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CIA-64shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * rb3f83a0 / (6 files in 3 dirs): Introduced rejection strategies for MC machines -
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CIA-64shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r8d450fe / (7 files in 3 dirs):09:34
CIA-64shogun: Merge pull request #378 from iglesias/master09:34
CIA-64shogun: Mahalanobis distance example -
CIA-64shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r48fcd9f / src/shogun/features/DotFeatures.h : fix minor documentation error -
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blackburndirtiest elections e-v-e-r14:08
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blackburnelections as it is haha17:08
vikram360blackburn : russia?17:38
blackburnvikram360: exactly17:38
vikram360they say putin's gonna win super easily17:38
blackburnwith such falsification - he will17:39
blackburnactually w/o such cheating - no way, I can tell it for sure :)17:40
blackburne.g. they denied me to elect today :)17:40
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Ram108blackburn: hi hw r u?17:41
blackburnRam108: fine, and you?17:41
Ram108lol great :)17:41
Ram108been studying svm lol :P17:42
Ram108support vector machines for pattern classification by shigeo abe.....17:43
Ram108lol the math is kinnof confusing lol17:43
blackburnnot sure I've read it earlier17:43
Ram108no issues i ll get it over a couple of iterations :)17:44
Ram108oh hmmm :) lol17:44
Ram108i have a more general doubt....17:44
Ram108does google employ people with skill set in machine learning?17:45
Ram108i d so love to work for google probably abt half a decade later wen i become good at it17:45
blackburnno idea17:46
Ram108just wondering if u wud know anything abt it?17:46
Ram108oh hmmmm thanks :)17:46
blackburnI don't work at google unfortunately :)17:46
Ram108lol, ha ha coz i thought u might have thought abt it......... lol17:46
Ram108good night then :) bye! have a great day :)17:47
blackburnok, see you17:47
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blackburnwiking: 61%18:07
blackburnvikram360: or you18:07
n4nd0blackburn: not happy with the results this far :P?18:14
blackburnn4nd0: I would rather leave country than live in putin's russia18:15
n4nd0blackburn: not good :( I'm sorry about that18:16
n4nd0blackburn: does it really affect there the daily life of everyone?18:17
blackburnnot really18:17
n4nd0I mean, when I was in Spain I liked more the ideas of some parties than others18:17
blackburnok let me describe18:18
n4nd0but life was still the same whoever was in the power18:18
blackburnthere are a lot of corruption, so police can stop you and ask you for money because they can18:18
blackburnit is some simple example :)18:18
blackburnthe most serious problem is we didn't elect him actually18:19
blackburnthere are some pro-putin guys, not so many though18:20
n4nd0the thing of the police sounds quite bad18:20
blackburnnot only police but each goverment org18:20
blackburnall putin's friends are multimillionaires18:21
blackburnwell finally we have a lot of oil and it costs unbelievable 120$, if we had no thieves in goverment we would live better18:21
blackburnn4nd0: most of these 61% are people who were forced to elect putin18:23
blackburncould you ever imagine that ^? :)18:24
n4nd0too bad18:24
n4nd0I don't get what are they doing in the video18:25
n4nd0what are those papers?18:25
blackburnn4nd0: they fake election18:26
blackburnn4nd0: those papers are voting papers18:26
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blackburnand such things were everywhere today..18:26
n4nd0blackburn: wtf? and nothing to be done even if it is that clear?18:27
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blackburnn4nd0: with this video - yes, they denied it18:27
blackburncancelled election in this town18:28
blackburnbut russia is pretty big you know18:28
vikram360hey blackburn can you repost the video, I'm dealing with a broken connection and I think I missed the link18:30
blackburnvikram360: this one?
