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n4nd0sonney2k: the new qda with SGNDArray and other changes is ready, I've just pushed it :)10:58
n4nd0sonney2k: I updated the pull request with some info on the changes, let me know when you have time to take a look to it11:06
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Miggyhi blackburn12:26
Miggyi was wondering if u can mail me ur last year gsoc application so that i can have an idea about the application12:27
Miggymy mail id is:
blackburnI am afraid I lost it12:29
Miggycan u send me any application which was accepted?12:29
blackburnno I have no access to such applications :)12:29
Miggysad ok12:29
blackburnjust follow application template12:29
blackburnwhat can I say definitely is all last year participants were developing for shogun12:30
blackburnso try to come up with something12:31
blackburnI mean it is not about awesome application12:31
blackburnbut rather your background with shogun12:31
Miggyi wanted to know how u proceeded with dimensionlaity reduction steps12:31
blackburnoh I have contributed a few things12:32
blackburnnot related with dim reduction12:32
Miggybut ur last gsoc topic was dim reduction right?12:33
blackburnit doesnt' matter what to implement in this interim period12:33
Miggyso what algos have u implemented12:33
blackburnI improved KNN12:33
blackburnand implemented gaussian naive bayes12:34
blackburnand some evaluations stuff12:34
blackburnmany fixes12:34
Miggythis was before starting of the main project right?12:35
Miggybut i wanted to know abt ur main project12:35
Miggyhow did u manage time n all12:35
Miggywhat did u implement12:35
Miggyso that i can get an idea12:35
blackburn12 algos during May-December or so12:36
Miggygreat let me check12:36
blackburnsorry I have to go now12:36
blackburnwill be back later12:36
Miggyok thanks :)12:37
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blackburndon't forget to contact your possible mentor12:37
kpi am a gsoc applicant12:38
kpand i am interested in the project which aims to integrate C5.012:38
kpwhom do i have to interact with regarding that?12:39
n4nd0kp: have you checked who is the mentor of that project?12:41
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kpyes...its Soren Sonnenburg12:41
n4nd0kp: he's probably the person you should interact with12:41
n4nd0kp: you should either try to mail him or to talk to him here then, sonney2k12:42
kpoh thanks...12:42
kp<sonney2k>: Hi. I am karthik and i am very interested in the "integrating c5.0" algorithm.12:45
kpi am comforatble with c++.12:46
kpi have also undertaken a course on machine learning and data mining.12:46
kpit would very helpful if you could let me know about the specific requirements so that i can write my proposal auitably12:48
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n4nd0kp: in general, for any proposal, this year it's a requirement to have done a mall patch for the project12:50
n4nd0kp: I'd recommend you to fork the project in github and get the code locally and start playing with it a bit12:51
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kpalright...thanks a million, I'll try doing that right away...12:52
n4nd0kp: ask around here if have any problem ;)12:52
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harshit_hey n4nd014:13
n4nd0harshit_: hey man! how is it going?14:15
harshit_going good bro ..14:16
harshit_hey i have some issues related to github14:16
harshit_will you be able to ans them14:16
n4nd0I am not an expert, I have used it for some time now though14:17
n4nd0just fire question and let's see if we can fix the issues14:17
harshit_firstly i have deleted some directories in shogun/src/interfaces14:18
harshit_so how to get them again from upstream14:18
harshit_Do i need to fork again ?14:19
n4nd0harshit_: no, at first sight it shouldn't be necesssary14:19
n4nd0but why did you do that?14:19
n4nd0I mean, it is good to know if you changed something there14:20
harshit_i didnt do that intensionally14:20
harshit_Actually main problem was that i sent a pull request14:20
harshit_in which *.i~14:20
harshit_and *.cpp~14:20
harshit_files were also pushed along with *.cpp files14:21
blackburngit checkout dir14:21
n4nd0ok, I see14:21
n4nd0so I'd say that if you pull the repo the main repo it should be fixed14:21
harshit_blackburn, i need to use it by being in the shogun directory ?14:21
blackburnuse git status14:22
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blackburnto check for modifications14:22
harshit_have a look at my pull request :14:22
blackburnand git checkout to reset status14:22
blackburnI glanced over it but will take a closer look a little bit later14:22
harshit_okay but be please be here while i am doing git stuff14:23
harshit_blackburn when i do git status, a bunch of deleted files and untracked files are displayed14:25
harshit_and git checkout shows some files along with D14:26
n4nd0git checkout <name of the deleted files>14:27
blackburngit checkout path-to-dir14:27
blackburnor path-to-file14:27
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harshit_Hey blackburn and n4nd0 there is an error coming :14:31
harshit_ git checkout /home/harshit/github/shogun/src/interfaces/error: pathspec 'src/interfaces' did not match any file(s) known to git.14:31
harshit_sorry error is :   error: pathspec 'src/interfaces' did not match any file(s) known to git.14:31
blackburnyou may use relative paths btw14:31
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harshit_i did bt it didnt worked either14:32
n4nd0if you go the directory shogun/src for example14:33
n4nd0git checkout interfaces14:33
n4nd0what does that tell you?14:33
blackburnn4nd0: oh what a cute reversed ?14:34
harshit_same error14:34
n4nd0blackburn: haha spanish keyboard ... we do ?! and ??14:34
harshit_btw is there any initiation or something required for github that i am missing14:34
blackburnyeah I know14:34
pluskidBTW: how many GSoC student slots do you have this year?14:35
blackburnharshit_: that's pretty strange error14:35
blackburnpluskid: lets denote it by X14:35
harshit_i think i should fork it again.14:35
blackburnwe will know in april only14:35
pluskidblackburn: OK14:35
harshit_and do every other thing from starting14:36
blackburnIIRC it is announced in the interim period14:36
pluskidOK, I see14:36
n4nd0harshit_: what steps did you follow when you forked the repo?14:36
n4nd0harshit_: these are the normal ones
harshit_all the steps mentioned in the github website,14:37
harshit_first 3 ones14:37
n4nd0harshit_: mmm idk, I don't understand why 'src/interfaces' did not match any file(s) known to git.14:38
harshit_i think i can clone it to some other location in my machine and then do all changes tehre14:38
n4nd0harshit_: ok, try to do that then14:39
harshit_btw what is this checkout used for ?14:41
harshit_and do any one have any sort of cheatsheet or small manual for github commands14:42
n4nd0 is for me the best reference14:42
n4nd0you may check also some things with man14:43
n4nd0man git checkout for example14:43
harshit_looks nice14:43
n4nd0git help is also useful when memory fails :P14:43
harshit_: )14:44
harshit_Done :) every thing is working now15:10
harshit_thanks n4nd0 and blackburn15:10
n4nd0you are welcome15:12
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n4nd0hi gsomix15:29
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PhilTilletHey :)17:30
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blackburnwiking_: hey23:53
wiking_blackburn: yoyo23:54
blackburnhow are you?23:54
wiking_busy like hell23:54
wiking_but i'll commit something tonight23:54
wiking_i'll let you know23:54
wiking_when to check out23:54
blackburnyou may just create some ongoing pull request for that23:54
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