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RagnarXHello, world !00:06
n4nd0RagnarX: hi there!00:12
RagnarXn4nd0: how are you? :)00:13
n4nd0RagnarX: I am fine, what about you?00:13
RagnarXI'm fine ! :D00:13
RagnarXI'm a student and I have an idea which is not in the idea page ^^'00:14
n4nd0cool, I am a student too so I am not exactly the person you should propose it too00:14
n4nd0but anyway, what is your idea about? maybe I can suggest you something ;)00:15
RagnarXIt's about using OpenCL for Machine Learning :p00:15
n4nd0I have no experience with OpenCL :(00:16
RagnarXyes it's kind of special :p00:16
n4nd0I've heard of it of course, but nothing more than that00:17
RagnarXwhere are you from?00:17
n4nd0what do you think it could be used for in ml?00:17
n4nd0I am from Spain, what about you?00:17
RagnarXFrance ^^00:18
RagnarXto speed up machine learning :p00:18
RagnarXI am a developer for a linear algebra library on OpenCL and started a MultiLayer Perceptron project using OpenCL, and from the test i did there was nice speed improvements00:18
n4nd0we use blas in shogun for linear algebra stuff00:19
n4nd0do you have any idea aobout comparisons between linear algebra done on OpenCL and blas?00:20
RagnarXIt mostly depends on the hardware :p but it is about 10 to 15 folds00:20
RagnarXI think the CPU benchmarks were done using blas00:21
n4nd0oh it looks like really good performance then00:22
RagnarXyes :p00:23
RagnarXare you a shogun developer?00:23
n4nd0I have done some contributions00:24
RagnarXI see ^^00:25
RagnarXit looks like a cool project00:25
n4nd0:) yes I think it is indeed00:25
RagnarXand gsoc always bring a lot of new developers00:27
n4nd0haha of course00:27
n4nd0so I think that you could try asking soeren about your idea00:32
n4nd0he is normally around here so he may answer you at any moment00:33
RagnarXHaha okay :p00:33
RagnarXisn't he sleeping right now?00:33
RagnarXWell maybe he's not an European :p00:34
n4nd0oh sorry, I meant maybe not precisely now but if you come around tomorrow or sth like that00:35
RagnarXYes I probably will :)00:35
n4nd0in any case, you might want to use email00:35
RagnarXYes, I've just registered to the mailing list :p00:37
RagnarXi've also cloned the repository, but it is kinda big :p00:40
n4nd0lot of work into there!00:41
RagnarXI think i'll send a mail on the list to describe my idea ^^00:49
n4nd0that's probably a good idea00:53
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n4nd0RagnarX: I have just made a quick search in the chat logs and found that at least they have commented the OpenCL topic a couple of times01:31
n4nd0RagnarX: maybe you want to check about it01:31
RagnarXhaha okay01:40
RagnarXI think i'll firstly go to bed :p01:40
RagnarXI have sent the mail today, and will probably read the logs tomorrow :p01:40
RagnarXwhen was it?01:40
n4nd0google it01:51
n4nd0opencl will tell you about it ;)01:52
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harshit__hello everybody09:38
harshit__does anyone knw a function for minimum residual method in C++09:39
blackburnno idea09:39
harshit__i have been using TAUCS09:39
harshit__but its not working when i integrate it with shogun09:40
blackburnI made use of superlu in some of my code here09:40
harshit__thanks i'll have a look on it09:41
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n4nd0aang: hey!11:13
aangHi.. I am interested in contributing to shogun this year in GSoC11:15
aangIs there any qualification task?11:15
n4nd0great, do you have any idea in mind?11:15
aangI am familiar with the machine learning algorithms11:16
aangand i wish to contribute in your idea of Integrating Existing and Implementing New Machine Learning Algorithms in shogun11:16
n4nd0aang: with qualification you mean something like a contribution to do before applying to GSoC?11:17
n4nd0aang: I think that the page will be updated soon with info about that11:17
n4nd0have to go now, bye11:18
aangWhich all projects are in your priority list this year?11:18
aangOk, catch you later !!11:18
n4nd0all the ones that appear in the ideas page are stuff that would be interesting to have11:19
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pokoko222Are there students involved in your project, for gsoc?11:33
pokoko222I am looking for projects and I am curious if there are already serious candidates for your projects11:33
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wikingamazing how popular suddenly #shogun got with gsoc ;)12:38
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gsomixeverything was becoming popular with gsoc :)12:42
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gsomixis there anybody who is waiting Stanford's online courses about ML?12:47
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varagrawalI am a student of Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Tech, Surat, INdia13:09
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varagrawalI wanted to join in the Shogun toolkit Open source project13:09
varagrawalI have read your list of ideas page for GSoC 201213:10