n4nd0vikram360: do you come from Russia too?18:31
blackburnI guess no18:32
vikram360blackburn : nope, but I'm intrigued by Russia. I come from a 'defence-ally' of russia : India18:32
blackburnhah yeah main weapon vendor18:33
blackburnoh unbelievable, they are saying such lies on tv now18:34
n4nd0blackburn: e.g?18:34
blackburnn4nd0: I'd call it in one theme: 'fuck liberals'18:35
vikram360are russian media houses state owned?18:36
blackburnyeah pretty controlled by gov't18:36
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vikram360that sucks18:39
vikram360so do people believe that the election is staged?18:43
blackburnI know no one believer18:43
vikram360so that's a no?18:46
blackburnsorry bad sentence probably18:46
blackburnI know no one :)18:46
vikram360that's weird. Because I thought that a lot of people didn't particularly like putin18:49
blackburnoooh sorry18:50
blackburnvikram360: I know no one that is believing it is truth18:50
blackburn62.55 already18:54
vikram36063.55 pc of votes in his favor?18:55
blackburnI bet for 65%18:55
vikram360geez ! but all said and done, that man is a freaggin alpha.18:57
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vikram360Is he generally a nice guy? I mean, does he genuinely care about the people?18:58
blackburnhe is ok18:59
blackburnnot very bad, not very good18:59
blackburnbut we can't stand such high % - it is a lie18:59
vikram360blackburn : I think one good thing about putin is that he manages to keep russia truly sovereign. India is sovereign only on paper.19:06
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blackburnwell.. may be you are right but it costs too much for russia19:07
vikram360blackburn : what do you mean?19:10
blackburnvikram360: we have some troubles on the Caucasus, and he just keep sending a lot of money to save this integrity19:11
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vikram360Oh, ok, I didn't know that.19:12
blackburnwell, not the best way19:12
blackburnvikram360: cortege of chechnya leader19:13
blackburnprobably not the best way to solve this problem :)19:13
vikram360geez!!, that looked like regular traffic on an indian road.19:16
vikram360The comments kinda give an idea about the sentiments in russia. They seem to hate his guts!19:16
vikram360blackburn : so what is your background (If I may ask)19:20
blackburnwhat do you mean?19:20
vikram360are you a student ?19:22
blackburnah, yes19:22
blackburn4th year undergraduate19:22
blackburnof Samara State Aerospace University19:22
vikram360oh... ok.. I'm 3rd year undergraduate at the PES School of Engineering, Bangalore. I'm studying computer science19:23
vikram360So are you a contributor?19:23
blackburnyeah, may be even a core developer19:23
vikram360wow! that's awesome :)19:24
vikram360I hope to be a contributor :)19:24
vikram360So when did you get started with machine learning?19:24
blackburnI have been studying it for 1.5 years probably19:25
vikram360and you're now a core developer? that's awesome man!19:26
vikram360blackburn : the man (in this case was a unisex filler and would remain relevant even if you were a woman :) )19:27
blackburnwell I just took participance in gsoc 2011 and continued to work with shogun19:27
blackburnmy name is Sergey Lisitsyn :)19:27
blackburnso man19:28
vikram360haha :) . My name is Vikram Kamath. I hope to get into GSoc this year. But I just want to make sure that this is a project that will keep me fulfilled even after GSoc.19:29
vikram360So I decided to drop in and find out what the people are like. And so far, it's been extremely friendly :)19:30
vikram360blackburn : are all educational institutions in Russia state owned?19:31
vikram360I mean, I want to make sure that I will contribute to this project waaay after gsoc is over.19:33
blackburnwell feel free to contribute anytime :)19:34
blackburnas for institutions, most of are19:35
vikram360blackburn : I hope I have what it takes to contribute.19:35
vikram360so does that mean there are private institutions too?19:35
blackburnyeah some sort of, but pretty useless19:36
vikram360then that's pretty awesome. Given the academic talent russia produces. Some of the programmers and mathematicians from russia are legendary.19:36
vikram360Have you heard of the guy petr mitrichev?19:37
blackburnnot really, what did he do?19:37
vikram360he's this wunderkind programmer from russia who wins almost every single programming contest there is!19:38
