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--- Log opened Tue Jan 10 00:00:15 2012
--- Day changed Tue Jan 10 2012
blackburncd to its path and 'make'00:00
kate__swig error : Unrecognized option -builtin00:01
kate__ok i believe i havent done anything bad to deserve this treatment from shogun...00:02
blackburnkate__: did you 'make install' swig?00:02
blackburnand did you remove old one?00:02
kate__there is another way to remove the old one from cygwin00:03
blackburnkate__: in setup00:04
kate__that i did00:04
blackburnare you sure?00:05
blackburnswig 2.0.4 should support -builtin thing..00:05
blackburnwrite swig -v00:05
blackburnwrite swig -version00:05
kate__SWIG Version 2.0.100:06
kate__download 2.0.400:06
blackburnthen you should check, in cygwin setup it should not be installed00:06
kate__i mean i did downliad00:06
kate__yes by the setup its not installed00:07
kate__i check it 3 times00:07
kate__ok lets see...00:08
kate__i do lets say swig its install correctly00:08
kate__after i go to shogun/src and press make00:08
blackburnit is going to compile00:09
blackburnand then after you do 'make install' it works00:09
kate__ok what could go wrong?00:12
kate__i only did 3 commands?00:12
blackburnwell kinda complicated commands00:14
blackburnonce you have swig 2.0.4 shogun should compile smoothly00:14
kate__although i did something on my own...and so far its working..i configured the python interfaces and then make00:15
kate__and its still works00:16
kate__no errors00:16
blackburndid it compile succesfully?00:16
kate__although there is an unrecognized -pthread00:16
kate__well i dont know yet00:17
blackburnpthread is ok00:17
blackburnok, did 'make' finished?00:17
kate__no it still running00:17
blackburnok then lets wait00:18
kate__agian with the error00:22
blackburnthen your swig is not right one00:23
kate__can i delete it or update it?00:24
kate__if you want to go to sleep its ok...00:24
blackburnswig -version?00:24
blackburnyou should remove this one somehow00:25
blackburnand 'make install' 2.0.400:25
kate__will you be here tomorow morning and offcourse have some free time? i ll have linux tommorow...00:26
blackburnkate__: what is morning for you? ;)00:27
kate__from 11 o clock and after00:28
kate__so in your time i believe 13:0000:28
blackburnok I will be available yes00:28
kate__ok so lets no waste your sleep time00:28
blackburnno problem00:29
kate__in ubuntu i believe its going to be faster and easier00:29
blackburnkate__: yes, no need to compile swig00:29
kate__so see you in the morning?00:29
blackburnkate__: sure, but I would ask you to write an email to me00:30
blackburnto remind, could you?00:30
kate__yes. now?00:30
blackburnonce you will be online00:30
kate__no problem00:30
blackburnok so see you00:30
blackburnno idea what it means00:31
blackburngamma o o delta00:31
kate__i had turned the keyboard in greek00:31
blackburn? ??? ?? ????00:32
kate__and pressed the keys for goodnight00:32
blackburndid same for russian00:32
blackburnkate__: how do you write cos, sin , etc?00:32
kate__cos = ???00:33
blackburnand the most important, do you use latin letters for variables?00:33
kate__cos= ??????????00:33
kate__and tan= ??????????00:33
blackburndamn funny hah00:33
kate__variables like what?00:34
blackburncos x00:34
blackburnor cos gamma00:34
blackburnI guess you don't use gamma as variable name, right?00:34
kate__no...cos x00:34
kate__in school we used the greek names00:34
blackburnah I see00:35
kate__at the university we learn about the latin ones00:35
kate__so we can understand foreign papers00:35
kate__also when we want to use pi00:35
kate__we write ?00:35
blackburnah capital p00:35
blackburnkate__: we have pretty similar alphabet00:36
kate__and the ? angle its the same00:36
kate__we use ? as well00:36
blackburnI see00:36
blackburnok nice, I thought so but it is pretty interesting still00:37
kate__i know what you mean00:37
kate__do you use other symbols for cos and sin?00:39
blackburnkate__: no, no00:39
blackburnkate__: in 1930s someone suggested to write it in russian, but thanks gods it wasn't used00:39
blackburn??? ???00:40
blackburnkate__: I guess greece is the only country that does it :)00:40
kate__its not that we dont use it...they believe its easier for a child to learn it in its birth language than a foreign one...but when we go to the unoversity it takes some time to understand the difference between the two of them00:42
blackburnI see00:42
kate__personally it took me 2 months to learn which is which00:42
kate__pi was not so difficult00:42
blackburnheh that's funny00:44