varagrawaland being an undergrad with some basic knowledge of Machine Learning13:10
n4nd0varagrawal: good, what idea did you find appealing?13:11
varagrawalI was thinking I could help with either Olivier Chapelles fast newton based SVM solver13:11
n4nd0do you have experience with shogun? I mean if you have used it before13:13
wikingn4nd0: :> you should be a mentor ;)13:14
n4nd0wiking: haha I don't think so :)13:15
wikingwell u are all the time guiding possible gsocers here, so why not ;P13:15
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n4nd0I have still stuff to learn as student :) I actually like being student13:16
-!- varagrawal [744a6982@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun13:16
n4nd0but it is good to help people13:16
n4nd0varagrawal: np13:16
varagrawalnet got disconnected13:16
varagrawalthe other idea was the implementation of Gaussian processes and regression techniques13:17
n4nd0varagrawal: cool, those ideas look nice13:17
n4nd0varagrawal: so have you used shogun before for sth?13:17
varagrawalI haven't used shogun, but I have used octave13:18
wikingvaragrawal: it'd be nice that u start something with shogun before trying to apply for a gsoc project ...13:18
varagrawalI am starting to port those octave codes to shogun and try and achieve similar functionality13:18
wikingso at least check out the latest code13:18
wikingand try to implement something in it13:18
n4nd0varagrawal: have you already forked the repo?13:19
wikingsince you'll have do most of the work in c/c++13:19
varagrawalYeah, I have a DBMS project, where I try to guess a good branch of study for a person13:19
varagrawaldepending on their rank in the entrance exam13:19
varagrawalI was thinking of using Shogun for that with the KNN algo most probably13:19
varagrawalI will check out the code now13:20
n4nd0but you might want you check out shogun code from the repo13:20
varagrawalAm cloning it now..13:21
n4nd0so maybe it is a good idea to try out some of the examples and get used to the structure of the project13:22
varagrawalaww net went again....13:22
varagrawalI'll do that13:22
varagrawalOk, thanks a lot for the suggestions :D13:22
n4nd0varagrawal: you're welcome13:23
varagrawalI'll sit now and get back to you guys tomorrow morning fine?13:23
varagrawalThank you :)13:23
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n4nd0wiking: how is it going with your latent variables stuff?13:24
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wikingn4nd0: hehehe just starting to sketch up the classes16:06
wikingblackburn: yoyo man16:06
wikingblackburn: your fucking email made a mess here in the channel :)))16:06
n4nd0haha :)16:07
blackburnwiking: which one?16:07
wikingblackburn: there's heaps of people coming to talk about various gsoc projects ;)16:08
blackburnoh well we can't keep it in secret16:08
n4nd0so what do you think guys about the number of slots?16:11
n4nd0is it likely to get those 9 you talked about yesterday?16:11
wikingit's amazing that VLC did not get a spot in gsoc this year :(16:12
n4nd0I didn't know about that16:12
n4nd0is there also a list of rejected orgs?16:13
wikingi don't think so16:13
wikingi've just seen it in twitter16:13
n4nd0think of it this way ... we are contributing to sth more important than VLC :P16:14
wikingvlc is essential we can all agree16:15
n4nd0haha just kidding16:15
n4nd0different projects indeed16:16
n4nd0wiking: about this deep learning, is it very good?16:19
n4nd0what is the main idea with it?16:20
wikingsince it's unsupervised16:20
wikingand get's very good results16:20
wikingwell it's a neural net16:20
n4nd0I've used neural nets in supervised learning but nothing further than that16:21
n4nd0it is always cool to hear from new stuff16:21
wikingwell the mentioned theano toolbox is good enough16:21
wikingit even has cuda backend...16:21
blackburnI think we can get 7-8 at least16:24
blackburncause we have reached success with 5 slots16:25
blackburnbut 9 would be wonderful16:25
n4nd0let's keep fingers crossed16:27
n4nd0is that also announced as well?16:27
n4nd0or just when applications are submitted and the students are notified?16:28
blackburnwe will be notified how many slots we have got a little bit later16:54
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gsomixpuffin444, hi18:03
puffin444Hey, I'm a student interested in the Gaussian regression project for the GSoC.18:04
puffin444Do you know if the mentor (Stegle) hangs out on IRC, or should I try contacting him via email?18:05
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n4nd0puffin444: I may be wrong but I think that I have not seen him around here18:10
gsomixpuffin444, i think, in this case, email is better than chat.18:12
blackburnpuffin444: these guys are right, please contact him by email18:18
puffin444Okay. I'll try to contact him via email. Would it help my case if I tried to fix a minor bug in Shogun?18:19
blackburnpuffin444: any contributions are encouraged and would be an advantage18:22
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RagnarXHello ^^18:23
