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harshit_Thanks sonney2k ,figured that out.. i forgot to call train() function ..05:41
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harshit_hello people...11:22
harshit_hey blackburn do you knw any function to find inverse of matrix in C++11:23
blackburnwe have one in CMath::inverse11:23
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harshit_yeah got it, there is one pinv11:24
harshit_i think that would work11:24
harshit_also one more thing11:24
blackburnpinv is for pseudoinverse11:24
blackburnif you have a square non-singular matrix you may simply use inverse11:24
harshit_actually i want to convert A\B  in matlab to C++11:25
blackburnwhat is B?11:25
harshit_so i should use pinv no ?11:25
blackburna vector?11:25
harshit_A is matrix and B is vector11:25
blackburnIIRC A\B is a solution of Ax=b?11:26
harshit_also in course of converting code from matlab to c++ i have made a lot of new math function,11:26
harshit_like creating a diagonal matrix11:27
blackburnwell inverse is not the best way to solve Ax=b11:27
blackburnworst probably :D11:27
harshit_so what should i do11:27
blackburnuse lapack dgesv11:27
harshit_find a function in lapack11:28
harshit_great, even better11:28
blackburninverse is pretty hard to compute11:28
harshit_yeah .. got your point11:28
harshit_is there a wrapper for dgesv in shogun ?11:29
blackburnno, it is not needed11:31
blackburnharshit_: is you matrix symmetric?11:31
harshit_no .11:32
harshit_its a matrix created from combination of feature matrix and weight matrix11:32
harshit_so it cannt be symmetric11:33
blackburnyou need to use wrap_dgetri to wrap_dgetrs11:33
blackburninverse is computed with dgetri anyway11:34
blackburnso probably it is the same for general matrix11:34
blackburnharshit_: in this case it is ok to use inverse and matrix-vector multiply then11:34
harshit_i think lapack's dgesv would be better11:34
blackburndgesv does the same11:35
harshit_thanks  blackburn for help11:35
harshit_Also my code is about to get over . so could you please guide me though the process of pushing on github11:36
blackburncreate fork, commit your changes into it and create pull request using github11:37
harshit_so i can commit only cpp and .h file , or i can make changes in some existing files like math.h11:38
blackburnin your fork you may change what you need11:39
harshit_okay got it .. thanks again11:39
blackburnwhen you do a pull request you ask admins to merge changes into main repo11:39
blackburnif something was done wrong you just would be asked to fix it11:40
harshit_got it..11:40
harshit_one more thing in gsoc, if we want to submit more than one project to shogun for gsoc,Does all of them need to be in the same application ?11:41
blackburnyeah probably11:43
blackburnif you want to apply for a few ideas you should write a proposal for each of them11:44
blackburnit doesn't mean they should be completely different but anyway should be separated11:44
blackburnok have to go now11:45
harshit_got it11:45
harshit_thanks blackburn11:45
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gsomixsonney2k, hey14:07
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n4nd0I am getting some errors with valgrind and I don't understand at all why they are there15:51
n4nd0there is a large bunch of these guys15:51
n4nd0any clue?15:51
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n4nd0sonney2k: hey! it would be great if you take a look to some errors I am getting with valgrind, I don't find any sense on them16:23
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sahils_my name is Sahil and I am interested in participating in GSoC2012 as a part of shogun17:12
sahils_can anyone please help me with it?17:13
sahils_This is my first time on an IRC channel.17:13
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n4nd0sahils_: hi!17:17
n4nd0welcome ;)17:17
n4nd0so are you interested in any project in particular?17:17
sahils_thanks a lot for replying17:17
sahils_was feeling a bit lost here17:17
sahils_yeah, I was interested in the third idea stated on shogun ideas page17:18
sahils_implementing new machine learning algorithms17:18
n4nd0sounds good17:18
