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blackburnsonne|work: sonney2k before fixing tests I need to get rid of issue reported by madeleine14:39
blackburnso do not expect tests will be ready before this weekend14:39
sonne|workwhich issues does she have?14:39
sonne|workshe should better post on the mailinglist...14:40
blackburnmemory leak was solved14:40
blackburnno it is a crash14:40
blackburnwell I care too much I guess14:40
blackburnso she wrote directly to me14:40
blackburnanyway as you said you have no time so I'm the only one able to try to solve this issue14:41
sonne|workI take bugfixes seriously - so she should post to the ML14:41
blackburnI can forward our thread to you if you want14:42
blackburnnext time I'd suggest she to write to mailing list too14:42
sonne|worknote that I used to reply to private shogun emails a lot - but now there are just too many14:43
sonne|workso it is only possible to do this via the mailinglist14:43
sonne|workthis way it is documented in the ML archive14:43
blackburnforwarded a problem14:43
sonne|workand available for the future14:44
blackburnmostly crap14:44
blackburnI don't think it is possible to find something there14:44
blackburnor I have no skillz for this crazy task14:44
blackburnI don't know14:44
sonne|workblackburn her bug is easy to solve - she forgot to call init_shogun14:45
blackburnsonne|work: we do not need to call init_shogun with java_modular14:45
sonne|workyes we need to14:45
blackburnand exactly the same .java works on notebook14:46
sonne|workall examples have it14:46
blackburnokay I'll write to her14:47
blackburnsonne|work: how can it work without?14:48
sonne|workI think she was just lucky that nothing got outputted to the screen14:48
sonne|workok back to work14:48
blackburnsonne|work: no14:49
blackburnit is in script14:49
blackburnso the problem is not easy to solve14:49
sonne|workno I mean shogun does not use SG_PRINT14:49
blackburnit fails on some MKL activity14:49
sonne|workyeah I guess it outputs sth14:49
sonne|workanyway let her try with init_* and report back14:50
blackburnsonne|work: init and exit is here, she did not forgot it14:50
sonne|workI don't have taht script14:50
blackburnsonne|work: I have and it is in14:51
blackburnit is a bug related to some versions/archs or so14:51
blackburncause the same scripts works fine on notebook14:51
sonne|workI need the script to be of any help14:51
sonne|workbut now I have to work!14:51
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