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siddharth_hi sonney2k07:26
@sonney2ksiddharth_, morning.07:27
siddharth_well I asked the author of that Matlab toolbox07:27
siddharth_and he said that its fine as long as you use this for open software07:27
siddharth_sonney2k, so should I go for two proposals ... One for the Newton Primal SVM solver and other one for Dim Reduction?07:30
* siddharth_ wondering how busy sonney2k must be :P07:35
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Tanmoy@sonney2k do we have to add some more classes to the preprocessing base class09:15
Tanmoy@sonney2k well not actually maybe to CPreProc but maybe to CSimplePreProc09:17
@sonney2ksiddharth_, sorry was haiving breakfast... you had the idea about all these different dim reduction methods that you found in some matlab toolbox right?09:25
@sonney2kTanmoy, totally up to you09:26
@sonney2kif you think you can define some preprocs that share a good subset of features (e.g. all use a kernel in some way and have the same kind of apply() function) then it makes totally sense09:27
@sonney2ksiddharth_, just see your email. yes, makes perfectly sense. I tend to even say that the dim reduction techniques open up a new field inside shogun - so I would even consider this proposal to be stronger09:29
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Tanmoy@sonney2k well the reason after scanning thru wat i felt is because the sparsity DS which u have defined is strong09:35
Tanmoybut got Sparse Regression i don't know how strong it could be09:35
Tanmoyso i have defined some of my own proc09:35
Tanmoywld discuss with chris too and add it to the proposal09:36
@sonney2kTanmoy, well one could of course write two preprocs one for sparse and one for dense features... not sure how much functionality they can exchange...09:36
Tanmoy@sonney2k at this stage dense would not really be a probs i think what you have is good enough09:39
Tanmoyi have talked to chris of doing some work after GSOC so shld be good enough09:39
Tanmoyto do it then09:40
Tanmoyill also be in saarnucken so hope to ctch u guys thr09:40
Tanmoybtw im kinda dissapoointed tht the mentors for strcutrued learning are kinda absent09:40
Tanmoyis tht project going on or stopped ?09:41
@sonney2kTanmoy, hmmhh both of them?09:42
@sonney2kI now that Nico is or has just returned form a conference in Vancouver09:42
Tanmoywell Jonas did reply09:42
Tanmoynico not yet09:42
Tanmoythrs even hardly any time to discuss09:42
@sonney2kwell that explains it then?09:43
Tanmoyyeah but was a good proposal09:43
Tanmoyi mean u have kernel learning in shogun09:43
@sonney2khmhhh, I will see Nico today in person so ask him now09:43
Tanmoybut structured learning in kernels and CRF's wld be very neat09:43
@sonney2kso he will then respond later in the day...09:44
Tanmoy:) gr8 sounds fair09:44
Tanmoybtw anything in SHOGUN right now for MAP estimation09:46
Tanmoyi mean any class defined for Prob distributions09:46
siddharth_sonney2k, Well I will give 2 proposals and whichever you select will be fine by me :)09:47
@sonney2ksiddharth_, heh09:47
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siddharth_sonney2k, should I mail you the proposal first?09:48
@sonney2ksiddharth_, only if you have specific questions.09:49
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Ziyuan"lib/common.h" includes a header file "lib/config.h" while there's no such a file.11:29
aifargonosit is generated automatically ... build first11:34
aifargonosor maybe I am wrong ??11:36
aifargonosno ... class_list in base is generated automatically ... sorry for confusion ..11:37
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@sonney2kyes class_list.cpp is generated using class_list*template* and the script that does it is the class_list.cpp.py11:54
@sonney2kthis is necessary for us to get a mapping class name -> class11:54
@sonney2k(for serialization)11:54
aifargonosbtw, sonney2k: all this source files with *Serializable* in their name are used for serialization ... But what are other sources with *File* in their name used for ??11:58
aifargonoslike AsciiFile, HDF5File or even SimpleFile ??11:58
@sonney2kaifargonos, just plain matrix / vector / string i/o, e.g. read a list of strings (for shogun's string features) or a matrix (for shoguns simplefeatures)11:58
aifargonosyeah .: I understood the code, but where are they used ?? Are they used inside shogun, or are they just for users ??11:59
@sonney2kaifargonos, inside of shogun of course12:00
@sonney2kbut shogun methods only use the interface class CFIle12:01
aifargonosWhere in shogun can I find examples of their usage ??12:03
@sonney2ke.g. in CSimpleFeatures, CStringFeatures, CSparseFeatures12:05
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aifargonosok, thanks !!12:06
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ZiyuanWhat packages do I need to enable HDF5 support?13:46
ZiyuanBut there are many of them...13:46
ZiyuanAnd snappy?13:57
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Tanmoyis there a class for defining covariance matrix14:37
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@sonney2kTanmoy, no... btw nico is just reading your email...14:42
@sonney2kZiyuan, I think the serial one is enough14:42
@sonney2kZiyuan, snappy is just for some fast compression...14:42
Tanmoy@sonney2k gr8 and thnks14:45
Tanmoyalso u think for GP a binary and multi class demo with Toy data is reasonable14:45
Tanmoyor data should be from bio informatics domain14:45
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@sonney2kTanmoy, toydata is perfectly fine14:59
@sonney2kno need for bioinformatics data14:59
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@sonney2khey yeah, finally our Lp-Norm MKL paper is out - and of course things are implemented in shogun :)17:03
Tanmoy@sonney2k nice17:06
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ZiyuanToy code fails to run: I've run a build for libshogun (configure -> make -> make install) which generated and libshogun.a. And then I set up another tentative project in Eclipse, adding the include paths ("/.../src/libshogun") and libraries paths ("/.../src/libshogun/" and ".../libshogun.a"). But Eclipse complains that it cannot find the two libraries. So what steps do20:36
ZiyuanI need to have the code run normally?20:36
ZiyuanIt must be easy...20:36
ZiyuanMy code is an simple init-and-exit pair, the same as what is in README.developer.20:38
Ziyuansonney2k, yes, so I've ignore snappy.20:39
ZiyuanThe console output:20:40
ZiyuanBuilding target: HelloShogun20:40
ZiyuanInvoking: GCC C++ Linker20:40
Ziyuang++  -o"HelloShogun"  ./src/HelloShogun.o   -l/home/ziyuan/workspace/Shogun-Toolbox/shogun/src/libshogun/ -l/home/ziyuan/workspace/Shogun-Toolbox/shogun/src/libshogun/libshogun.a20:40
Ziyuancollect2: ld returned 1 exit status20:40
Ziyuanmake: *** [HelloShogun] Error 120:40
@sonney2kZiyuan, use -lshogun  emove all the rest20:41
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ZiyuanHmm, from "-l (path)" to "-lshogun" ?20:42
ZiyuanOk, it's done...20:48
ZiyuanThank you sonney :)20:48
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blackburnsonney2k: hi, I sent a patch to mailing list21:58
hiteshksonney2k , hi22:09
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lionelc_hi Shogun developers,  there is a compilation error when being installed on MacOS:23:36
lionelc_cpp.o structure/SegmentLoss.cpp generating base/class_list.cpp from base/class_list.cpp.templ by running base/ sed: 2: "s/^[ \t^t\/\*]*class \+ ...": RE error: parentheses not balanced23:36
lionelc_I think it is caused by the version of compiler. is it so?23:36
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