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shogun-buildbotbuild #36 of nightly_none is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at
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think_is there anyone here?03:42
think_I have some problems when using shogun in a research of multiclass with MKL.03:46
think_I try to train the dataset(some features of a image lib) with shogun03:48
think_I use the example code in shogun(static octave interface)  called 'multiclass.m'03:49
think_But the program often terminated abruptly when training/testing, it annoyed me a lot..03:50
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gsomixsonney2k, I'm alive. :)10:47
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wikingblackburn: here?14:27
blackburnwiking: yeah14:28
wikingblackburn: wazza with our project?14:38
wikingblackburn: any steps in the HOGer? ;P14:39
blackburnwiking: large scale recognition one?14:39
blackburnwiking: well as I said before I can't really understand how to use hog there14:39
wikingand then i've sent you the idea from that paper14:39
blackburnyou mean local coordinate coding thing?14:41
blackburnwiking: I see on problem here14:42
blackburnthat method makes data even bigger14:43
wikingthat shouldn't matter14:47
wikingwe have about 8tb free14:47
blackburnwiking: well that matters cause we would need moths to train :)14:49
wikingblackburn: llc is like bow14:50
wikingso we can first try to do a bow14:50
wikingand that should be smaller than llc14:50
blackburnbow based on hog?14:52
wikingyeah why not14:53
blackburnwiking: how to learn a codebook?14:59
blackburnI miss that point14:59
wikingthe same way as they do that in the paper14:59
wikingafaik a clustering14:59
wikinglike kmeans14:59
blackburnwiking: I am confused with it - what to cluster?15:01
wikingthe features15:04
blackburnokay I am leaving now but will get back to hog this evening15:05
wikingblackburn: ok15:05
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gsomixsonney2k,  hey ho20:22
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n4nd0blackburn, gsomix: I am sorry guys ...
blackburnn4nd0: hmm I was thinking why and then I realized they are LGBT21:05
blackburnactually fuck lgbt :D21:05
K0stIaHi all! I'm trying shogun for python and I can't find package tools to run examples.. can someone give me a hint where is it ?21:06
blackburnK0stIa: I'd rather suggest you to install from sources - it is quite easy21:06
blackburnwiking: ping21:08
n4nd0blackburn: lol21:08
K0stIaok. I will try. BTW: it installs in directories with prefix /usr/local and that's why shogun can't be loaded automatically... on has to include it to pythonpath or move to something like /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages21:09
blackburnK0stIa: you always can change the prefix21:10
K0stIayes, that's true.. but it would be nice if it were described in installation section21:12
blackburnK0stIa: I am unsure I get the problem - so default prefix doesn't work for you?21:12
K0stIadefault prefix works fine for me, bit it's /usr/local which is not good because of aforementioned reasons21:13
blackburnokay lets get back to that reason - what is wrong with /usr/local?21:14
blackburnK0stIa: what is your distribution?21:15
K0stIaif it's installed in /usr/local/... then "import shogun" will fail because python (at least python2.7) doesn't look for it in directories /usr/local/....21:15
K0stIaI'm using python 2.721:15
blackburnno, it is not python related, it is linux distrib related21:16
K0stIahmm... ok, I will check.21:16
blackburnit works fine in ubuntu/debian21:16
blackburnK0stIa: what is yours?21:16
K0stIaarch linux21:17
blackburnokay probably it can be an arch related issue21:18
blackburngoogling around21:18
K0stIacould be.. I will look at it more carefully.21:19
K0stIablackburn: thanks for help21:19
blackburnK0stIa: I didn't really manage to find whether /usr/local is in python's exec path under arch21:20
blackburnbut there are a few mentions of setting it manually21:20
K0stIaI'm sure that in default setting it's not :)21:20
blackburnthat's a little strange for me21:21
