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CIA-31shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r7a4c62e / src/shogun/io/SGIO.h : use const struct dirent for Mac OSX Lion (10.7.X) too (Closes: #784, #785) -
blackburnsonne|work: sonney2k I learned what GmbH is for the first time in my life :D09:05
blackburngesellshaft mit beschraenken haftung!09:05
blackburnargh schaft09:06
blackburntwo mistakes in place lol09:06
blackburnI hardly can pronounce that09:06
sonne|workblackburn: for some reason I want to get back to hardware business... just ordered a raspberry pi09:11
sonne|workand will likely order lots of leds/transistors/resistors/chips and other basic equipment and an arduino board09:11
sonne|workthat should be fun to control the lights of the fish tanks with the raspberry pi :)09:12
sonne|workmaybe a bit overkill to have wireless lan and all that but hey what could be more fun?09:12
blackburnoh I want raspberry too actually09:13
blackburnno idea how can I apply it and what for though09:13
sonne|workwell it runs linux and has some >8 GPIO pins09:15
sonne|workso you can do anything09:15
sonne|workbut I guess arduino board is easier09:15
blackburnyeah but anything is still way too broad for me09:16
blackburnactually I am a litlle from computer vision so may be attaching a camera..09:17
sonne|workblackburn: it is better that you work on shogun while I am distracted w/ hardware business09:17
blackburnlast week or even more were so crazy09:17
sonne|workblackburn: but attaching a camera is what you can do on your normal notebook09:18
blackburnwell I can't put my notebook to DER ZIMMERDECKE09:18
blackburnI love german words lol09:18
sonne|workan die zimmerdecke :)09:20
blackburnah I am lame anyway09:20
blackburnone can not simply recall der/die/das thing in german :)09:20
sonne|workder, die, das - das macht spass :D09:20
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blackburn1sonney2k: converting strings is a kind of pain20:55
blackburn1to referenced data20:55
naywhayareCKMeans::clustknb(bool use_old_mus, float64_t* mus_start) seems to imply that by setting use_old_mus to true and passing a set of centroids with mus_start, I can get k-means to cluster using those centroids as starting points23:47
naywhayarebut this is not documented; can someone confirm whether or not this is true?23:47
naywhayareI'd prefer not to waste an hour or two digging down a rabbit hole I don't need to23:48
naywhayareso thanks in advance for any help23:48
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