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serialhexhey, anyone in here??00:04
* blackburn in da house00:06
serialhexhow are ya?00:06
blackburnfine, almost have done java-ee-mth-fck-project00:06
blackburnwhat about you?00:06
serialhextrying to get shogun to compile... kde is apparently unuable on my system now ;( i guess my hardware is slowly dying on me, so i've had to switch OS's and it's not compiling rite00:07
serialhex thats the last few lines of the 'make'00:09
serialhexidfk whats wrong, everything else seems fine tho00:10
serialhexlooking at the code now... CAttributeFeatures::~CAttributeFeatures() is only 6 lines... and the file ends there... :-/00:13
blackburnhave 6 lines on my00:14
serialhexok, and i guess the file simply ends there...00:15
blackburnseems something is wrong with your file :)00:16
serialhexi just checked the github source... and it's the same as mine... :-/00:17
serialhexidfk, i'll have to ask sonney2k when he gets back from wherever, but for now: FOOD!!!00:18
blackburnok :)00:19
serialhexi'll catch ya later blackburn00:19
blackburnbut I'm going to sleep now :)00:19
serialhexyes she is :P00:19
serialhexwhatev!  i'll talk to you tomorrow then!00:19
blackburnokay, see you00:20
blackburnenjoy your meal ;)00:20
serialhexwill do!00:20
serialhexenjoy your sleep!00:20
blackburnthank you00:20
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blackburnsonney2k: hi, around?13:13
@sonney2kblackburn, y13:15
blackburnneed some help with git13:15
blackburnI want to reset my fork's master branch to shogun-toolbox one, any ideas?13:16
blackburnI have merged my lle branch and want to discard it..13:17
blackburnsonney2k: nevermind, "git fetch upstream + git reset --hard upstream/master + git push --force" helped me13:23
@sonney2kyeah git reset hard13:27
blackburnI just didn't knew that I should reset to upstream/master :)13:27
blackburnsure, bettyboo13:27
@bettybooblackburn: <bettyboo> :>13:27
CIA-31shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r063c4a8 / src/python_modular/swig_typemaps.i : move soon to be obsolete typemaps at the bottom -
blackburnsonney2k: what is it? :)20:24
@sonney2kblackburn, what is what?20:24
blackburncommit ^^20:24
@sonney2konly moving code around20:25
blackburnI see20:25
blackburnbtw week to gsoc start :)20:26
@sonney2kno real changes but before I do changes I better make sure that this reshuffling doesn't cause any confusion later20:26
@sonney2k1 week?20:26
@sonney2kvery good20:26
@sonney2kI hope then everyone will be working full time20:26
@sonney2kwell except those that don't have time yet :)20:26
blackburnI will be able to work 'full time' fragmentary20:27
@sonney2kbtw what is with alesis? Haven't seen him for a long time...20:27
blackburnI think exams20:27
@sonney2kblackburn, do you know? did he finish his exams already?20:27
blackburnhe is hunging up there20:27
blackburnI don't know, but I think he is going to finish it soon20:27
blackburn(if he didn't already)20:27
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