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blackburnn4nd0: what is the error?00:00
n4nd0blackburn, I can paste in another snippet them00:00
blackburnlets do it00:01
n4nd0blackburn, compiling :)00:02
n4nd0blackburn, takes little time00:03
blackburndid you fix everything? if so just do pull req00:03
blackburnI'll pull00:03
blackburntoo much words for similar operations00:03
n4nd0there it goes00:04
n4nd0haha, yes they are00:04
n4nd0no, I didn't fix these other ones00:05
n4nd0the use functions/methods with the wrong number of parameters00:05
n4nd0but when I changed them I started getting problems with the types and didn't know what the correct was then00:06
blackburnfloat64_t* H = kernel->get_kernel_matrix<float64_t>(m, n, NULL);00:06
blackburnshould be00:06
blackburnSGMatrix<float64_t> H = kernel->get_kernel_matrix();00:06
blackburnthen m=H.num_rows;00:06
blackburnline 61 could stay00:07
blackburnwill work00:07
blackburnthe last thing on line 8500:07
blackburninstead of SG_FREE(H);00:07
n4nd0minor things due to change in the interface, aren't they?00:08
blackburnwe are still on the way to SGMatrix things00:08
n4nd0no problem00:09
n4nd0the other macro00:09
n4nd0lines 82-84 SG_FREE00:09
n4nd0are ok?00:09
blackburnalphas, ul, ub are allocated using SG_MALLOC00:09
blackburnso they should be free'd using SG_FREE, it is ok00:10
n4nd0make sense :)00:10
n4nd0will you push the canges to master at the end?00:10
n4nd0let me check the next errors00:11
n4nd0maybe I can continue checking them00:11
n4nd0and fix them if they are like these ones00:12
blackburn99% they are similar00:12
blackburnokay it is pretty late here00:12
blackburnn4nd0: feel free to do a pull request00:13
blackburnme or soeren will merge if it is ok00:13
n4nd0blackburn, any special name for the branch?00:13
blackburnyou may use some special branch if you need :)00:14
blackburnbut not really required00:14
blackburnit makes no difference for us00:14
blackburnanyway we will merge into master00:14
n4nd0so if just pull a local version (not a cloned one like the one I have) I would just work in my master?00:14
blackburnhmm you have to work in your fork00:15
blackburndid you make it?00:15
n4nd0I cloned the repo00:15
n4nd0but I am not sure if that would be my fork00:16
blackburnno, it is just clone00:16
n4nd0I mean, I did git clone git:://....00:16
blackburncheck this00:16
blackburnyou just have to create your fork, then commit and push your fixes00:16
blackburnand create a pull request to main repo00:17
blackburnfork is just a copy of repo owned by you00:17
n4nd0the pull request is the thing new for me00:17
n4nd0what's the difference with a clone?00:17
blackburnit is just request for merge from your fork to main repository00:17
blackburnwith a clone you can't push any changes00:18
blackburnif you don't have rights00:18
blackburnas for fork, you own it00:18
blackburnso you may push everything you want00:18
blackburnand then ask us to merge it00:18
blackburnI have clone but do commits directly00:19
blackburnit wouldn't work for users without write permission00:19
blackburnokay have to go now00:19
blackburnI'm sure you get into it ;)00:19
blackburnsee you tomorrow00:19
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n4nd0wiking, are you also a night coder? :)02:47
wikingbut now i'm going to take off soon02:47
n4nd0I hope I will do it soon too02:47
n4nd0I read around here some of the stuff you are working on and it looks really cool02:48
wikingyeah it looks cooler than it is really ;P02:49
wikingit's just a constant fight with the thingy and sometimes so good stuff comes out02:49
wikingi'm heading off02:49
wikingit's already 3am..;P02:49
n4nd0good night02:49
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n4nd0blackburn, hey! sorry about the identation, it looked good on my editor :-O12:31
n4nd0blackburn, I have fixed it and pushed it to my fork, should I do the pull request again or is it not necessary?12:32
blackburnn4nd0: afaik it is sufficient13:58
blackburnlet me check13:59
blackburnn4nd0: allright, will merge now14:00
blackburnhere you go14:03
CIA-18shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r4af1dff / (8 files in 3 dirs): Merge https://github.com/iglesias/shogun (+8 more commits...) - http://git.io/6I45cA14:03
blackburnn4nd0: cheers, your first commits ;)14:06
n4nd0blackburn, :-) it feels good15:01
n4nd0blackburn, I will see now if I can make the lpboost classifier work for the face detection example15:02
blackburnwould be easy I think15:02
blackburnto use I mean :)15:02
n4nd0I think I have more or less the idea how to do it15:03
n4nd0but the problem is that I don't really know if it will work out properly15:04
n4nd0I tried out the example classifier_lpboost15:04
n4nd0and it doesn't work when the number of training examples is large15:04
n4nd0I am afraid that it might a limitation given by the cplex solver, when I run matlab I get this message15:05
n4nd0The CPLEX Optimizers will solve problems up to 500 variables and 500 constraints.15:05
blackburndamn it sounds like CPLEX is useless crap15:06
n4nd0there is a thing that I don't really get of it, shogun is an open source project right?15:08
n4nd0why then does it use this solver that is proprietary software?15:09
blackburnwhy not? :)15:10
n4nd0haha don't know, I found it odd15:13
n4nd0but yead, indeed ... why not?15:13
blackburnshogun has a lot of different solvers15:13
n4nd0I am off now, talk to you later15:18
blackburnsee ya15:19
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blackburnsonney2k: ping20:21
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