kate__anyway...if you compare the greek learning system with the europian you will see many bad things in hours00:48
kate__but its a long talk00:49
blackburnok :)00:49
kate__so goodnight00:49
blackburnsee you00:49
kate__see you in the morning00:49
blackburngood night00:49
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kate_ubuntu on and running smooth!!!10:44
kate_blackburn i m listening!!!:)10:44
blackburnkate_: sorry, here10:47
kate_can i ask something first10:47
blackburnkate_: I'm on job now actually :)10:47
blackburnyeah sure10:47
kate_if i run ubuntu from a usb stick10:47
kate_where i can find terminal?10:47
kate_lets start10:48
blackburnwhich ubuntu do you use?10:48
kate_and i find it10:48
kate_lets start10:48
blackburnCtrl + F2 IIRC10:48
blackburnCtrl + T?10:49
kate_nautilus desktop?10:49
kate_sorry x-nautilus10:49
blackburnehmm do you use gnome?10:50
kate_no but i coould10:50
blackburnokay lets start10:50
blackburndo you know how to install packages in ubuntu?10:51
blackburnsudo apt-get install %package_name%10:51
kate_so on package name i press what?10:52
blackburnsudo apt-get install swig10:52
blackburnyou can also use <Tab> to autocomplete package name10:52
kate_ok swig installed10:52
blackburngit, pkg-config10:52
kate_spmothing is wrong10:55
blackburnthen same thing, git clone git://
blackburnwhat is wrong?10:55
kate_git i pressed git pkg-config python dev but it says that its not a git command10:56
kate_with the - and all10:56
blackburnI meant sudo apt-get install git10:56
blackburnsudo apt-get install pkg-config, ..10:57
kate_o ok10:58
kate_all three of the10:58
kate_its cloning shogun now10:59
blackburnthen go to shogun/src and ./configure --interfaces=python_modular10:59
blackburnit possibly would fail without some packages though11:00
blackburnand you have to install everything it requires11:00
blackburn*damn its getting cold*11:01
kate_what is the temperature there?11:01
kate_and i thing cpp its missing or something else for C++11:01
kate_no C++ compiler11:02
kate_i did that11:07
kate_i installed them11:07
blackburn-12C but feels cold11:07
kate_and i entered in shogun src dir11:07
kate_here it is 1511:07
kate_i pressed ./configure11:07
kate_but again swig rewuired11:08
blackburnwhat is the error?11:08
kate_swig required for modular interfaces11:08
kate_thats the error11:08
blackburnthen you have no swig I guess :)11:08
blackburnswig -version?11:09
kate_swig version it tells me it 1.3.411:09
kate_i dont get it11:09
kate_before it was 2.0.411:10
blackburnkate_: sudo apt-get remove swig11:10
blackburnsudo apt-get install swig2<tab>11:11
blackburncan't remember11:11
blackburnthere is a package for swig 211:11
kate_is there is something here i can use?11:16
blackburnkate_: what are suggested packages when you do 'sudo apt-get install swig<Tab>'?11:17
kate_1.3-doc, 1.3-examples , swig-doc, and swig -examples11:18
blackburnthen just install swig11:19
blackburnshould be 2.0.411:19
kate_it says somewhere setting up swig(2.0.4+really1.3.40-3ubuntu4)11:20
kate_have you any idea how this works?11:21
kate_sorry means11:21
blackburnehmm 'really 1.3.40' is strange11:22
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blackburnkate_: soryy connection problems11:44
kate_dont worry11:48
blackburnany progress?11:49
blackburnwhat is exact error?11:49
kate_wait just a sec11:50
kate_swig too old version 2.0.4 required11:52
kate_and the error is tha swig required for modular interfaces11:52
kate_and the version is compiled with g++11:53
kate_i didnt make any make11:56
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kate_i could download swig11:56
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blackburnkate_: did you git checkout?12:02
kate_how do i install that one?12:03
blackburnsudo apt-get install pcre..12:03
blackburnor so12:03
blackburnkate_: well you may also use software center for installing software12:04
kate_unable to locate it12:04
blackburnI don't remember package names exactly12:04
kate_ok lets see...12:13
kate_i want to install swig manully12:13
kate_and for that i need pcre12:13
kate_as it tells me12:13
kate_i doing sudo apt-get pcre12:13
kate_unable to locate pkg12:14
blackburnkate_: use tab for suggestions12:16
kate_shogune ./configure12:20
kate_complited succeful12:20
kate_ow i do make and then make install12:21
blackburnkate_: what did you do to make it works?12:21
kate_i downloaded the pcre file12:22
kate_get into its dir12:22
kate_make install12:22
kate_then the same for swig 2.0.412:22
blackburnwhat do you install now?12:22
kate_and it was all ok12:22