n4nd0it would be probably useful that you contact the mentor for that project17:19
sahils_i have had previous experience in machine learning implementation, I have tried ID3, regression etc17:19
sahils_yeah I shall do that17:19
sahils_but I wanted to know one thing17:19
sahils_does shogun support random forest algorithm17:19
sahils_i was very interested in that one and could not find it explicitly in the source17:20
n4nd0mmmm I don't know with certainty17:20
sahils_oh ok17:20
sahils_I shall contact the mentor then17:20
n4nd0and I think you should checkout the project code and get used to it17:21
sahils_may I know if you are also planning to participate or are a mentor17:21
n4nd0you may have read that it's a requirement to do a small patch together with GSoC application17:21
n4nd0I'm student as well17:21
sahils_yeah, I have read that. I somehow couldn't get the source code working on my machine17:22
sahils_my university has proxy restrictions on downloads so could not get the dependencies17:22
sahils_trying a work around now17:22
n4nd0I think that is the first step you should do17:22
n4nd0sahils_: I've to go now17:23
sahils_no problem, thank you so much17:23
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n4nd0sahils_: but come around and ask if you need some help with something or use the mailing list, as you prefer17:23
sahils_i shall do that17:23
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karlnapfsonney2k, around?19:38
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CIA-64shogun: Heiko Strathmann master * r902607c / src/NEWS :20:15
CIA-64shogun: added some stuff to news20:15
CIA-64shogun: increased param version -
CIA-64shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * rf399095 / (3 files in 3 dirs):20:15
CIA-64shogun: Merge pull request #389 from karlnapf/master20:15
CIA-64shogun: some news updates -
CIA-64shogun: Heiko Strathmann master * r39197dd / src/shogun/base/SGObject.cpp : removed a debug print -
CIA-64shogun: Heiko Strathmann master * re5ce2ef / src/shogun/machine/Machine.cpp : added parameter map entry to machine class -
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karlnapfsonney2k, now there?20:16
karlnapftrying to fix these de-serialization things, but got some questions on how the testsuite works20:16
@sonney2kkarlnapf, hi20:16
@sonney2kkarlnapf, the testsuite (aka and do nothing more than run the examples20:17
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blackburnhey what's up20:17
karlnapfwhere are the serialised files?20:17
karlnapfbecause the txt files in the tests folder contain pickle serializations20:17
@sonney2kkarlnapf, that means that runs the examples with every setting listed in paramer_lists and pickles the results20:18
karlnapfbut the problem is when loading serialized files right?20:18
karlnapfI want to load such a file by hand and see what goes wrong20:19
blackburnkarlnapf: what is the problem?20:19
@sonney2kkarlnapf, then runs the same example again and loads the serialized file and compares20:19
@sonney2kthat's it20:19
karlnapfok, but everythign works with pickle serialization files?20:20
@sonney2kkarlnapf, the problem can be easily triggered when you try to load e.g. classifier_libsvm_modular0.txt20:20
karlnapffrom python pickle?20:20
karlnapfnot possible from c++?20:20
@sonney2kjust do x=pickle.load(file('classifier_libsvm_modular0.txt'))20:21
karlnapfok will try that20:21
@sonney2kand then pickle.dumps(x)20:21
@sonney2kyou will see that kernel etc is NULL20:21
karlnapfis there some way to extract the shogun serialized files from these txt files?20:21
@sonney2kwell you could do the same from C++ - but you would need an old file20:22
karlnapfbecause form python, working on this is a bit messy20:22
karlnapfthat why I want to extract such a file from the txt file20:22
@sonney2kkarlnapf, well then use shogun 1.1.0 to serialize the minimal libsvm example20:23
@sonney2kand then load it with shogun 1.2.020:23
karlnapfmmmh, ok20:24
karlnapfthanks for the tips20:24
karlnapfwill try to fix it now20:24
blackburnguys, what are the problems?20:24
blackburnis parameter mapping failing?20:24
@sonney2kblackburn, one cannot load old serialized files20:24