n4nd0RagnarX: hey!18:24
RagnarXHow are you all? :p18:26
n4nd0I am good :) what about you?18:26
RagnarXI'm fine :)18:27
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n4nd0have to go now guys18:49
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PhilTilletHello hello22:59
PhilTilletI have seen that it was necessary to submit a little pull request for Shogun ... :p How "small" does it have to be?23:12
blackburnPhilTillet: well..23:17
blackburnit is not about size I think23:17
PhilTilletThe other problem is that I don't really understand the "Issues" section on the github, to be honest23:18
blackburnit is not highly relevant, it is ok23:18
blackburnI've got not much time to keep it updated23:18
PhilTilletoh ok :p23:19
PhilTilletSo i should rather browse code and see "what i can do" ? :p23:19
blackburnyeah rather do that23:19
blackburnor ask me/soeren23:19
PhilTilletokay :p23:19
PhilTilletYes, the source code is rather big. I think i wouldn't be against having some pointers23:20
blackburndo you know any kernel that is not implemented in shogun?23:21
PhilTilletWell, my field is more Neural Networks / Optimization than SVM23:22
PhilTilletAccording to the website, conjugate gradient is not implemented, if I remember well23:22
PhilTilletAnd BFGS either23:23
blackburnwell it could turn as a lot of work?23:25
PhilTilletHmmm, well. It is something I have already done in C++ (even though I think my L-BFGS was buggy :p) ; it mostly depends on, well, how to interface it23:26
PhilTilletconcretely, what should be minimized23:27
PhilTilletif it is just a functor which can return the value of a function and a gradient, it shouldn't be long23:28
blackburncan't you adapt it for some svm?23:28
PhilTilletI think i would need to put myself up to date with SVM, but I could try23:31
blackburnI still do not know even my opinion on implementing something NN here23:31
PhilTilletwell, it's true that SVM are very efficient, and most of the time better than NN23:32
PhilTilletwell at least MLP23:32
blackburnit is not about efficiency - we've got a pretty long list of ideas23:34
PhilTilletAnd i think it would be indeed hard to implement CG ... I mean i'd have to first review all the architecture of SVMs in Shogun ... hmm ...23:34
blackburnthen no need to do that23:34
blackburnour req about small patch is just a kind of a 'filter'23:35
blackburncause we are probably going to receive >50 (~70 last year) proposals23:35
PhilTilletGot it :)23:36
blackburnat least it makes things more fair23:36
PhilTilletWell as far as I know Shogun implements linear, gaussian, sigmoid kernel23:36
blackburni.e. chances we pick some student who just wrote good proposal and too lame with any development are pretty low then23:37
PhilTillet(and others)23:37
blackburnwe have pretty many kernels here23:37
PhilTilletI know :p23:37
PhilTilletWanted to tell that these 3 are the only kernels I know23:37
blackburnbtw why do you want to work only on OpenCL?23:38
PhilTilletwell, I don't want to work only on OpenCL23:38
blackburndid you found any other ideas interesting?23:39
blackburnas I said before we don't mind anything related to such things but we are pretty tight with slots23:39
PhilTilletthe point is that I have "a lot" of experience using OpenCL because I have already done some projects on it and quite a bit of Linear Algebra on it too, and as of now no machine learning library use OpenCL so ... :) but the "Built generic multiclass learning framework" idea seems cool too23:41
blackburnaha I see23:41
blackburnok I just got how can we solve it23:42
blackburnwhile you have a lot of experience with OpenCL you may help us with some basic operations here23:42
blackburnlike dot product etc23:42
blackburnbut mainly you may work on something different23:42
PhilTilletI see :p23:42
blackburnthis is the case if we won't receive much slots23:43
PhilTilletWell, the point is that i'm also a contributor to an OpenCL linear algebra library23:43
PhilTilletwhich already implements dot product ...23:43
blackburnthen probably it won't take much time for you23:43
PhilTilletyes, hope so :)23:44
PhilTilletbut why not using already existing code?23:44
blackburnI did not say you can't use that code ;)23:44
PhilTillethaha :p23:44
blackburndepends on license though23:44
PhilTilletis MIT license okay?23:45
blackburniirc we can integrate mit code in gpl project23:46
PhilTilletyes I think too, just have to be careful about how to integrate the license23:48
PhilTilletI'll ask to the project leader of that library :)23:50
PhilTilletwell, to get back to that generic multiclass learning framework23:51
PhilTilletwould it be about making some generic code that would map any binary classifier to multiclass ?23:52
blackburnthere is such code already done by me recently23:52
blackburnprobably main thing here would be to implement ECOC and some tree learning stuff23:53
PhilTilletI see23:55
PhilTilletthere seems to be already a paper and some matlab code23:55
PhilTilletThis will involve some generic programming right?23:56
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