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blackburnokay passed11:59
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blackburnsonney2k: going to come up with some new ideas in next few days20:03
Ram108blackburn: is there a template or somethn of that sort to write programs that makes it look like it belongs to shogun?20:07
blackburnRam108: not realyl20:09
Ram108oh hmmm okay thanks :)20:10
blackburnRam108: you mean something like python script template?20:10
Ram108hw was ur exam by the way? hope u did it well :)20:10
Ram108yeah exactly tailor made for shogun20:10
blackburnyeah, got 4/520:12
Ram108cool :)20:12
Ram108well does the script template exist?20:13
blackburnno,not really20:14
Ram108oh okay thanks :)20:14
Ram108am working on back propagation algorithm20:14
blackburnI see20:15
Ram108so i thought since thats not implemented that might be of some help.........20:15
blackburnhmm yes that would be some simple feature nice to have to20:16
Ram108lol :P20:16
blackburnit should be done as some class in shogun/classifier20:16
Ram108oh hmmm okay20:17
blackburnRam108: have you ever read the sources btw?20:17
Ram108just went through them once but didnt pay much attention.20:17
Ram108i ll go thru em nw20:17
Ram108well so which does back propagation pertain to? classifier or clustering.............? can be made to work as both right?20:20
blackburnare you sure it is possible to use back prop for clustering?20:21
Ram108well i have tried it once and it sorta worked but crude......... and its best for classification......... so its best to be categorised as that i guess20:22
Ram108well let me get on with the code and finish it asap20:22
Ram108good night :) bye :)20:24
blackburnsee you20:25
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blackburnsonney2k: around?22:04
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