karlnapfblackburn, some files are not properly loaded, subsvms of multiclass svm are NULL20:25
@sonney2kas soon as a new parameter is there it fails20:25
blackburnsonney2k: oh tht's bad :)20:25
@sonney2kbut it works ok if one comments the code block showing these WARNINGS20:25
@sonney2kabout new params20:25
blackburnsonney2k: I was always curious, do people really store a lot of shogun's files?20:25
@sonney2kno idea20:26
blackburnI mean we care on that too much (just my opinion)20:26
blackburnpretty late to stop but anyway20:26
@sonney2kthen we can aswell remove all means to serialize shogun objects20:27
karlnapfsonney2k, do you have some names of classes that fail to load? then I will use them for testing first20:27
@sonney2kbut as I said any class that has a new parameter20:27
blackburnsonney2k: first spare evening for last N months?20:28
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@sonney2kn4nd0, what are the errors?20:32
blackburn sonney2k these one I guess20:34
@sonney2kn4nd0, well no wonder - you serialize a SGVector / Matrix but cast it into a SGObject20:37
blackburnsonney2k: don't you think some old branches should be removed?20:37
blackburnsonney2k: ah yes and some application too :D20:37
@sonney2kn4nd0, so fix is just to do m_parameters->add(&vec, "vectors", "The vectors.")20:38
@sonney2kblackburn, which?20:39
blackburnsonney2k: sailfish20:40
blackburnall commented20:40
blackburnno idea who will ever fix it20:41
blackburnsonney2k: I'm tending to add my road sign recognition application20:43
blackburncause it seems I'm not going to participate in any commercial development of it20:44
@sonney2kwould be great20:52
blackburnthe only problem is hog computing thing20:52
blackburnI borrowed some code and I have to implement it by myself probably20:52
blackburnsonney2k: will my paper be considered by same reviewers?20:53
blackburnsonney2k: I've been thinking about more generic thread parameter class20:59
blackburnand it seems pretty difficult to implement a map <string,anything>21:00
blackburnwithout boost21:00
blackburnbut we may copy boost::any thoguh21:00
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n4nd0sonney2k: ok, I will change it to that then, but it is a pointer to a vector, not a vector exactly, I don't know if that makes a difference21:13
n4nd0sonney2k: I found in another file that it was done like that, let me look for it21:13
@sonney2kn4nd0, yes that changes everything21:15
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blackburnsonney2k: why are you not a fan of unsigned stuff?21:16
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blackburnyou removed it in liblinear and libocas21:16
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@sonney2kn4nd0, I don't even have an idea how to serialize lists of SGVector etc21:18
n4nd0sonney2k: take a look if you can a moment, these are the types of the members and how I am doing it21:18
@sonney2kn4nd0, there is DynamicArray / DynArray but these cannot serialize the things beneath21:19
n4nd0sonney2k: mmmm I see, so what is the best solution to take then?21:19
@sonney2kn4nd0, yeah that cannot work21:20
@sonney2kn4nd0, well what you could do is use SGMatrix instead of SGVector (with number of columns being number of classes)21:20
@sonney2kand then we need a SGTensor for SGMatrix*21:21
@sonney2kn4nd0, actually we have that as SGNDArray21:21
n4nd0sonney2k: tensors :O I got scared of those in a plasma physics course21:21
@sonney2kn4nd0, well call it 3 dimensional array then :)21:22
blackburnn4nd0: tensors can be viewed just like N dimensional arrays ;)21:22
n4nd0blackburn: yeah, it was nice until that part ... but it got dark later on :)21:22
@sonney2kblackburn, unsigned vs signed - it is just dangerous to do any math on unsigned21:23
n4nd0blackburn: I can have a nice reconciliation in any case :P21:23
@sonney2ki.e. u-1 can be greater than you21:23
@sonney2kso I generally prefer to not use it (if there is no very good reason)21:24
blackburnare you sure there is no performance reasons to use unsigned?21:24
@sonney2kyes 100%21:24
blackburnsonney2k: you was right - 'you' works too21:24
blackburnI mean I am definitely less than unsigned -1 ;)21:26
@sonney2kn4nd0, so is it clear how to resolve the problem?21:30
