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blackburnsonne|work: did you submit?11:48
sonne|workwill still polish though11:49
blackburnsonne|work: I was asked about some advice on unbalanced data? can you name anything except using PRC/ROC as measure?11:54
sonne|workor BAL11:54
blackburnsorry first sentence is not a question11:54
blackburnany other suggestion?11:54
sonne|workF1 score11:54
blackburnC1/C2 on svms11:54
blackburnsonne|work: did you mention 'EDRT' in there?11:57
sonne|worknot yet11:58
blackburnI just think it may be considered as +11:59
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blackburnwiking: heya, we lost you ;)18:25
wikingblackburn: yeah was on a conference for a week18:25
wikingjust got back today18:25
wikingi have some new stuff but didn't have the time to commit them18:26
wikingi'll do it this week18:26
blackburnfine, I'm just curious whether alex responded18:26
blackburndid he?18:26
wikinghe did not18:26
wikingin the meanwhile i've contacted Vojtech about libqp18:26
wikinghe did answer :P18:26
blackburnI believe libqp task is easy for you18:27
wikingi want to use that18:27
wikingfor latent-svm :>18:27
blackburnlibqp for latent-svm?18:27
wikingthat's why i got in touch with vojtech18:27
wikingso we'll see18:28
blackburnI see18:28
wikingi'll resend the email to alex18:28
blackburndon't forget to CC soerne18:28
wikingmaybe he just didn't see or something... yeah will do that18:28
blackburnbtw we are applying now18:28
blackburnfor gsoc18:28
blackburnreg. was opened yesterday18:28
wikingit's just that i had my flight back on 6:30 in the morning today so i'm awake since 3:50 :P => i'm a bit tired and exhausted :)18:29
wikingaaah coool!18:29
blackburnI see18:29
blackburnwhere have you been?18:29
wikingto parma, italy to a conference18:29
wikingah yeah i've got my 2nd paper accepted18:29
wikingi'm going to pakdd to kuala lumpur \o/18:30
blackburnI still did not receive anything on my jmlr paper :)18:30
wikingdamn the reviewers18:30
blackburnwell I sent it only month ago18:30
blackburnbtw I did multiclass thing so feel free to use it :)18:31
blackburnbut did not integrate cramer-singer liblinear part yet18:32
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blackburnOvR is ready though18:32
wikingand have you tested it with the HKM?18:33
blackburnyes, sure18:33
wikingi'll have to first sync my forked shogun repo :P18:33
wikingsignificantly faster?18:33
blackburnhmm let me calculate18:33
blackburn100-200 times faster18:34
blackburnwith liblinear vs larank/gmnp/etc18:34
blackburnwell it is obvious18:34
blackburnbut liblinear true-multiclass thing is to integrate still18:34
blackburnI expect some improvement on that18:34
blackburnok have to go now18:36
blackburnsee you18:37
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