K0stIaand of course one can change it21:21
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blackburnK0stIa: so in arch everything installs to /usr/lib/python2.7/..?21:22
blackburnactually shogun is the only library I have in /usr/local/lib :D21:22
K0stIathe same for me :)21:23
K0stIait installs in /usr/local/lib/python2.7...21:23
blackburnK0stIa: actually it makes sense for me to install to local path21:25
K0stIawhy ?21:26
blackburn/usr/lib is controlled by your packaging system21:26
K0stIait would be nice if it were possible to install it through something like easy_install21:28
K0stIaI guess there is something for that.. like it automatically takes last git version and installs it...21:29
blackburnwell all you need to do is git clone or git pull, configure, make and make install21:30
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K0stIayes.. but in my case something more :)21:30
blackburnK0stIa: currently I see no other way21:33
K0stIaok :) it's fine for me.21:33
K0stIabtw: version from git failed now.... :(21:34
blackburnK0stIa: we can't use anything like easy install because shogun is not a python package21:34
blackburnit compiles on buildbot - what is wrong?21:34
K0stIaI tried ./configure --interfaces=python_static,python_modular, make and it failed on21:36
K0stIa/mnt/E/research/3dlibrary/shogun/src/shogun/features/DataGenerator.cpp:35: undefined reference to `shogun::SGMatrix<double>::get_allocated_matrix(int, int, shogun::SGMatrix<double>)'21:36
K0stIa./features/DataGenerator.cpp.o: In function `shogun::CDataGenerator::generate_sym_mix_gauss(int, double, double, shogun::SGMatrix<double>)':21:36
K0stIa/mnt/E/research/3dlibrary/shogun/src/shogun/features/DataGenerator.cpp:56: undefined reference to `shogun::SGMatrix<double>::get_allocated_matrix(int, int, shogun::SGMatrix<double>)'21:36
K0stIa/mnt/E/research/3dlibrary/shogun/src/shogun/features/DataGenerator.cpp:75: undefined reference to `shogun::SGMatrix<double>::matrix_multiply(shogun::SGMatrix<double>, shogun::SGMatrix<double>, bool, bool, double)'21:36
blackburngot it21:36
blackburnK0stIa: I'll fix it in a few minutes but actually I'd suggest you to install lapack21:37
K0stIaI'm using intel library for it... it's not enough ?21:37
blackburnin other way you will not have some algorithms available21:37
blackburnit is, but is it detected on configure?21:37
K0stIaI will check21:38
K0stIahow can I check it ?21:38
blackburnwhen you run configure it shows info about detected deps21:38
blackburnjust find MKL line there and check whether it is 'no' or 'yes'21:39
K0stIaoh.. it didn't find it :(21:39
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blackburnprobably you need to setup paths21:41
blackburnK0stIa: is $MKLPATH var set on your machine?21:43
K0stIano it's not...21:43
blackburnK0stIa: you need to find where mkl is installed and add it to configure paths21:45
blackburnactually it is not a typical case so it can't be done automatically21:45
CIA-18shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn master * r787c44a / src/shogun/lib/SGMatrix.cpp : Changed lapack guard in sgmatrix -
blackburnK0stIa: anyway it should work even w/o lapack now21:55
K0stIabtw: it still can't find my MKL... :(21:56
blackburnK0stIa: what did you do?21:57
K0stIaI created MKLPATH and MKLINCLUDE...21:58
K0stIaalso I tried to run from my MKL21:58
blackburnno, you should specify it in configure21:58
K0stIaoh,, I see...21:58
K0stIaI see... I thought to have it as environment variables would be enough...22:00
blackburnK0stIa: your nick looks like a russian name22:02
blackburnokay about mkl I think it needs to be checked in makefile22:03
K0stIais it bad ? Russians are not allowed ?22:03
K0stIaok, I'm not russian :P22:04
blackburnK0stIa: no, I am22:05
K0stIanice, then we can chat in Russian ? :P22:06
blackburn???????? :)22:06
K0stIa?????? )22:06
K0stIa?? ? ??????? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?)22:06
blackburnhowever only gsomix, you and I know russian so all others wouldn't be able to parse it22:07
K0stIaok, now problem :)22:07
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