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policecarhey hey12:33
policecari'm trying to do model selection w/ cross-validation, LibSVMMultiClass and a Gaussian kernel in python. i've tried to follow your examples closely for starters but i always get a "parameter with name C does not exist" error.12:33
policecari was wondering if i'm not instantiating the classifier correctly. how would i do that if i have a range of values rather than a single value per parameter?12:33
blackburntoo bad there is no heiko here12:39
policecaris he the guy to ask? ; )12:40
blackburnsure, he is an author of the CV stuff12:40
policecard'you think he'll come by sometime?12:41
blackburnwell let me try to help you12:41
policecarok, kewl12:42
policecarshould i paste code?12:42
blackburnyeah would be start point for us12:43
policecarthe basic structure is the following12:47
policecarroot = ModelSelectionParameters()12:47
policecarC = ModelSelectionParameters( "C" );12:47
policecarroot.append_child( C )12:47
policecarC.build_values( 1, 11, R_EXP )12:47
policecargauss_kernel = GaussianKernel()12:47
policecarkernel = ModelSelectionParameters( 'kernel', gauss_kernel )12:47
policecarroot.append_child( kernel )12:47
policecarwidth = ModelSelectionParameters( 'width' )12:47
policecarwidth.build_values( 1, 2, R_EXP )12:47
policecarkernel.append_child( width )12:47
policecarclassifier = LibSVMMultiClass()12:47
policecarfeats = RealFeatures( features )12:47
policecarlabels = Labels( labels )12:47
policecarsplitting_strategy = StratifiedCrossValidationSplitting( labels, 10 )12:47
policecarevaluation_criterium = ContingencyTableEvaluation( ACCURACY )12:47
policecarhm, not the best place maybe, i'm being throttled due to flooding12:47
policecarwrt classifier, i also tried adding the following lines, to no avail12:50
policecarclassifier.set_C( 0.0, 1.0 )12:50
policecarclassifier.set_kernel( gauss_kernel )12:50
blackburnthere is set_C1 and set_C212:52
blackburnbut why set_kernel fails - no idea12:52
policecari dunno if it fails, i just still get the same error msg that parameter named C doesn't exist12:53
policecarone could also try walking the reverse way... the error is thrown by Parameter.cpp if !own12:58
policecarand try to figure when and why that is the case12:58
blackburnI feel shame for having difficulties with toolbox where I am a developer13:03
policecaroh no13:05
policecarbut it's a complex collection13:05
blackburnpolicecar: are you subscribed to the mailing list?13:05
policecari searched for the problem online, and got results from the mailing list i think but i'm not a subscriber13:06
policecarso far i communicated here and on github13:06
blackburnpolicecar: that would be nice if you subscribe and ask your question on the mailing list13:06
blackburnthen others would find how to solve the problem later13:07
policecarwill do13:07
blackburnI think Heiko will answer rather rapidly13:07
blackburnunfortunately have to go now13:08
blackburnsee you later13:08
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Guest54284would like information for linking shogun library with cmake16:58
Guest54284anyone did this before ?16:58
sonne|workGuest54284: never tried but it is just -lshogun if you want to link against it17:20
Guest54284I am working on a C++ project for computer vision17:49
Guest54284using many C++ libraries17:49
Guest54284what advice could you tell me using shogun ofr calssification17:49
Guest54284my application is realtime17:50
Guest54284Should I use directly shogunlib (c++)17:50
Guest54284or better use modular interface ?17:50
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sonne|workmost certainly libshogun from C++ is what you want18:09
sonne|workGuest54284: for prototyping you could try a modular interface (like python_modular)18:09
sonne|workit is very easy then to switch to C++ later (same syntax)18:10
Guest54284ok thanks a lot18:18
Guest54284great work btw18:18
Ram108sonney2k: hi i need some help regarding how to make a code shogun like18:26
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Guest54284hi again, got lots of undefined "clapack" when compiling some shogun example18:32
Guest54284however I compile and install shogun without any error18:32
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erichi there19:35
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Guest7912question about shogun compilation19:35
Guest7912I didn't manage to compile with numpy support19:36
Guest7912numpy + matplotlib installed19:36
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blackburnwas it detected while configure?19:36
Guest7912but ./configure send NO python numpy support19:36
blackburnwhat is os you use?19:36
Guest7912ubuntu 64b19:37
blackburnthen sudo apt-get install python-dev19:37
blackburnthat's the required thing19:37
Guest7912I know19:37
Guest7912have reinstall completely19:37
blackburnso, is it 'NO' still?19:37
Guest7912yes that's why I'm here :p19:38
Guest7912crazy thing19:38
Guest7912what difference give ./configure --target=amd64 ?19:38
blackburnwell I've never used it..19:39
blackburnwhy do you want to specify target?19:39
Guest7912coz simple ./configure give host architecture i386 ..19:39
Guest7912I just download the lastest git version19:40
Guest7912and same errors ..19:40
Guest7912should I write the output of ./configure here ?19:41
blackburnnot here but please paste it somewhere19:41
blackburnstrange that i386 was detected, shouldn't be, we will try to fix19:42
Guest7912lastest git code give me the right architecture x86_6419:43
blackburnah then use latest :)19:43
Guest7912but still no python support detected19:43
Guest7912I just tried with another lib and no numpy support detected again ...19:44
blackburnwait a min19:44
Guest7912then smthg wrong with MY config19:44
blackburncould you please19:44
blackburnrun python19:44
blackburnand enter19:44
blackburnimport numpy19:44
Guest7912ImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: ATL_chemv19:45
blackburnhah ok19:45
Guest7912lapack-dev installed btw19:45
Guest7912so is libatlas-dev19:46
blackburnhmm something went wrong with numpy+atlas/lapack19:46
blackburncould you please remove libatlas19:46
Guest7912should I remove atlas ?19:46
blackburnand try to import numpy once again19:47
Guest7912AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'core'19:47
blackburnwhat is your ubuntu version btw?19:47
Guest7912ImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: ATL_chemv again19:47
blackburndid you install anything related by hand?19:48
Guest7912ffmpeg ?19:48
blackburndamn that's crazy19:49
blackburnso you told me you reinstalled things already19:49
Guest7912I have to go dude sorry, (a girl) pb is still here, so I comin back soon!19:50
Guest7912thx anyway19:50
blackburnwell now you know that is the problem19:50
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CIA-11shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r1778466 / (18 files in 5 dirs):22:49
CIA-11shogun: Merge pull request #366 from karlnapf/master22:49
CIA-11shogun: added print_modsel_params method (+7 more commits...) -
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