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blackburnheiko: did you make progress on java?11:41
heikohi blackburn11:41
heikono :(11:41
blackburnhi :011:41
blackburnokay lets make it11:41
heikokind of frustrating :(11:41
blackburnwhat is the error you get?11:41
heikoso, make install wents through fine11:41
blackburnnot found classes?11:42
heikojava compile wont work11:42
heikoI even tried in eclipse, by importing the jar files for shogun and jblas by hand11:42
blackburnwhat is the dir you are trying to compile in?11:42
heikobut still11:42
heikodoes not compile11:42
heikoLets go for this example first11:42
heikomy pwd is shogun/src, just made make install11:42
heikonow i want to compile an example11:43
heikoare the commands you sent me up to date?11:43
heikoexport CLASSPATH=/usr/share/java/jblas.jar:SHOGUNDIR/src/java_modular/shogun.jar:. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=SHOGUNDIR/src/libshogun:SHOGUNDIR/src/java_modular11:43
heikobecause src/java_modular does not exists for example11:44
heikoor blackburn, another question: I am trying to help madeleine with her memory leaks11:44
blackburnsorry answering slowly (at job :)11:45
heikobut i dont really got a lot of time, i thought of just having a look but this is already taking too much time11:45
blackburnpaths are not up to date surely11:45
heikodo you know if somebody else can help there? I mean the java interface is completely new to me, I just talked to her because of the modsel stuff, but now the topic has changed11:45
heikowhat about the guy who did the java interface?11:46
blackburnlet us consider this guy as me11:46
blackburncause baozeng disappeared completely I guess11:46
heikook then :)11:46
heikowell the problem is that MKL regression leaks11:46
heikohowever, there is an example11:46
blackburnI can take this bug over11:46
heikodoes this work? i never checked it11:46
blackburnme neither11:47
blackburnit is chris' code, but I can check I think11:47
blackburnin next few days11:47
heikowould be cool, because I am currently getting crazy because of assignment deadlines getting closer and closer :D11:47
blackburnheiko: so modsel stuff is answered already?11:47
heikoyes, she cannot use it because she uses custom kernel matrices and these are currently not supported for modsel11:47
heikoI will send you her code and data11:47
heikodropbox ok?11:48
blackburnheiko: can you please send it by mail?11:48
heiko(the data)11:48
blackburnnot a problem11:48
heikook then11:49
blackburnI may lost the link cause now I'm at job using not my main machine :)11:49
heikook :)11:49
blackburnI just not tracked where problem morphed into leaking, not x-val11:50
blackburnI thought x-val is leaking11:50
heikonono, she is doing it by hand now11:50
heikothe x-val11:50
heikoI will send you the emails11:51
heikoblackburn, google only accepts 25 mb i will have to split11:55
blackburnoh okay11:55
blackburnwell you can send links to dropbox then11:55
heikook just sent it11:57
heikoi will also send you the mails she wrote11:57
blackburnheiko: thanks11:58
blackburnheiko: wow I never knew it is possible to share folders :D11:59
heikoblackburn, no? yes this is a kind of nice feature12:00
heikousing it to share book in university a lot12:01
blackburnheiko: sure, I guess they've added it not so long ago12:01
blackburnheiko: have you seen madeleine's photo? :D12:02
heikohehe, for sure :D12:02
blackburncutest shogun user I guess haha12:02
heikofacebook has another one :) and yes I agree with you12:03
heikoblackburn, thanks for taking it over, i will head to university now, already late12:03
blackburnheiko: not a problem, you are not responsible for such bugs (while I am) :)12:03
blackburnheiko: have a nice day12:04
heikosame for you! byebye12:04
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blackburnsonne|work: have you applied MKL to anything?12:31
sonne|workbah, heiko is always in this channel when I am not13:17
blackburnsonne|work: it was easier to use IRC this summer, way more easier than now :)13:22
sonne|worknow you finally know how difficult it was for me to be *that* active while at work :)13:23
blackburnsonne|work: that's crazy impossible if I was doing anything13:24
blackburnI'm happy I have no important tasks now :)13:24
sonne|workyou have to work day and night...13:24
blackburnsonne|work: so did you apply mkl to anything?13:25
blackburnI have to test if it is leaking13:25
sonne|workyes, splice site / tss recognition13:25
blackburnwas it working well? ;)13:25
blackburnmay be it is not mkl but java issue13:26
blackburnmadeleine told me that it is time-critical, so I'll try to examine it this evening13:27
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blackburnsonne|work: did you manage to compile shogun on desired platforms?13:32
sonne|workdesired platform?13:33
sonne|workit works fine on debian/centos13:33
sonne|workosx mostly too now (but haven't committed all patches)13:34
blackburnsonne|work: I'm thinking about release - that's why I am asking13:38
blackburnI've done all the work on converters (I hope)13:39
sonne|workI would love to get cygwin to work too and we still haven't moved all the .h -> .cpp13:39
sonne|worke.g. in mathematics etc13:39
sonne|workyesterday I was fixing octave clang bugs ...13:40
sonne|workanyways back to work13:40
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CIA-37shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r64569cd / src/configure : fix example failures under osx / vector lib detection - http://git.io/OJRsKQ22:13
blackburnsonney2k: why custom kernel should be 32?22:20
@sonney2kblackburn, what?22:36
@sonney2kshould be what?22:37
@sonney2kblackburn, things work on osx more or less22:37
@sonney2kat least octave, python and R work perfectly22:37
@sonney2kI couldn't test ruby because I didn't have the narray stuff and I am not sure how to install it22:38
@sonney2ksame problem with java - didn't have jblas22:38
@sonney2kcsharp and lua didn't work - weird crashes I cannot make sense of22:38
@sonney2kI am now going to boot windows - lets see how far we get...22:39
@sonney2kahh btw we might finally get the buildbots next week :)22:39
@sonney2kbooting windows now22:39
blackburnsorry was away22:53
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