vikram360facebook hacker cup , google code jam, ACM ICPC, you name it!19:38
blackburnhmm probably he is a smart guy hah :)19:39
vikram360yes! , he is!19:40
vikram360blackburn : If I may ask, how did you start contributing to shogun?19:40
blackburnI started to contribute just before gsoc 201119:40
vikram360ok.. how long before gsoc 2011?19:41
blackburnwell year ago probably19:43
vikram360a year before gsoc 2011? that's awesome man!19:44
blackburnyear ago before now :)19:45
vikram360that makes that a few days before gsoc 2011?19:45
vikram360that gives me hope :) :) :)19:45
blackburnyes, IIRC I contacted Soeren at March, 2819:46
vikram360oh.. ok. and what project did you work on?19:46
blackburndimensionality reduction19:46
vikram360oh.. PCA?19:47
blackburnLLE, Isomap, etc19:47
vikram360yes, I'm looking at your page right now :)19:48
vikram360This may sound inappropriate, but would you mind if I looked at your project proposal?19:49
blackburnI probably lost it already19:50
vikram360oh.. that's ok19:50
vikram360I'm sorry if I'm irritating you, but one last question: How do you suggest I start?19:53
blackburntry to install shogun/ check its sources/ try it on some problem/ try to implement something/ check gsoc ideas/ choose one :)19:54
vikram360ok.. thanks a lot man :)19:54
vikram360what's the minimum age to vote in russia?19:56
vikram360so did you vote?19:57
vikram360who for?20:00
vikram360isn't he the billionaire?20:01
blackburnyes he is20:01
vikram360 : somehow putin's motorcade doesn't seem as big as the chechnyan leaders'20:02
vikram360I wonder why20:02
vikram360shit, kadyrov is a madman!
blackburnwell because putin doesn't want to be like kadyrov :)20:05
vikram360but I think kadyrov is slightly loose in the head. His motorcade is worth 3 Million Dollars!20:08
blackburnagree, he is a thief20:09
vikram360is the GRU controlled by the government or are they fully independent or partially independent?20:10
blackburnGRU, special ops guys?20:11
vikram360isn't it your foreign intelligence agency?20:13
blackburnyeah got it20:14
blackburnyes, they are controlled by gov't20:14
vikram360our intelligence agency is called RAW. As per the latest reports, intelligence officers were being used by politicians to spy on their election competition. And the director of the agency said that as a result of which, the intelligence agency was highly understaffed20:15
blackburnhah crazy20:15
vikram360welcome to india.20:15
vikram360and now they've begun installing listening devices and packet sniffers. They've even asked google india and yahoo india to route their mail through indian servers20:16
vikram360seriously messed up.20:16
vikram360anyways, I've got to go sleep now. It's about 1 am and tomorrow is a school day. Are you on IRC everyday?20:17
blackburnnot every, but often20:17
vikram360ok.. So I'll see you sometime :) Thanks a ton for all the advice, it was awesome talking to you :)20:17
blackburnok, see you20:18
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blackburnsonney2k: around?20:48
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n4nd0blackburn: I have been taking a closer look to QDA20:59
blackburnn4nd0: aha, and what do you think?20:59
n4nd0blackburn: it looks good, not that much different to LDA21:00
n4nd0so I plan to study the code for LDA in shogun21:00
shogun-buildbotbuild #168 of nightly_none is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at
n4nd0try out the examples with it21:00
n4nd0and hopefully start new coding for QDA :)21:01
blackburnfailure? hmm21:01
n4nd0doesn't that normally happen?21:01
n4nd0the first time soeren merged my Mahalanobis stuff it did21:01
n4nd0but a couple of minutes later the build completed message appeared21:02
n4nd0and I think I have seen that again another time with something Soeren did21:02
n4nd0I think I should start using S?ren instead of Soeren providing that I use a keyboard with that letter :)21:03
blackburnn4nd0: not really, I'll fix it now21:03
blackburnif you are talking about shogun-buildbot msg - yes, it compiles after each commit21:04
n4nd0just let me know if you want some help debugging sth ;)21:05
blackburnoh I do some complex things right now and you probably find it pretty hard21:06
blackburnwould find*21:06
n4nd0ok, I understand21:06
blackburnrecently I've added multiclass liblinear and now doing multiclass ocas21:07
blackburnI just write wrappers for these libs21:07
