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baisI have just found the CustomKernel class, that should help!11:24
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Karl-LondonHi. I'm a Shogun beginner and I'm trying to run some examples in Octave (modular).11:41
Karl-LondonThe problem is, the data directory is missing. Could someone please tell me where the data directory is? Or send me the data?11:42
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Karl-LondonCould someone please send me the data file: label_train_twoclass.dat, fm_train_real.dat and fm_test_real.dat ?11:51
Karl-LondonMy email is:       Many thanks for your help!11:52
n4nd0Karl-London: hey!11:59
n4nd0Karl-London: you can download them from the github repo11:59
n4nd0Karl-London: you can find the files you want here
n4nd0Karl-London: but you may be interested also in getting a local clone of the repo :)12:01
Karl-LondonGot it! That's great. Thank you very much for your help!12:04
n4nd0Karl-London: no problem, you are welcome12:04
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baisi'm having a problem using SVMs in the octave modular interface13:52
baiswhen I try executing the train() method it simply prints "sorry not yet implemented"13:55
baisThe question at this point might be stupid, but does this mean there is not way of using SVMs with octave right now?!13:55
baisshould i maybe be using the LibSVM class?14:01
baisit seems like the SVM class is just an interface to actual classes like LibSVM..14:16
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sonne|workbais: yes SVM is just the baseclass15:09
sonne|workuse any of its child-classes
sonne|workwiking: have a look at the updated ideas list - vojtech's libqp has some more detailled descr. now15:15
wikingsonne|work: hey! cool i'll check i've had one email exchange with vojtech. he said that he's going to be pretty busy so i'll have to be independent but that's fine by me15:16
sonne|workhe has a great plan now I think15:18
sonne|workjust look at it (I recall that this and the latent svm where of interest to you)15:19
wikingi think15:20
wikingalthough it's a bit much but there could be a great way to do them both15:20
wikingi mean creating nice interface for libqp within shogun15:20
wikingand use libqp for the latent svm15:20
wikingthat'd be great15:20
wikingsince now some of the latent svm 'implementations' use mosek15:21
wikinghmm that reminds me i should clean up my latest patch and submit a pull request ;P15:30
baissonne|work: yes thanks I am finally making my way through the documentation in a more ordered way :P Although, I cannot find some form of description of the various classes, like what would be the difference between using LightSVM and SVMLib, and such..15:36
sonne|workyeah that is missing15:37
sonne|work^ bais15:37
sonne|worksome more documentation is certainly needed in particular when people don't want to google 'libsvm' 'svmlight' etc15:37
sonne|workwiking: well it depends if you intend to sleep15:38
sonne|workand of course if you want to stick around after gsoc ... in the end gsoc is just 3 months15:38
wikingsonne|work: hahaha well it's part of my phd15:39
wikingi mean i'm not doing this for gsoc15:39
wikingit's for myself and my phd15:39
sonne|workwell then just start the work :D15:39
wikingi'd just like to talk about it with somebody15:40
wikingso that you guys get something in a form you'd like to see it15:40
wikingso everybody wins :P15:40
sonne|workI havent read the latentsvm papers but I can very well imagine what it does and that the resulting problem is non-convex15:41
sonne|workbut in the end it is just an SVM :)15:41
wikingcurrently that's why i'm trying out other optimizers15:41
wikingbut yep.. essentially it's an sum :)15:42
sonne|workwiking: what about
wikingi know the opencv based one15:43
wikingit's very very specific15:43
sonne|workwiking: do you want to do that for linear svms?15:47
sonne|workI mean linear latent svm15:47
sonne|work(I just had a look at the paper)15:47
wikingwell afaik the latent svm that joachim's student did was linear... he haven't made the kernel extension of it...15:48
sonne|workkernel would be too slow15:48
sonne|workso then we need hog and lbp features and then live is good :)15:48
baissonne|work: oh ok i didnt figure out they were external references to the project, i thought they were internal stuff like "KernelMachine" or such15:51
sonne|workbais: yeah we use other people's code if we can...15:52
baisok well, thanks15:53
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sonne|workwiking: certainly quite some effort to get things to work...15:54
sonne|workcan be as hard a general structured output learning (HM-SVM)15:54
wikingi haven't even knew about HM-SVM15:55
wikinglet me check what's that thingy :)15:55
wikingapart from being a hidden markov -svm :)))15:55
sonne|workit is frequently used in vision/text/bioinformatics to segment things15:55
sonne|worke.g. dna into genes/non-genes15:55
wikingshogun has it? :)15:56
wikingor it's only implemented in hm-svm toolbox15:57
sonne|workwell shogun has the argmax but no more16:01
sonne|workone of the projects is to get hm-svm toolbox back into shogun16:02
sonne|workwith some nice design though16:02
sonne|workcode quality is not so good in that part...16:02
wikingi'll give it a look16:12
sonne|workwiking: well, choose what you are most interesting in / what does motivate you to do most :)16:33
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n4nd0blackburn: how is it going?18:28
blackburnn4nd0: hey, fine, what about you?18:28
n4nd0blackburn: fine too18:29
n4nd0blackburn: I am taking a look to the gsoc ideas at the webpage18:29
blackburnand what do you think about it?18:29
n4nd0I think they are really interesting in general18:30
n4nd0I find quite appealing the one of structured output18:31
n4nd0but being honest, it may be a bit out of scope for my knowledge right now18:31
n4nd0a bit too out of scope :P18:31
blackburnwell I didn't know anything about dimreduction last year when I did a lot of dimreduction :)18:31
n4nd0I thought you had done sth with it before maybe in a math course or the like18:33
n4nd0you are working in multitask right?18:34
blackburnwill be working on MT, yeah18:34
n4nd0the first one about writing tutorials and documentation looks nice too18:37
n4nd0is that a priority for shogun?18:37
blackburnwell probably most interesting and important idea, yeah18:38
n4nd0yeah, that one looks good definetely18:39
n4nd0it can be a good way to learn the fundamentals so later (post-gsoc) one can continue with more advanced stuff18:40
n4nd0blackburn: anyhow, do you have any other idea do work on in the meantime?18:42
blackburnwell.. not really18:47
blackburnlet me think about it18:47
blackburnn4nd0: maybe QDA?19:01
n4nd0blackburn: it sounds almost like LDA :P19:02
n4nd0I guess they must be related to each other19:02
blackburnyes, but no code for QDA here :)19:02
n4nd0I will take a look to it then19:03
n4nd0do you know something it is applied for?19:03
blackburnnot really, but we are general-purpose ML lib19:06
n4nd0I just wondered :P19:07
blackburnmay be spectral clustering19:07
blackburnbtw spectral clustering is a very simple task19:11
blackburnone need to just combine ready KMeans and LaplacianEigenmaps19:11
n4nd0is it used for dimensionality reduction?19:11
blackburnspectral clusterin is used for clustering, but it uses laplacian eigenmaps19:12
blackburnsimply it is kmeans in laplacian eigenmaps domain19:13
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blackburnsonney2k: you found time to do interactive demos ;)22:05
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