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sonne|workblackburn: yes push him! we need some nice syntax for model selection :)14:24
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blackburnsonne|work: he is going to be awaken each night *twice*!14:29
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heikoblackburn, sonney2k, anybody around?15:25
blackburnheiko: hey15:30
blackburnheiko: what's up?15:30
heikoblackburn, hi15:31
heikoblackburn, see mail15:31
blackburnheiko: nothing yet15:31
blackburnheiko: shogun ml?15:31
blackburnheiko: oh well let me think about it after my job15:36
blackburnheiko: what's up with your thesis?15:36
heikook :)15:36
heikophone, back 10 mins15:37
heiko(handed in btw)15:37
heikoblackburn, ive put up a small descrption (and download) here15:45
blackburnheiko: looks serious!15:47
heikoyeah, I wish I had a little more time, but I am still happy with it15:48
blackburnheiko: what's next? phd there?15:50
heikoblackburn, re16:00
heikoblackburn, yeah, but next year16:00
heikoI got a research assistant position until february to bridge16:00
blackburnI see16:00
heikoand then Ill have to see16:00
heikowill probably start in sept 201316:01
heikoneed a break before :)16:01
blackburnheiko: my life is changing much slower :D I changed room and now we with gsomix are roomies16:02
blackburnmax shogun concentration16:03
heikodude, thats cool16:03
heikointense russion bootcamp :D16:03
heikoare you busy currently?16:05
heikosince I have some time to do work on the labels16:05
blackburnheiko: crazy busy :(16:07
heikoblackburn, no worries, Ill let the discussion happen on the ML and then might start this evening16:07
blackburnheiko: I was sick start of this week and will have some time next days I hope16:11
heikook, get well soon in case you havent yet :)16:19
blackburnheiko: thanks, I am rather ok already16:23
blackburnmy gf is not very well yet though16:24
blackburnheiko: so you will now have much time for shogun?16:24
blackburnargh switching languages make my sentences stupid16:25
blackburnI hope you've got what I meant16:25
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