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Ram108blackburn: hi20:08
Ram108could u suggest some good sites or reference materials were i can read abt svms?20:09
Ram108i plan to spend the next 4 years learning ML and other aspects of AI20:10
Ram108thanks :)20:10
Ram108its just 16 pages20:11
blackburnits pretty hard to plan for next 4 years :)20:11
Ram108lol i guess....... but i wana do my masters and higher studies in that....... so lol20:12
Ram108thats fine thanks anyways i ll work on these two :)20:12
Ram108do u have more or this pretty much encompasses everything?20:13
blackburnthere is a website20:13
blackburna lot of references there20:14
Ram108oh gee thanks :)20:14
Ram108gosh thanks for the site lol......... its awesome!!!20:19
Ram108bye now :)20:20
blackburnsee you20:24
Ram108:) thanks again :) good night :)20:25
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