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blackburnsonney2k: available?19:41
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@sonney2kblackburn1, you should really post such things to the mailinglist...21:11
blackburn1sonney2k: yes but is there anyone who can help?21:11
@sonney2keven if not it is better to have a) traffic on the list b) to have a public reference for s.o. trying to do the same c) someone posting the solution21:12
@sonney2khelping in private is not as good21:12
blackburn1sonney2k: then can you please answer on mailing list?21:16
@sonney2kblackburn1, I have errors running running preprocessor_kernelpca .. ERROR21:28
@sonney2k./ line 22: ./preprocessor_kernelpca: No such file or directory21:28
@sonney2krunning mkl_memleak_test .../ line 10:  2293 Aborted                 "./$e" > /dev/null 2>&121:28
@sonney2k ERROR21:28
@sonney2kterminate called after throwing an instance of 'shogun::ShogunException'21:28
@sonney2k./ line 10:  2298 Aborted                 "./$e" >> error.log21:28
@sonney2kerror in make preprocessor_kernelpca LIBRARY_PATH=LD_LIBRARY_PATH LIB_PATH=//usr/local/stow/shogun-1.1.0/lib INC_PATH=//usr/local/stow/shogun-1.1.0/include LIBS=-Xlinker --no-undefined  -lshogun21:28
@sonney2kerror in ./preprocessor_kernelpc21:28
blackburn1sonney2k: yes I know21:29
@sonney2kdid you remove the file?21:30
blackburn1sonney2k: which??21:30
blackburn1I didn't21:30
@sonney2kdid you forget to commit it?21:30
@sonney2kit is mentioned in the makefile but doesn't exist here21:31
blackburn1sonney2k: oh21:31
blackburn1you're damn smart21:31
blackburn1while i'm not21:31
@sonney2kmkl regression can only work with svmlight21:32
blackburn1sonney2k: and?21:33
@sonney2kand mkl norm >121:33
CIA-37shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r5e4eb1a / examples/undocumented/libshogun/Makefile : Removed kpca test from makefile -
blackburn1sonney2k: but shouldn't it crash with segfaults and so on?21:35
@sonney2kit doesnt21:35
@sonney2kit complains21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: p = 2.00021:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: nofKernelsGood = 221:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: Z = inf21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: eps = 1.000000e-0221:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: t[  0] = -nan  ( diff = -nan = 7.071068e-01 - -nan )21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: t[  1] = -nan  ( diff = -nan = 7.071068e-01 - -nan )21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: preR = -nan21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: preR/p = -nan21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: sqrt(preR/p) = -nan21:35
@sonney2kMKL-direct: R = -nan21:35
@sonney2k[ERROR] Assertion R >= 0 failed!21:36
@sonney2kand fails correctly21:36
@sonney2kbut still sth is looking weird21:36
blackburn1sonney2k: what is the fucking way to get it instead of SHOGUNEXCEPTION?21:36
@sonney2kdidn't test this here with regression21:36
@sonney2knot just call init_shogun with no arguments21:36
@sonney2kbut proper string functions21:36
@sonney2kor call init_shogun_with_defaults21:36
blackburn1sonney2k: do you have dropbox?21:37
blackburn1I shared a folder21:37
@sonney2kare the matrices you create proper positive definite?21:37
blackburn1sonney2k: no they aren't21:37
blackburn1pos semidef I would say?21:38
@sonney2kso lets add sth to the diag21:38
blackburn1sonney2k: I did21:40
blackburn11e38 should be enough?21:40
blackburn1sonney2k: did you receive MKLRegressionPython folder?21:41
@sonney2knot the problem21:43
blackburn1sonney2k: not the problem what?21:43
@sonney2kthe example doesn't even work with CLibSVR21:44
blackburn1sonney2k: and what to do?21:44
@sonney2kno idea21:45
@sonney2kahh the SG_UNREF stuff was wrong21:46
blackburn1sonney2k: more I do shogun more I do not understand21:47
@sonney2kyou forget to SG_REF the objects you later want to still use21:47
@sonney2krule is - you need to SG_REF any object that you want to use later21:48
blackburn1why not to SG_REF on creation?21:48
@sonney2kotherwise putting the object into any shogun function will make shogun take care of it incl. destruction21:48
blackburn1python script21:48
blackburn1it is more important cause it crashes21:49
@sonney2kblackburn1, I did not check / doesn't help with the problem21:49
blackburn1I thought you know more :D21:50
blackburn1sonney2k: with "defaults" I obtained it is a index error in .py script21:51
blackburn1ok ok21:52
@sonney2kok at least libsvr /svrlight work with this script now21:53
blackburn1sonney2k: is it working now?21:53
blackburn1that 'smoke' test?21:53
blackburn1could you please commit hen21:53
@sonney2kit works with svrlight/libsvm but not mkl21:54
blackburn1sonney2k: what is the purpose of this test then?21:56
@sonney2kmkl classification works too with that22:10
@sonney2kthis works for me
blackburn1sonney2k: regression?22:16
@sonney2kanyway need to sleep now22:16
blackburn1see you22:16
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