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weikewen_what is shogun00:39
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sonne|workblackburn: we are getting spam again :(09:48
blackburnsonne|work: yeah I noticed09:49
blackburnsonne|work: I guess we need to close it09:51
blackburnsonne|work: btw one pros of github issues - we won't get spam :)09:51
sonne|worknot yet you mean09:53
blackburnsonne|work: can you disable comments for anon?09:57
sonne|workimpressive that this new spam was able to solve the CAPTCHAs09:58
blackburnsonne|work: machine learning!09:58
sonne|workhumans tricked into solving captchas09:59
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ron___hi there, i have a question regarding installation of ruby_modular over osx21:57
ron___the ./configure script fails with21:58
ron___"p290/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.9.1/x86_64-darwin11.2.0/ No such file or directory"21:58
@sonney2kron___, yeah you need ruby's narray21:58
ron___hi :)21:59
ron___i did "gem install narray"21:59
@sonney2kho :)21:59
ron___oh ok21:59
@sonney2kron___, is this shogun git master21:59
@sonney2kor 1.0?21:59
ron___should i use git master/.22:00
@sonney2kron___, yeah give it a try22:00
@sonney2kand if it doesn't work instruct me on how to use ruby to install narray :)22:00
@sonney2kor instruct me anyways :)22:00
ron___ok - i will do that :)22:01
ron___thanks for now22:01
ron___hi - git cloned master22:09
ron___run: ./configure --interfaces=ruby_modula22:09
ron___and got:22:09
ron___Error: pkg-config not detected (required)22:09
@sonney2kron___, then install it ...22:10
@sonney2kron___, do you use brew?22:11
ron___yeah sorry22:11
ron___i just brew'ed it22:11
ron___i guess it is not the best hour for me22:11
ron___long day.. i will continue tomorrow22:11
ron___will let you know re-ruby narray22:12
ron___thanks and bye22:12
@sonney2kron___, thx22:12
@sonney2kand please report back22:12
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