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rrenauddoes shogun support online learning besides perceptron?04:58
Ram108vopal wabbit06:16
Ram108i am learning that stuff too06:16
Ram108its pretty cool :P06:16
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blackburn1let us call it the birth of civil society in russia :)16:36
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Ram108hi anybody there?18:11
blackburn1Ram108: yeah, I'm here18:11
Ram108hi i have some queries18:11
Ram108could u clear them out please18:11
blackburn1sure, shoot18:11
Ram108firstly i have recently started with machine learning18:11
Ram108and i have googled up some tool boxes and found urs to be good18:12
blackburn1ok, you told it to us day before ;)18:12
Ram108but couldnt quite figure out were to start learning18:12
Ram108yeah but i didnt get any response lol :P18:12
Ram108am sort of desperate to learn it18:13
Ram108lol :P18:13
blackburn1Ram108: well you could start with trying various methods18:13
Ram108and i really want to contribute in whatever little way i can to shogun18:13
Ram108methods as in?18:13
blackburn1well e.g. with given data you could try different methods of classification18:14
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blackburn1or clustering, or regression18:14
Ram108like MLP RBF etc etc yeah sure18:14
Ram108i ll try them :)18:15
Ram108and i noticed shogun does not contain MLP18:15
Ram108would it be useful if i were to implement them?18:15
blackburn1Ram108: sorry what is MLP?18:15
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Ram108multi layered perceptron18:16
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blackburn1hmm sure feel free to impelement it18:16
Ram108thanks :) well can i email it to you? after i implement it?18:16
blackburn1Ram108: we don't have much neural methods, it is welcome for sure18:16
Ram108oh thats great news..... i just finished a course on neural networks :)18:17
blackburn1Ram108: I would suggest you to ask me about any shogun related questions18:17
Ram108okay sure ..... i tried downloading shogun and import sg in python did not work18:18
blackburn1Ram108: hmm ok then lets start from installing it firstly ;)18:18
blackburn1did you use git?18:18
Ram108i tried googling it up as well..... sure :)18:18
Ram108yeah :)18:18
Ram108i did use git :)18:19
blackburn1wait, import sg?18:19
blackburn1you should use import modshogun18:19
Ram108well the example on the website had import sg18:19
blackburn1hmm we should fix it ;)18:19
Ram108thank you :)18:20
blackburn1Ram108: check examples/undocumented/python_modular18:20
blackburn1in your clone18:20
blackburn1btw try to run any classifier_* example18:20
Ram108oh okay i ll get back to you once i try that :)18:20
Ram108sure thank you :)18:20
blackburn1okay, don't hesitate to ask anything18:20
blackburn1I like receiving emails lol :)18:21
Ram108thank you for ur time :) greatly appreciate it :)18:21
Ram108lol :) do u mind i know who you are?18:21
Ram108i am Ram :)18:21
blackburn1Ram108: my name is Sergey Lisitsyn, I'm a gsoc 2011 student of shogun that became a core developer18:22
Ram108cool :P i have read about u implementing Vowpal wabbit18:23
Ram108thats awesome :)18:23
blackburn1that wasn't me ;)18:23
Ram108oh am sorry18:23
blackburn1not a problem ;)18:23
blackburn1I have implemented a lot of dimension reduction stuff18:23
Ram108nice :)18:23
blackburn1but I still do some development of these methods18:24
Ram108i am having dependency issues i ll resolve them and get back to u :)18:24
Ram108if you dont mind can i have ur email id pls?18:24
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Ram108thank you a lot :)18:25
blackburn1Ram108: what are the dependencies you have to resolve?18:25
blackburn1btw, what is the os you are using?18:25
Ram108ubuntu distro maverick meerkat.... 10.1018:26
blackburn1oh nice, you won't have any problems18:26
Ram108thank you :)18:26
blackburn1I'm using 10.04 and sonney2k is using debian (he is a debian developer)18:27
