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@sonney2kalright bed is calling00:49
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* sonney2k the bear opens its eyes :D10:14
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@sonney2ktheuser, still there?11:03
@sonney2ktheuser, please issue a github pull request with the examples and I will take a look11:04
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@sonney2ktheuser, still there?11:13
@sonney2ktheuser, please issue a github pull request with the examples and I will take a look11:13
blackburn1why do you want him to issue a pull request? :D11:14
@sonney2kblackburn1, he translated the *.java examples to c#11:14
blackburn1ah, secret affairs - haven't seen anything on channel ;)11:15
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@sonney2kthe iron curtainh :D11:16
blackburn1great soviet firewall11:17
blackburn1sonney2k: your dissertation fits very well on kindle dx ;)11:20
bettyboo8) blackburn111:20
blackburn1thank somebody I have no farsightedness but nearsightedness :D11:22
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@sonney2khmmh theuser is acting weird?!11:24
blackburn1perfectly fits his nickname11:24
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@sonney2kwarpy123, I answered a couple of times yes11:27
warpy123can you paste for me please11:27
@sonney2kplease issue a git pull request and I will look at the examples11:28
warpy123i have no idea what that is11:28
warpy123i am not working with the git repository yet11:28
warpy123and i am not familiar with the commands11:28
warpy123i just downloaded the latest master branch11:29
warpy123ina zip file11:29
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blackburndamn you soviet kgb firewall11:48
@sonney2kwarpy123, ok then email it or put it somewhere :)11:51
blackburn"I'm going to start a band called the Newton-Raphson Method. Each of our songs will be slightly better than the one before."11:59
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@sonney2khi heiko12:09
heikohi sonney2k12:09
bettybooheiko, smoochy12:09
@sonney2kif you have small patches to merge already - would be nice12:09
@sonney2k(not to get such a big one in the end again)12:09
heikoyes I got a lot12:09
@sonney2kI was afraid of that12:09
heikothe problem is when I touch one part, the others will not work anymore12:10
heikoso I ended up in lots of changes again this time12:10
@sonney2kheiko, yeah I know my bad...12:10
heikocurrently everything in libshogun is working12:11
heikobut my python stuff is not12:11
heikoperhaps I already send this and correct?12:11
@sonney2kheiko, but that is already worth a pull request12:11
heikook then here it comes:12:11
@sonney2kand you python code is new anyways and not used so far...12:12
heikook sent12:13
heikonearly all changes are in my own classes12:13
heikoand the examples do work with this base12:14
heikoNext, there will be some interface changes12:14
heikowith the DynArray vs DynamicObjectArray stuff:12:15
heikoI would like to stay with DynArray internally for now, because it works and is memory neutral.12:15
heikoI will only change the methods that interact with python12:15
heikoto get the example wokring this week12:15
@sonney2kheiko, why did you not use SGObject's for DynamicObjectArray but made it templated?12:16
heikoand then stepwise change the internal stuff (like tree multiplication and stuff) later12:16
* blackburn wants to run from his country12:16
heikobecause of type safety12:16
heikoremember, we talked about this a few days ago12:17
@sonney2kheiko, I don't understand12:17
@sonney2ktype safety?12:17
@sonney2know you can pass arbitrary objects to the dynamicobjectarray - right?12:17
@sonney2kso types can be off12:17
heikonow, I added runtime checks that these are only CSGObjects12:17
heikobut now I can call methods on the elements12:18
@sonney2kif you directly use SGObject then these checks are not necessary12:18
heikowithout having to cast12:18
heikoif I do the non-generic variant I would always have to cast an element of the array to its actual type12:19
heikoWhat I wanted to do is something similar to:12:20
@sonney2kI understand the problem12:21
heikoDynamicObjectArray<T extends CSGObject>12:21
@sonney2kthough we have done the same for lists12:21
@sonney2kerr I meant to say in lists we do it with SGObject and now in the array not12:22
@sonney2kthat is confusing12:22
@sonney2kI see the benefits but also the cons12:22
heikoBoth solutions end in runtime errors if used wrong12:23
heikommh, well I could change it again, but the template solutions saves you from casting, and also if one would like to have an CSGObject array, one could do by setting T=CSGObject12:24
heikoI have a lunch date now, are you still there in one hour?12:25
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@sonney2kyeah or later12:25
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@sonney2kheiko, I am tempted to say change it and rather define a ParameterCombinations class on top and make it type safe / run-time type safe12:26
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heikook, I will do this this noon12:27
heikobut I use the array for two different types already12:28
heikoModelSelectionParameters and ParameterCombination12:28
