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@sonney2kblackburn, around?17:22
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@sonney2kblackburn, hmmhh so we missed each other again17:29
@sonney2kanyway I have the following proposal (hopefully you will read this in the logs)17:29
@sonney2kI would try to change anything that returns a vector / sets a vector as follows:17:30
@sonney2kSGVector get_FOO();17:30
@sonney2kvoid set_FOO(SGVector* vec);17:32
@sonney2kquestion is whether get_FOO() should return a ptr17:34
@sonney2kI wouldn't want to use any pointers!17:57
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blackburnsonney2k: here :)19:47
blackburnSGVector get_FOO();19:47
blackburnyou mean it should return an instance?19:47
blackburnbut what about it's matrix 'nature'?19:51
blackburni.e. when we call get_FOO() we often just get pointer to some part of matrix and so on19:57
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dave718I was wondering, are there any example files that are compatible with RealFileFeatures?  I've tried to build one myself according to what's in the source code but still not working properly.20:32
dave718(and just out of curiosity, how much memory will be used when training/testing on RealFileFeatures + how much of a performance hit should I expect in general?)20:33
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@sonney2kblackburn, with matrix same thing21:56
@sonney2kyou get a copy of the SGMatrix structure21:57
@sonney2kso a copy of the pointer and the matrix dimensions21:57
blackburna copy of pointer!21:57
@sonney2kSGMatrix get_FOO();21:58
blackburnbut what is the problem? I think copy of pointer should work good21:58
@sonney2kvoid set_FOO(SGMatrix x)21:58
blackburnI think it is ok21:59
blackburnwhy not?21:59
blackburnin jblas guys had some problems because of 'voidness' of getters21:59
blackburnas seen on mailing list21:59
blackburnit could solve it, right?21:59
@sonney2kblackburn, yes I hope22:00
blackburnyeah, so I like it22:00
blackburnah! no goal :(22:01
@sonney2kthe only problem is that it is hard to understand for java people who would expect just a reference to the struct22:01
blackburnwhy? it looks just like any java object22:02
blackburnor may be I don't understand what you mean for sure22:04
blackburn* 1-1 !! yeah!22:11
@sonney2kblackburn, in java you only get a reference to an object - here it is a direct copy...22:32
@sonney2kblackburn, java would be returning a ptr aka ref22:33
* blackburn is celebrating russia goes to 1/222:33
blackburnaha, I see22:33
blackburnI think the way it is now - e.g. float64_t* vec, int32_t len - isn't more convenient22:34
@sonney2kthat is out of question22:35
blackburnso the question only related to point or not to point? :)22:35
blackburnmodern shakespeare22:35
@sonney2kpointing to a SGVector struct could be problemeatic22:37
@sonney2kI mean we would have to allocate the struct with new[]22:37
@sonney2kand delete[] it22:37
@sonney2kok so I will do the return copy thing as a test22:39
@sonney2klets see22:39
blackburnyeap, I think that will work22:40
* blackburn today finally sent scans of tax and enrollment forms to google22:42
@sonney2kok so we have a plan - but I don't have time to implement it right now *sigh*22:43
blackburnsee you :)22:43
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