@sonney2kkarlnapf1, could your reproduce the problem?21:30
karlnapf1sonney2k, yes21:30
karlnapf1there are memory errors21:30
n4nd0sonney2k: not really :( I am looking for SGTensor but I don't manage to find it actually21:30
n4nd0sonney2k: ah ok you say we need, not that we have it21:31
karlnapf1just found the bad line ... I think this may be because new parameters are initialized with NULL, and when migrating I am reading from these21:31
@sonney2kn4nd0, use SGNDArray21:32
n4nd0sonney2k: got it, SGMatrix for SGVector* and SGNDArray for SGMatrix* right?21:32
@sonney2kn4nd0, it is a bare container only though21:33
@sonney2kn4nd0, yes21:33
blackburntoo much serialization21:33
@sonney2kblackburn, did you know that java has no unsigned data types?21:35
blackburnsonney2k: yes but java is all about some other shit21:36
blackburnthey terribly don't care about performance21:36
@sonney2kwell they care - but it is certainly harder with garbage collectors and no control of the exact size of the underlying data type and jit etc21:38
@sonney2kblackburn, I don't know about you - but I want to be able to just say 'dump shogun object' and have it on harddisk21:39
blackburnsonney2k: what do you mean?21:39
blackburnI don't think java provides such easy way :)21:39
blackburnrather some complex framework based on 300 library dependencies21:40
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@sonney2kblackburn, about your paper - it is likely that same reviewers get it but you might also have new ones21:44
blackburnI see21:44
n4nd0sonney2k, blackburn: I don't see any method Parameter::add for SGNDArray, any workaround to do it?21:47
blackburnn4nd0: implement it :D21:47
n4nd0blackburn: haha looks legit :P I just found it curious that there had not been necessity of it before and wondered if there was sth alternative21:47
blackburnn4nd0: it is pretty rarely when some method uses Nd array :D21:48
@sonney2kn4nd0, well don't implement it just yet - just use ndarray in your qda class and we later have to think of how to implement that stuff21:50
n4nd0blackburn: but there is some stuff using SGVector* and SGMatrix*, I think that ConjugateIndex for example uses sth similar21:50
blackburnn4nd0: oh what a wonderful example of useless shit - Conjugate Index21:50
n4nd0blackburn: are you angry with the world today man? :P21:51
blackburnn4nd0: not really21:51
blackburnyou should try to understand at least one sentence21:51
blackburnit looks like they were translating it with some old version of google translate or so21:52
n4nd0that pisses me off so much man ... when I see a paper with really bad language it is like wtf!?21:52
n4nd0but I don't really get it, isn't that controlled somehow?21:53
blackburnn4nd0: probably it is a non-free journal21:53
blackburnso they just publish some shit21:53
blackburnjust to publish21:53
n4nd0blackburn: aham! so there are also journals where paying a fee one gets it published?21:54
n4nd0more or less, just the general idea21:54
blackburnprobably they even pay for getting published I do not really know21:55
n4nd0blackburn: ok, are you working on any publication? I think I read sth about that in the conversation21:56
blackburnn4nd0: yes, trying to get JMLR paper accepted21:56
blackburnabout dim reduction stuff21:56
-!- mudit3774 [73f88294@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun21:57
n4nd0blackburn: that's really cool man, I wish you good luck with it!21:57
blackburnI already got rejected with first version21:57
n4nd0blackburn: :(21:58
n4nd0mudit3774: hey!21:58
mudit3774I am interested in applying for GSoC- 2012 for shogun21:58
blackburnn4nd0: you are the most friendly student ever21:59
n4nd0mudit3774: good! any project you are interested in, in particular?21:59
mudit3774I have gone through the ideas page and I am interested in  Built generic multiclass learning framework21:59
mudit3774I am sorry.. for being so formal :) ..but the whole idea and two lenghy publications made me write my intro like this22:00
n4nd0mudit3774: good! I think the mentor in charge of it is around here22:00
n4nd0mudit3774: anyhow, have you already worked with shogun?22:01
mudit3774Well no.. :( but I have some machine learning experience..22:01
