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kate_i used them for a semester00:00
kate_i liked them also because they was light enough for my laptop00:00
kate_always had a regular temperature00:01
kate_ui/GUIKernel.cpp:40:49: shogun/kernel/CommUlongStringKernel.h: No such file or directory ui/GUIKernel.cpp: In member function `shogun::CKernel* shogun::CGUIKernel::create_commstring(int32_t, bool, char*, shogun::EKernelType)': ui/GUIKernel.cpp:452: error: invalid use of undefined type `struct CCommUlongStringKernel' ../shogun/base/DynArray.h:32: error: forward declaration of `struct CCommUlongStringKernel'00:07
kate_Makefile:539: recipe for target `ui/GUIKernel.cpp.o' failed make[1]: *** [ui/GUIKernel.cpp.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Kate/shogun/src/shogun' Makefile:39: recipe for target `libshogun-12.0.dll' failed make: *** [libshogun-12.0.dll] Error 200:07
@sonney2kkate_, gcc 4.x ?00:08
blackburnwrong gcc version!00:08
blackburnkate_: git checkout src/00:09
blackburngit checkout shogun00:09
blackburnkate_: then install gcc of version 400:10
kate_version 400:26
kate_now configure and then make?00:26
kate_swig error : Unrecognized option -builtin00:38
blackburnkate_: old swig..00:39
kate_i ll do whatever you tell me00:40
blackburnkate_: is there swig 2.0?00:40
kate_in the pkg?00:40
blackburninviting promises hah00:40
kate_there's no swig 2.000:41
blackburnsonney2k: whhat to do?00:41
blackburnkate_: there is 2.0.0-1, may be there is a way to install 2.0?00:43
kate_i tried a few mirror sites all of them have 1.3.400:47
blackburndamn :(00:47
kate_no what?00:49
blackburnkate_: I am afraid you have to install it manually
kate_can you walk me through it?00:50
blackburnI'm pretty blind with it - I'm running ubuntu , but I'll try00:50
blackburnkate_: but remove swig 1.3 first00:51
kate_running the .exe file00:52
blackburnyes, I think so00:53
kate_-bash: swigwin: command not found00:54
blackburnno, I mean swigwin from the swig site00:55
kate_wait there is a manual i think!00:55
blackburnshould be00:56
kate_it told me to unzip the file to a directory..nothing else00:59
kate_there should be although an .exe file according to the manual00:59
kate_2.0.4 didn't have an .exe so i downloaded the 2.0.101:06
kate_if swig is installed01:06
kate_again what?01:07
blackburnif swig then make it again01:09
blackburnshould work01:09
kate_swig wasn't installed01:19
kate_again the same mistake01:20
blackburnbad bad01:20
kate_do you find anything01:29
blackburnnope, sorry01:30
blackburngot distracted with some thing with my paper01:30
kate_its ok01:31
kate_i m leaving, i m traveling tomorrow so i wont be able to chat again tomorrow..thanks for your help,  i m grateful even if it didn't work yet...01:32
blackburnkate_: the only thing last is to install swig 2.0.401:32
blackburnor 2.0.101:32
blackburnor 2.*01:32
kate_on monday i ll have linux01:32
blackburnkate_: feel free to ask me here or by e-mail01:32
kate_do you prefer any distribution of linux?01:33
blackburnI use ubuntu 11.1001:33
blackburnpretty ok01:34
kate_oh ok...01:34
kate_then its good01:34
kate_so goodnight01:34
blackburngood night01:34
kate_we will talk again soon thanks again01:34
kate_bye bye01:34
blackburnokay, I hope you will manage to get the things work01:34
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@sonney2kblackburn, regarding kate's problem yesterday21:09
blackburnsonney2k: yes?21:09
@sonney2kI did install swig 2.0.4 on cygwin21:09
@sonney2kthat worked just fine21:09
@sonney2kbut one needs to compile everything from source21:10
blackburnI see21:10
blackburnyes, I wanted to suggest it too21:10
blackburnI hope later I will have a chance to tell it :D21:10
@sonney2kit needs a couple of dependencies though21:10
@sonney2kpcre or so21:11
@sonney2kblackburn, heiko is now soo deep into migrations that I can hardly follow21:16
@sonney2kI hope he manages to complete things21:16
blackburnsonney2k: I did go too deep too..21:16
@sonney2kat least he writes many examples to test all facets21:16
@sonney2kblackburn, deep into what?21:17
blackburnsame thing I will spent my life with21:17
blackburnnow I got idea how to speedup diffusion maps with order of N21:18
blackburnI need to stop someday..21:19
@sonney2kblackburn, you mean with your dimension reduction toolbox21:19
blackburnand I started to write this tutorial, it is 30 pages long already21:19
blackburnyes, that's the only lovely thing hah21:19
@sonney2kblackburn, btw you did add sth with year 2011 as copyright etc recently21:20
@sonney2kI guess you should change it to 2012 now :)21:20
blackburnsonney2k: oh yes21:20
@sonney2khappy new year btw :)21:20
blackburnhappy new year to you too heh21:20
blackburnsonney2k: there is a matrix K and I need its largest right singular vectors21:21
blackburnSVD comes too slow on 1.5K21:21
blackburn>10 mins21:21
blackburnthen I get a way to use arpack21:22
blackburnwith computing eigenvectors of K K^T without forming K K^T21:22
blackburncause arpack uses only Ax=b21:22
blackburnand K K^T x = K y = b ..21:22
blackburnsmart? :D21:22
@sonney2khow do you avoid the K K^T ?21:31
blackburnsonney2k: ah I forgot ,  K is a square matrix21:34
blackburnsonney2k: arpack requires only dot product21:34
blackburnit gives vector to product with matrix21:34
blackburnand expects result21:34
blackburnso K^T K v = K^T (K v) = K^T w21:34
blackburntwo dgemvs21:34
blackburnno svd and dgemm21:35
@sonney2kI see :)21:36
blackburnsonney2k: it really impacts with N speedup.. nice21:37
blackburnO(N^2) now21:37
blackburnor ~21:38
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blackburnsonney2k: damn I finally realized you are one of the authors and inspirers of the MLOSS track22:52
blackburnthen I do not understand how can you be unsure about anything :D22:52
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