blackburndon't forget to add --interfaces=python_modular option12:22
kate_ok there is a problem about that....12:27
kate_and i thought everything was going so well!!!112:27
kate_how to i install in a specific dir12:28
kate_lets say how to install pcre12:28
kate_like that : ./configure --prefix=/home/yourname/projects12:28
blackburnkate_: do you really want to install pcre manually?..12:29
kate_i dont see another way12:29
kate_since apt-get its not working12:29
blackburnapt-get install libpcre3 libpcre3-dev12:29
kate_ok that worked12:32
kate_ok lets see12:40
kate_i have pcre12:40
kate_thats no prob12:40
kate_i want to install swig12:40
kate_to the specific dir12:40
kate_which is usr/bin12:40
blackburnwhy do you want to install it to specific dir?12:40
blackburnI think it will be installed to usr/bin automagically12:41
blackburnwith sudo make install12:41
kate_it doesnt12:41
kate_ok let me try it agian12:41
kate_i do afterwards swig -version12:43
kate_no such file or directory12:43
kate_no nio12:45
kate_no no12:45
kate_its ok12:45
kate_it found it12:45
kate_i do make12:45
kate_for shogun12:45
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kate_shogun installed succeful12:51
blackburnkate_: try to run some example in shogun/examples/undocumented/python_modular12:53
kate_command not found12:58
kate_i m typping the file name with .py12:58
kate_at the end12:58
kate_what i m doing wrong/12:58
blackburnpython classifier_knn_modular.py13:04
blackburnfor example13:04
kate_has an import error13:07
blackburnno modshogun?13:10
blackburnwhat is the error?13:11
kate_import error no module shogun.Features13:13
blackburnthen you hadn't installed shogun..13:13
kate_i did13:13
blackburnyou did make13:13
blackburnthen sudo make install?13:14
blackburndid you ./configure or ./configure --interfaces=python_modular?13:15
kate_the second one13:15
blackburnkate_: will you be available later?13:16
blackburnI gtg, will be online in hour or so, going home from job13:16
kate_i ll be here13:16
blackburnsee you13:16
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sonne|workkate_: could you please try to run (from the shogun/src dir) make check-examples (after having done make install?)13:57
kate_ok because i removed shogun wait for a minute to finish make13:58
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kate_it shows some errors14:03
kate_in perticular it shows me many errors14:04
kate_i have team viewer installed in pc14:05
kate_if you want to saw them14:05
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sonne|workshow me some14:11
kate_error in make parameter_modsel_parameters.cpp14:12
kate_error in make converter_locallyinearembedding LIBRARY_PATH LIB_PATH=//usr/local/lib INC_PATH=//usr/local/include LIBS=-Xlinker --no-undefined -lshogun14:13
sonne|workshow me the exact error - it should be at the end14:15
kate_it doesnt have some specific error it has many errors14:17
kate_thats why i suggested team viewer to see them all14:17
sonne|workkate_: when you run make check-examples it will show example_name <OK> or example_name <ERROR>14:21
sonne|workand it does this for all examples14:21
sonne|workthen at the end it shows the exact errors for each example14:22
sonne|workI want one of those blocks14:22
kate_parameter_modsel_parameters error14:22
kate_converter_locallylinearrembedding  ERROR14:22
kate_converter_localtangentspacealignment ERROR14:23
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kate_converter_hessianlocallylinearembendding Error14:23
kate_converter_isomap error14:24
kate_it has many more14:26
kate_many many more14:26
blackburnkate_: does other work?14:27
kate_it has some that work14:27
blackburnit is ok that EDRT algos don't work14:27
kate_thats OK14:27
blackburnkate_: you should install lapack,arpack and superlu14:28
kate_thats ok14:28
blackburnand reconfigure14:28
blackburnand remake..14:28
kate_unable to lacate pkg14:30
blackburnkate_: it is not package names14:31
kate_then what is it?14:31
blackburnlibrary names :)14:32
kate_all of these ok installed14:35
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kate_now it has more errors than before14:43
kate_are we forgotting any libs?14:43 ERROR14:44
blackburnkate_: what do you run?14:44
kate_make check-examples14:44
blackburnkate_: I don't think you need more libs14:46
blackburnbut all OK here..14:46
kate_i have team viewr14:47
kate_and i dont care to give you the name and  pass14:47
kate_if you want to check it for yourself14:47
blackburnkate_: no, I believe you :)14:48
kate_ok. so why i cant run anything?14:48
blackburnany classifier_* fails?14:48
