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blackburn1n4nd0: hey, what's up?22:01
n4nd0blackburn1: hi, not much, everything going normal and fine, what about you?22:01
blackburn1ah, the same22:02
blackburn1n4nd0: trying to finally convert strings to referenced data22:05
n4nd0blackburn1: aham, how is it going with it?22:05
blackburn1n4nd0: now having a few double frees :)22:06
blackburn1as usual..22:06
n4nd0it always gets nasty22:07
blackburn1n4nd0: did you get into speech recognition thing?22:08
n4nd0I am learning a bit more about it22:09
blackburn1n4nd0: can we attempt to implement it?22:09
n4nd0yeah sure22:11
n4nd0it would be great if those guys that wrote the paper I sent you a couple of weeks ago answered me with more info22:12
n4nd0they answered and said that the would do it22:12
blackburn1would do if,22:13
n4nd0would like in the past because they said it hehe22:13
n4nd0anyway, maybe they will send a new mail and tell me more22:14
n4nd0we'll see22:14
n4nd0blackburn1: do you think a feature extractor for speech recognition could be introduced in shogun?22:15
n4nd0or is a bit off-topic?22:15
blackburn1oh well22:16
blackburn1n4nd0: best thing we could do is to place it online22:16
n4nd0blackburn1: how do you mean online?22:17
blackburn1n4nd0: on our website :) technically - somehow22:19
n4nd0aham ok22:19
n4nd0but not maybe inside shogun directly right?22:19
blackburn1well core (HMM) should be in22:20
blackburn1no idea about features - may be there are some libraries for it?22:22
n4nd0yes, there must be some for sure22:23
n4nd0the one I am using right now is in matlab22:23
n4nd0but there must probably others22:23
n4nd0I was just wondering in case of putting the SR application into shogun22:23
n4nd0whether the feature extractor should be included as well22:23
blackburn1yeah to applications for sure22:24
blackburn1I mean not to shogun/speech_recognition :)22:24
n4nd0good night!22:41
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