n4nd0I have followed your commits but not going into the code ...21:08
n4nd0what I should do probably21:08
n4nd0I'll be back later21:08
blackburnnope, I don't think you should check every commit :)21:08
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n4nd0blackburn: hey, you there?23:29
n4nd0can you check a moment line 77:LDA.cpp23:29
n4nd0I think it should be || instead of &&, not sure though23:30
blackburnn4nd0: btw one idea23:31
blackburnclassifiers should not check labels for such things23:32
blackburnif you want you may exclude checks from each classifier23:32
blackburnand add some methods to labels23:32
n4nd0ok, I see23:33
blackburnhm no, it is unclear23:33
blackburnlets think about it a little more23:33
n4nd0you mean like to substitute checks from labels from each of the classifiers23:33
blackburnjust some labels->check();23:34
blackburnit is a little crappy now23:34
n4nd0I see your point23:34
n4nd0the idea of the method is good yes23:34
blackburnn4nd0: did you like any gsoc idea?23:35
blackburnmore than others* :)23:35
n4nd0haha yeah23:36
blackburnwhich one?23:36
n4nd0what I told you more or less, I like both the one of doc+examples and SO23:36
n4nd0what do you think about those?23:36
blackburnI see23:37
blackburnwell both are interesting :)23:37
blackburnand a lot of work probably23:37
blackburnbut I hope we will get accepted and it would be funny and smooth23:38
n4nd0I am first waiting for that, to the 16th so we get the results from google23:38
n4nd0after that I will decide which one can I fit best to apply for23:39
blackburnare you waiting for my birthday?23:40
n4nd0haha yeah, for that too ;)23:40
blackburnfunyy coincidence23:40
n4nd0hope it will bring us luck :)23:41
blackburnlet google make a present for me on my bday :D23:41
blackburndamn 64.86 putin23:41
n4nd0I have an exam the previous day ... don't know if that counts as coincidence :P23:41
n4nd0the elections are not giving you a good present definetely...23:42
blackburncan you imagine 64.86% with no actual support? :)23:42
n4nd0sounds fishy yes23:42
n4nd0when do you normally get final results btw?23:47
n4nd0in Spain it is normally by this time when it is elections23:47
blackburnday more23:47
n4nd0but Russia is really big man!23:47
blackburn60% papers counted23:48
blackburnwell pretty fast as well23:48
n4nd0you work fast then23:48
blackburnbig but not very populated23:48
blackburnhow many people there are in spain?23:48
n4nd0about 50 millions I think23:48
blackburnwe have 14223:49
n4nd0a little bit less according to wikipedia, 4623:49
blackburnpretty uncorrelated with area23:49
n4nd0Russia is pretty big23:50
blackburnwe have 8 timezones so when we start to elect23:50
blackburnvladivostok is about to finish23:50
n4nd08 timezones! that's a lot23:50
n4nd0haha curious fact23:51
n4nd0being that big, does it change the language a lot between regions?23:51
blackburnno, only in some regions23:51
blackburntatarstan have two langs23:52
n4nd0there are several different Spanish accents23:52
blackburnrussian and tatar23:52
blackburnah, about accents, it doesn't vary a lot23:52
n4nd0we always joke with that :)23:52
n4nd0yeah sorry, I meant more accents in Russian23:52
blackburnfor example guys from volgograd and moscow those you know23:53
blackburnthey probably say some words in a different way23:53
blackburne.g. what? - ???? - shto (volga), chto (moscow)23:54
blackburnsomething like that23:54
n4nd0I see23:54
blackburnand some local words for sure23:54
n4nd0some people in my Swedish course were speaking Russian so I tried to get some differences23:55
n4nd0but no chance ...23:55
blackburnhaha yeah pretty hard to hear anything23:55
n4nd0it was this point when you don't know anything about a language and you don't even notice where do the words start and end :)23:55
blackburnI would not get any difference from spain accents :)23:55
n4nd0well who knows23:56
n4nd0we use to say that people that speak "difficult" languages as mother tongue are pretty good learning new ones23:56
n4nd0and I guess Russian would be for use one of those difficult languages23:57
blackburnit looks like russians can hardly learn languages :)23:57
blackburnbut may be it is an educational issue23:57
blackburnI found latin language *very* useful in comprehension of european languages23:58
n4nd0have you studied some latin?23:58
blackburnyeah tried to23:58
blackburnit was pretty interesting for me hah23:59
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