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naywhayarehello there, I have a pretty simple usage of Shogun I am struggling with20:15
naywhayareI am trying to use the command line interface to run the k-NN classifier; should be simple enough following this example:20:15
naywhayarethe difference is, I'm using HDF5 data, and it isn't clear to me how to use set_features with that20:15
naywhayarethanks in advance for any help that anyone might be willing to provide... :)20:16
Guest96150naywhayare, unfortunately this is not implemented20:17
naywhayareok.  that's no problem.  in that case, I need a utility to convert my .h5 (or csv) data into the .dat format used in that example20:19
Guest96150naywhayare, have a look at mldata-utils at mloss.org20:20
Guest96150these can be used to convert basically anything to anythin20:20
naywhayareah, ok.  I was confused as to whether or not the "binary" format was standardized20:21
naywhayareI've run into a couple different types20:21
naywhayareso, I'll use that then20:21
naywhayarethank you for the quick help :)20:21
Guest96150yeah - sorry that it wasn't the answer we both would have liked20:22
Guest96150but we are focussing a lot on developing the swig based modular interfaces currently20:23
Guest96150they just provide much more flexibility20:23
naywhayarein any software development task the little polished bits are generally of the least importance -- there is still an easy-enough way for me to use Shogun with what I have, so it isn't a problem20:24
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