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erichi there!02:10
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Guest5502anyone here ?02:11
Guest5502hi there02:11
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Guest28610hi again11:41
Guest28610My problem with python-numpy support is solved11:42
Guest28610It was a problem with libatlas-3gf11:43
blackburnI see11:44
Guest28610I have run another isntall on another machine to be sure, showing "import numpy" from python console before installing each part of libatlas11:44
blackburnso, did you manage to install shogun?11:44
Guest28610yes it's perfect now11:45
blackburnstrange you met this kind of error11:45
Guest28610I have also written a cmakelists.txt to work with shogun in c++ project11:45
Guest28610lots of link to external libs is required11:46
Guest28610I would like now to ask you for advice: working in a big c++ project, I would like to draw some outputs like in python modular interface, using matplotlib11:47
Guest28610Do you know if that's possible ?11:47
blackburnwell you can output your data to some file or so11:47
blackburnand then plot using mpl11:48
Guest28610sure but, I do realtime processing on video stream11:49
blackburnhmm then matplotlib is not a good choice11:49
Guest28610to difficult to run python code from c++ ?11:50
blackburnit would be pretty slow I think11:50
Guest28610any idea then ?11:50
blackburnwell if you do any video processing check opencv11:51
Guest28610I use it already11:51
Guest28610c++ vxl too11:51
blackburnhmm what exactly you need to draw?11:51
Guest28610I tried to use shogun to fuse features using mkl and do classification task in realtime accumulating features11:52
blackburnI see11:52
Guest28610would like to draw the distribution11:52
blackburnah I thought you want to draw images with matplotlib11:53
Guest28610I use opengl for that11:53
Guest28610are you a developper of shogun btw ?11:54
blackburnwell I believe it is possible to clue C++ and matplotlib but no idea how11:54
Guest28610allright then11:57
Guest28610if you got any idea about this I stay on the chat for the day, beginning to dig into shogun code11:57
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karlnapfsonney2k, around?21:20
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