mudit3774Last year I was selected for University of Michigan (CSCS)22:02
mudit3774and worked with complex adaptive systems22:02
n4nd0mudit3774: that's good22:02
n4nd0mudit3774: so I guess you may have come across it, it looks like this year it's important to have a small patch already done for the project in order to apply for GSoC22:03
mudit3774Oh.. dats cool.. but do we have to give a link to the patch in our proposal22:03
gsomixsonney2k, there is good news.22:03
mudit3774or we can do in during and after application period22:04
mudit3774I mean till 23rd MAr?22:04
n4nd0mudit3774: I think there's no an strict deadlie for it22:04
n4nd0mudit3774: but it would be good to have it done when you submit your proposal22:04
n4nd0mudit3774: there is a section to write what experience do you have with shogun22:05
mudit3774Well that would be a bit tough, I am still on the documentation..22:05
@sonney2kgsomix, ?22:06
@sonney2kgsomix, python3 works?22:06
n4nd0mudit3774: I see ...22:06
mudit3774but doen familiarity with the algorithm won't help? and is there an application template?22:06
n4nd0mudit3774: in any case I would suggest you to fork the project, checkout the code locally and play around with it22:07
@sonney2kyes that is what you should do - and contribute (useful!) patches22:07
@sonney2kthat is a big big plus22:07
@sonney2kbasically everyone we accepted last year was contributing quite a bit before22:08
mudit3774yeah.. that's what I was thinking, but then I thought of introducing myself first, anyways, will get back if I could contribute a useful patch, this mean having only algorithmic knowledge won't help much literature survey is not that important?22:09
n4nd0mudit3774: scroll quite a bit down to find the application template22:09
gsomixsonney2k, yep. Now it can be configured and compiled. Now this requires testing.22:10
gsomixToo many 'now'. :(22:11
blackburnmudit3774: what is your multiclass experience?22:11
mudit3774Well,. I have not gone through the publications yet, but I worked on a project which used22:13
mudit3774Ant Colony Optimization for controlling tree evolution in a RF agorithms22:14
mudit3774I am guessing it is on similar lines22:14
blackburnwhat is RF?22:14
mudit3774Random Forest22:14
blackburnah I see22:14
mudit3774It was used for ranking data according to variable importance22:15
blackburnthat idea is not really about trees nor forests..22:16
blackburnbut anyway any experience is valuable :)22:16
mudit3774well I guess I have to well prepared before my next IRC visit then :)22:16
blackburnI meant trees like random forest, C5.0 (different idea) or anything similar22:16
blackburnwhat do you mean?22:17
mudit3774I mean a through literature survey on the topic at least22:17
blackburnI think nobody have to prepare visit IRC :)22:17
mudit3774cool.. :) anyways thanks22:18
blackburnI'm currently trying to come up with some idea22:18
blackburnhow can you contribute22:18
mudit3774Well I have experience with Neural Networks, Bio inspired evolutionary algorithms and Random Forest..22:19
blackburnrandom forest is pretty big project I guess22:19
mudit3774In past GSoC and some projects under faculty members..22:19
blackburnwhat kind of NNs are you able to implement easy?22:20
mudit3774Well Back propogating..22:20
mudit3774and some easier versions22:20
mudit3774and yeah percetron based22:21
blackburnwe have averagedperceptron only here22:21
mudit3774oh, well back propogation is quite popular and widely used22:21
blackburnfeel free to implement any then22:22
mudit3774cool.. so I will try to work on that..22:22
@sonney2kgsomix, great work!22:23
gsomixsonney2k, tomorrow(today? :)) I will be correcting our hacks and sending to the github.22:27
shogun-buildbotbuild #381 of ruby_modular is complete: Failure [failed test_1]  Build details are at  blamelist: heiko.strathmann@gmail.com22:32
blackburnwhat again22:32
-!- wiking [~wiking@huwico/staff/wiking] has joined #shogun22:56
blackburnwiking: re your message - just send an email or so I am happy to discuss anything related ;)22:56
-!- blackburn [5bde8018@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]23:03
gsomixsonney2k, posted. :)23:11
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