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splovingsonney2k, aroud?10:36
@sonney2ksploving, just now yes13:06
@sonney2ksploving, I would suggest to port the minimal libsvm example from python to java13:09
@sonney2kto see if things work13:09
@sonney2kanyway I am away again now13:09
splovingsonney2k, I just tried to add lua vectortest and matrix_test. But when I run "require 'Kernel'", it showd: ./ undefined symbol: _Z9SG_MALLOCj14:16
splovingrequire 'Features'14:17
splovingerror loading module 'Features' from file './':14:17
sploving        ./ undefined symbol: _ZN6shogun9Parameter10add_vectorEPPNS_14SGSparseVectorIdEEPiPKcS7_14:17
splovinganything that I missed?14:17
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@sonney2ksploving, do the other interfaces still work?19:11
@sonney2kserialhex, does it still work for you?19:20
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@sonney2ksploving,  $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../libshogun lua22:41
@sonney2k>  require 'Features'22:41
@sonney2kall good...22:41
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