Ram108oh nice :)18:27
Ram108No module named shogun.Features18:28
Ram108thats the error i keep getting18:28
Ram108:( lol18:28
Ram108is it that i didnt install shogun properly?18:28
blackburn1Ram108: how did you install it?18:28
Ram108well i installed the dependencies using apt-get package manager as well as synaptic18:29
Ram108then downloaded shogun frm git via the terminal18:29
Ram108thats it18:30
Ram108do i have to do anythn else?18:30
blackburn1Ram108: sure, you should run 'configure --interfaces=python_modular' in src/ of shogun18:30
blackburn1then make18:31
blackburn1and sudo make install18:31
Ram108Mr soeren does not seem active here18:31
Ram108yeah i did that18:31
blackburn1he is pretty busy18:31
Ram108but not the configure thinge18:31
blackburn1much more than me18:31
Ram108oh hmmm :)18:31
Ram108initially i did./configure... then sudo make....... then sudo make install18:32
blackburn1almost right18:32
blackburn1but --interfaces=python_modular18:32
blackburn1in configure params18:33
blackburn1to compile with python modular interface support18:33
Ram108oh hmmm i ll purge it then reinstall it18:33
Ram108hope it wont affect the dependencies18:33
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Ram108yeah am on it again...... ./configure --interfaces=python_modular18:34
blackburn1make sure configure went smooth18:35
Ram108the final line is "Result is no"18:35
blackburn1what is last Checking for X .. no?18:36
blackburn1I guess Python numpy developer files?18:36
Ram108nope the same error again18:36
Ram108i have numpy18:36
Ram108i have used it previously18:36
blackburn1get sure you have python-numpy-dev package installed18:37
Ram108yeah i guess numpy is the issue18:37
Ram108oh thanks i ll install it off synaptic now18:37
Ram108i dont think there is numpy-dev18:38
Ram108there is just numpy and numpy-dbg18:39
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blackburn1Ram108: swig has to have headers to compile interface18:42
Ram108am sorry i dont understand18:43
Ram108both the package managers dont have python-numpy-dev18:44
blackburn1I meant numpy-dev is headers of numpy18:44
Ram108oh am sorry i ll google that up18:44
blackburn1can't be18:44
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blackburnI have one in 10.04 :)18:44
Ram108gosh..... i ll try procuring them..... thanks18:45
blackburnhow can it be?18:47
Ram108i ll send u a screen shot of the list i have18:47
blackburnRam108: try to 'sudo apt-get install python-numpy-dev'18:49
Ram108already tried18:49
Ram108terminal says try python-numpy instead18:50
Ram108and wen i try that "all packages upto date"18:50
blackburnehmm may be you have some untypical sources for packages?18:50
Ram108oh god!!! lol :P i ll try downloading the .tar file for that18:51
blackburnRam108: noo18:51
blackburnI got wrong sorry18:51
Ram108oh erm?18:52
blackburnnot numpy dev, sorry18:52
Ram108oh lol :P18:52
Ram108oh god thats a big file :P 18 mins left lol18:54
Ram108why isnt the classifiers of shogun well completed? i mean on the web page it says so19:02
Ram108that prompted me to implement MLPs19:02
blackburnRam108: what do you mean?19:05
Ram108i meant classifiers like multilayered perceptrons and radial basis functions were not used much(neural networks) any specific reason for that?19:07
blackburndo you ask why we have no MLP and etc?19:08
blackburnwell we have a lot of svms ;)19:08
Ram108cool :)19:08
blackburnas shogun was developed for some bioinformatics tasks SVMs were more important19:09
Ram108and the 7 methods you implemented can reduce any n dimensional vector set to 3 or 2 dimensional vector sets right?19:09
Ram108oh hmmm :)19:09
blackburnRam108: yes19:09
Ram108awesome :)19:10
blackburnnot a vector but a set of vectors19:10
Ram108thanks a lot :) i feel humbled lol :P19:10
Ram108oh thanks :)19:10
Ram108finally installing.....19:10
blackburnRam108: e.g.:19:10
Ram108sheesh..... thats amazing.....19:12
Ram108is the facial expression thinge fast?19:12
