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[1]warpyhey sonney2k, why do you believe the typemap needs to be rewritten, i dont understand ?08:30
@sonney2knothing was working yet08:49
[1]warpydoesnt mean what is there is crap, doesnt it ?08:51
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heikosonney2k, in Hierachical clustering, I will just use mean of cluster elements to build cluster centers. Are you ok with that?11:42
heikosonney2k, I made the methods NOTIMPLEMENTED for now, will produce a distance machine example first.11:52
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@sonney2kheiko, ok12:16
heikoheiko@heiko-laptop:~/Desktop/gsoc/shogun/src$ git pull --rebase upstream master12:17
heikofatal: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?12:17
heikodid you change anything?12:17
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gsomixhi all12:39
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@sonney2kheiko, my new memory arrived13:49
@sonney2kthe 16 don't work :(13:49
@sonney2kbut only 813:49
@sonney2kso I will try to install new (more silent) fans / bigger heat sinks and some build bot in the coming days...13:49
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blackburnsonney2k: so shogun-toolbox site is running on your machine?13:52
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heikosonney2k, great, buildbots :)14:50
heikosad with the 16GB14:50
heikosonney2k, has anyone ever tested KMeans?15:08
CIA-87shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r60efbcd / (2 files): Merge branch 'master' of git:// (+5 more commits...) -
gsomix256-pull-request get. :)15:24
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@sonney2kheiko, yes16:31
@sonney2kthere is a graphical example16:31
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@sonney2kf-x, did you already do the corrections?20:15
heikosonney2k, did you already have a look onto the distance machine patch?20:18
@sonney2kheiko, no sorry20:18
heikoit is rather big, but i described the most important changes in the comment20:19
heikowill start witth the parameter version stuff tomorrow if its ok.20:19
@sonney2kI just had a look at it20:22
@sonney2kit is big indeed but I don't see any obvious mistakes...20:22
CIA-87shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r8f35bbc / (14 files in 5 dirs):20:22
CIA-87shogun: Merge pull request #257 from karlnapf/master20:22
CIA-87shogun: reworked distance machines (+22 more commits...) -
@sonney2kheiko, sure20:22
* sonney2k is fiddling with his mainboard20:23
@sonney2kadding massive heatsinks and fans20:23
heikosonney2k, oh no, computer hardware struggeling is the worst part of computer science20:25
heikoat least for me, i actually prefer pen &paper computer science ;)20:26
@sonney2kheiko, there were times I liked that part about cs but looks like these times are over now :)20:28
@sonney2kI suddenly just want things to work20:28
heikohehe ;)20:28
heikoI often really get angry at my computer because of this kind of stuff20:29
heikosonney2k, btw just realised that the registration of model selection parameters has not been done and also is ignored yet, because model selection is simple performed on an objects parameters instead of on its model selection parameters20:29
heikoremember, I added these macros for adding parameters20:30
heikobut they are not used yet20:30
heikoand model selection framework simply checks if a parameter of that name is available20:30
heikobut, ok lets talk about that tomorrow20:30
heikogood look with your server20:31
heikoehm, luck :)20:33
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f-xsonney2k: oh.. yeah.. i did those corrections.. sgd appears to be working like it was before..20:44
@sonney2kf-x, the SG_REF* ones I mentioned?20:55
@sonney2k(didn't see your pull request)20:55
f-xsonney2k: hopefully taken care of20:55
f-xalso, sonney2k, while doing vw20:55
f-xi found in order to make the 'cache' generated by our vw implementation compatible with the original,20:56
f-xwe need to have labels as float32_t20:56
f-x(normal float)20:56
CIA-87shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r6d92388 / (19 files in 2 dirs):20:57
CIA-87shogun: Merge pull request #251 from frx/streaming_120:57
CIA-87shogun: Loss Functions -
f-xis this allowed? why do we use float64_t labels right now btw? is the extra precision required?20:57
@sonney2kdifficult question...20:58
f-xdoes it not make sense for the VW class to handle it as float32_t and for the external/generic stuff to cast it to float64_t?20:58
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alesis-novikHey, I don't remember if I asked this, but does R_modular work?22:48
@sonney2kalesis-novik, it does not work22:51
@sonney2kf-x, that makes a lot of sense - even for online learners in general I would say22:52
f-xsonney2k: okay.. so i'm going to let the labels be float32_t for now in vw22:52
@sonney2kalesis-novik, swig-R is simply too buggy to get shogun to work22:53
alesis-noviksonney2k, thanks22:54
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