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--- Log opened Sun Aug 07 00:00:20 2011
CIA-87shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * rbec433f / src/shogun/preprocessor/Isomap.cpp : Numthreads and style fixes for Isomap -
CIA-87shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r9290280 / (2 files): Made LandmarkMDS parallel -
CIA-87shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * ref0e4b1 / src/shogun/preprocessor/LandmarkMDS.cpp : Removed memleak from LandmarkMDS -
CIA-87shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r60bde07 / (2 files): Enforce W matrices in LTSA and HLLE to zero -
CIA-87shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r62a3f25 / (2 files): Updated python dimreduct graphical examples -
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blackburnsonney2k: why list_memory_allocs is called on exit in java but not in python?14:51
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sploving1hello, sonney2k, when I git push, it shows:16:10
sploving1ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out16:10
sploving1fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly16:10
sploving1does github work well??16:10
sploving1blackburn, any suggestion?16:13
blackburnall ok16:14
blackburnworks for me too16:14
sploving1okay. maybe here it is too slow16:24
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