sonne|workkate_: so when they all show ERROR14:48
sonne|workwhat do they show at the end?14:48
sonne|workwhen they show the actual detailled errors?14:49
kate_no such file or dir '.../data/fm_train_real.dat'14:49
blackburnkate_: git submodule update --init14:50
blackburnanswer is pretty simple, you have no data downloaded14:51
kate_in wji9ch dir i have to be?\14:52
kate_to do that?14:52
sonne|workpretty simple eh :)14:54
blackburnsonne|work: soeren the sorcerer14:54
kate_lets say i run a .py file to be more specific preprocessor_normone_modular.py14:56
kate_should it show me something?14:56
blackburnkate_: not really14:59
blackburnkate_: what example you would like to see?15:00
kate_something to be able to do a small and quick presentation on15:00
blackburnkate_: is it your study task?15:01
kate_yes..i had to make a 15 pages repotr on shogun ,what is it how it is installed and how we use it15:02
kate_thankfully the install part takes 5-8 pages15:02
kate_a live show would be nice :D15:02
blackburnkate_: okaay lets come up with something15:02
kate_like the video that it is on the the shogun web pages15:03
blackburnkate_: what do you know about ml?15:05
kate_the what now?15:05
kate_are you talking about the car?15:06
blackburnml=machine learning15:06
kate_just the basic it teaches the machine to do certain application...the best example is how a robot learns to stand15:07
kate_i saw that on a video15:07
kate_or recognise the number15:07
kate_we give as an input15:07
blackburnkate_: do you know anything about classification,clustering,regression?15:09
kate_do you know any webpage i can find any ready example?15:10
kate_cause its gonna be very trouble to do something15:10
kate_with or without your help...15:10
kate_also i know that your time is valiable to you15:10
kate_so in order not to waste any more of your time15:11
kate_it should be the best thing to do15:11
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blackburnkate_: what exactly do you need to present?15:16
kate_lets say that video15:16
kate_but in my computer15:16
blackburnkate_: well just run applications/ocr/predict when15:16
kate_data/ocr, not found15:18
blackburnkate_: did you git submodule update15:19
kate_nothing happend15:21
kate_when i did that15:21
kate_it changed line15:22
kate_nothing showed15:22
kate_i will live it for now15:23
blackburnis data/ folder empty?15:23
kate_it has ocr.svm.gz15:24
blackburnbut then you run predict it says no ocr.svm.gz?15:27
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blackburn1damn I don't like being on wire with my laptop and lost connection every 5 mins :D15:31
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kate_i have to install predict15:32
kate_in order to use it15:32
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sonne|workkate_: did you run git submodule update --init ?15:39
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kate_yes i did15:40
kate_predict works15:40
sonne|workok fine15:42
kate_but why train doesnt work?15:44
sonne|workwhat happens?15:46
kate_i find it15:48
kate_it asks me to install libtrain-bin15:48
kate_but when i do it has an error15:49
kate_unable to lacate pkc15:49
kate_ok i m fine15:53
kate_with the predict15:53
kate_really i am15:53
kate_i m fine for the predict15:54
blackburnok we got it :)15:54
kate_thanks a lot for the assistant15:55
kate_yees sorry i am dizzy...15:55
blackburnkate_: well if it is enough for you, do something about this ocr15:55
kate_what ocr?15:56
blackburnthis application is called ocr15:56
blackburncause it is about optical character recogntion15:56
kate_i have to finish the theoretical part15:57
kate_so i will close15:58
kate_thanks for your help15:58
kate_bye bye15:58
blackburnok up to you :)15:58
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l3onHi all.. we have some problem building shogun in Ubuntu with ld --as-needed20:31
l3onsomeone here can help ?20:31
l3onfull log is here -> (16 MB)20:32
l3ona snippet of build fail is here:
l3onthe problem is in configure...20:33
l3onthat generates these variables:20:34
l3onLINKFLAGS_STATIC_INTERFACES=  -L../../shogun -lshogun20:34
l3onLINKFLAGS_MODULAR_INTERFACES=  -L../../shogun -lshogun20:34
l3onLINKFLAGS_RUBY = -lruby1.8 -fPIC -shared -ldl20:34
l3onLINKFLAGS_RUBY_MODULAR= -lruby1.8 -fPIC -shared -ldl20:34
l3onthey should be POST*20:34
l3onif some dev around that would help..20:34
l3on*would like to help :)20:35
shogun-buildbotbuild #100 of nightly_default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
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