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heikook, but lets talk later, I am so hungry :)12:29
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theuserdisconnected... again i hate this12:31
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blackburn sonney2k spotted!13:31
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heikoblackburn, where is a picture of you? :)13:34
blackburnheiko: where it should be? ;)13:34
heikowhere? :)13:35
blackburnI have one in twitter:!/qdrgsm :)13:36
heikohehe nice one, very personal :D13:36
blackburnkgb doesn't allow me to make photos :(13:37
heikobecause of your work for google ?13:37
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blackburnI worked in stasi, tsss13:39
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heikoare you there?14:40
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@sonney2kheiko, ^14:43
heikoabout this template vs cast stuff14:43
heikoI use the structure at lots of places in my get_combinations code14:44
heikoalso nested templates14:44
heikoand if I put away the template (what I just did) this becomes really messy14:45
heikolike an array of arrays of Parametercombinations14:45
heikoand no type safety14:45
heikoI really like the typed stuff more14:45
heikoI think there are just lots of traps when it is not typed14:46
heikowhich I do not see if its the other way round14:47
heikoAlso, I do not understand what speaks for the "weak typed" variant. Are there any advantages?14:49
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@sonney2kheiko, when you do dynamic_casts should you not also check fot std::bad_cast ?14:51
@sonney2kheiko, otherwise OK then your code :)14:52
heikobut dynamic_cast returns NULL if it fails or not?14:52
@sonney2kseems not,
heikooh ok, for references14:54
heikoI only cast pointers14:54
@sonney2kI see14:54
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CIA-32shogun: Heiko Strathmann master * rf1a6877 / src/libshogun/modelselection/ParameterCombination.h : made an helper method private -
CIA-32shogun: Heiko Strathmann master * r24d4066 / (18 files in 5 dirs):15:00
CIA-32shogun: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'15:00
CIA-32shogun: Conflicts:15:00
CIA-32shogun:  data -
CIA-32shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * re3bcc1e / (16 files in 6 dirs):15:00
CIA-32shogun: Merge pull request #186 from karlnapf/master15:00
CIA-32shogun: reworked memory managment of model selection framwork -
CIA-32shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r37817ad / (13 files):15:03
CIA-32shogun: Merge pull request #187 from sploving/master15:03
CIA-32shogun:  add java features examples -
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CIA-32shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r5de9c2e / (data examples/undocumented/csharp_modular/minimal_test.cs): use default init -
CIA-32shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * rc43baca / (3 files): fix compilation of modular modelselection -
@sonney2kheiko,  I couldn't compile with python16:01
@sonney2kI applied some minor fixes to get it to work.16:01
@sonney2ksploving1, ?16:06
sploving1 javac ../../examples/undocumented/java_modular/classifier_averaged_perceptron_modular.java16:07
sploving1my dir is testsuite/java_modular16:07
sploving1then .class file is generated in testsuite/java_modular dir16:08
sploving1then I use java classifier_averaged_perceptron_modular16:08
sploving1it said: Unable to create matrix from ../data/fm_train_real.dat: ../data/fm_train_real.dat (No such file or directory)16:08
sploving1sonney2k, any idea?16:08
sploving1sonney2k, now I am testing generator.java16:09
sploving1I think the class file should be generated in the undocumented/java_modular dir16:09
sploving1then it can find the file16:10
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@sonney2ksploving1, javac -help says javac -d could solve your problem16:12
heikosonney2k, sorry for the compile error16:25
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@sonney2kheiko, does python modular compile for you now?16:28
@sonney2kand can you run a very minimal example?16:28
heikoI already had this wokring, but will try now.16:29
heikowas already building a more complex example until i came to changing this data structure :)16:30
@sonney2kI had to remove the %template to get it to compile16:30
@sonney2kand doxygen dir was worng16:30
heikoyes just, check it, sorry16:30
heikoah ok I did disable doxygen16:30
@sonney2kno worries16:30
heikothat was the reason16:30
heikoCurrently I am changing the last steps for usage of the new array16:31
heikothen hopefully the example will run16:31
heikoafter so much time :)16:31
@sonney2klooking forward to it :)16:33
heikome too :)16:33
heikoha, finally compiles :D16:49
heikoafter 1mio type and referencing changes :)16:49
heikoargh, assert error :(16:51
heikosonney2k, has shogun the possibility to print a stack trace?17:16
heikocurrently I am doing this via valgrind17:17
heikoint*a; delete a;17:17
heikowhich produces one :)17:17
heikobut is there an elegant way?17:17
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@sonney2kgdb / valgrind...21:38
blackburnhoh, you guys are valgrinding here22:54
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