this. I will have a look at this and maybe discuss more after going through these resources.13:16
@sonney2kmank, it would really make sense to do the octave / and older matlab binary formats too... for that look also at the source of octave (it's linked to at the gsoc page)13:17
mankok. I will have a look at that too.13:17
mank@sonney2k, Thanks for your time!13:18
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* knrrrd work on the balcony. cleaning chairs and table. 14:20
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siddharth__sonney2k, hi16:16
@bettyboosiddharth__, hey16:16
siddharth__Dimensionality reduction methods like LLE,ISOMAP not implemented in Shogun right?16:17
blackburnI will send a proposal about it16:17
siddharth__you working on this?16:17
blackburnnot working, want to16:18
siddharth__so can two people do and divide the work?16:18
blackburnI don't know, even don't know any chances to get into this program :)16:19
@bettyboofunny ;>16:19
@bettyboolol ;D16:19
blackburnbtw, there is a kernel pca not implemented16:20
siddharth__actually there are many Dimensionality Reduction methods yet to be implemented16:20
blackburnor implemented.. I forgot16:20
blackburnI'll try to send a proposal about LLE, SNE, ISOMAP and MDS16:20
siddharth__well lets see...I am also interested in this16:22
siddharth__what about boosting algorithms?16:22
blackburnwhat is the question? :)16:23
siddharth__I mean they are also not implemented right?16:23
blackburnI don't pretty sure, but there is an classifier/boosting16:24
siddharth__yeah that i went through16:25
siddharth__most of them implemented16:25
blackburnI thought you already chose idea to work with16:27
siddharth__yeah I am interested in implementing primal SVM solver...though if this finishes quickly,I want to do work on Dim Red16:29
blackburnah, I see16:30
@knrrrdthere is also the kfa task.16:30
@knrrrdif you are interested.16:30
siddharth__ok I will look into that16:31
@knrrrdlle, sne and isomap would also be interesting, as they all require a knn backend16:32
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@knrrrdwhere mds can be build ontop of pca easily16:32
blackburnisomap is very similar to mds too16:33
@knrrrdblackburn: yes? how that?16:34
@knrrrdah. yes, isomap employs mds is the last step16:35
@knrrrdi recall16:35
blackburnknrrrd: it is like mds, but with graph distance16:35
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blackburnthat hmmm reminded me a
@bettyboo;D blackburn18:16
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pecehello, does LaRank implementation used in shogun support online training?20:25
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@sonney2kblackburn, that hmmh is pretty cool :D20:58
@sonney2kpece, well we don't have online features20:58
@sonney2kso no not really20:58
@sonney2kbut it could if we had them...20:58
hiteshksonney2k , thr22:05
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nidhelplisabout running toolbox on xp23:29
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nidxelplisaint one hir?23:31
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