Ram108how long did it take?19:13
Ram108god! the same error again :(19:13
blackburnRam108: 1-2s19:14
Ram108python3-all-dev and python2.6-dev installed19:14
Ram108okay :)19:14
blackburndid you configure with python modular enabled?19:15
Ram108no i used synaptic package manager.... how do i do that?19:15
blackburn./configure --interfaces=python_modular?19:18
Ram108yeah i ll do that again19:18
Ram108yeah :) :D :P i think this time i can see some magic :)19:19
Ram108finally its working :)19:27
Ram108big time thanks :)19:27
Ram108thank you so much for your time Mr.Lisitsyn19:28
Ram108i ll work through them and learn them19:28
Ram108thank you once again19:29
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puneetgoyalsonney2k: Hello Sir, I just completed reading that document you gave me...sorry took a little more time as I was not familiar with some terms...19:51
blackburnRam108: no problem, feel free to ask anything else20:27
blackburnI guess I'm not too old to be called Mr. :D20:28
blackburnpuneetgoyal: you can be more informal ;)20:28
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puneetgoyalblackburn: sure..thanks :)21:04
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@sonney2kblackburn, welcome buildbot #321:30
blackburnsonney2k: good21:30
@sonney2kactually buildslave #321:30
blackburnsonney2k: today in samara21:48
blackburnrally against ruling party and false elections21:48
@sonney2kyou have snow!21:48
@sonney2kI hope you get things turned peacefully...21:49
blackburnsonney2k: sure we have, for month already21:49
puneetgoyalhello, which classifier we would be using for spam detection?21:50
blackburnsonney2k: yes, peacefully, police didn't arrest anyone but one21:50
blackburnsonney2k: there were 2K citizens in samara and >60K in moscow21:51
blackburnI'm pretty proud with these guys :)21:53
blackburnpuneetgoyal: you could use any21:53
@sonney2kpuneetgoyal, just use e.g. libsvm for starters21:54
puneetgoyalblackburn: can you suggest any one of them, which I should start reading about21:54
blackburnpuneetgoyal: as Soeren told, try svm21:54
puneetgoyalblackburn: ok,thanks :)21:55
blackburnsonney2k: and the most funny :D21:58
@sonney2kblackburn, btw how can you be sure that elections were manipulated and not that you are being manipulated to believe they were?22:30
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15SAAI18Mshogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * rdd53927 / src/configure : add /usr/include/atlas to include paths -
rrenauddoes anyone use shogun for online learning? i am reading some of the code for the VW wrapper, and it seems to require using file i/o, which seems kind of annoying22:43
@sonney2krrenaud, how else could you do online learning?22:45
rrenaudi generate feature vectors in memory, send them to the system, get predictions (maybe with labels), and it maybe updates its model if i gave labels22:46
@sonney2kI see - I suggest to ask shashwat about that (cc'ing me)22:48
shogun-buildbotbuild #368 of python_static is complete: Failure [failed test_1]  Build details are at  blamelist: sonne@debian.org22:57
shogun-buildbotbuild #393 of cmdline_static is complete: Failure [failed test_1]  Build details are at  blamelist: sonne@debian.org23:01
15SAAI18Mshogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r519e841 / (3 files in 3 dirs):23:19
15SAAI18Mshogun: use <atlas/clapack.h> as the include path instead of requiring23:19
15SAAI18Mshogun: /usr/include/atlas in includepath -
@sonney2krrenaud, what you could certainly do is just collect a batch of features train the model with that set and then collect a new set and train again and it will just update it's parameters23:21
@sonney2kI am saying batch because update costs w/o batch might be too hight23:22
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shogun-buildbotbuild #369 of python_static is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
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