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ptizoomHi, I have a few Q... is there a "task" force for swigging shogun and perl-module?09:52
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ptizoomalso is there a modularity with shogun (like in pybrain)?09:54
ptizoomI am looking also for IO interface with relationnal DB ?09:56
wikingptizoom: which db would u like to use?09:57
wikingptizoom: as far as i understand from you question there's a similar modularity with shogun like in pybrain (see modular_python interface of shogun)... but if you meant something else then please specify09:58
ptizoomDB: hi, I am using db through SQL ! nothing fancy!09:59
wikingptizoom: yeah but which particular db?09:59
ptizoomDB: I am using Class::DBI from perl, and relations has_many, ... to any of SQLite3, Postgres, MySQL.10:02
wikingah yeah10:03
wikingwell afaik it's possible to make a new IO class10:03
wikingonly thing is that we'd need to choose a good library that does all the wrapping for the most common DBs10:03
wikingbut then again u can do that by your own... i mean to write the whole datafetching in python put the output into a numpy array and use that in shogun10:04
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ptizoomdb:one shall think of accessing data with a gradiant of efficiency: mmap,io-sockets-ibus-handlers to many block devices,  cluserised-netted-devices10:17
ptizoomno worries!10:19
wikingit's up to you how you gather your data10:19
wikingthe only time i think you'll need the special IO class for DB10:20
ptizoomok, it is a good deal!10:20
wikingif u want to use streamingfeatures10:20
ptizoomah... IO classes for DB!10:20
ptizoomand why so?10:20
ptizoomIO classes for db are a nightmare.....10:21
wikingi'm just saying that for straeamingfeatures you'd need your own implementation of how to fetch data from the DB one-by-one10:23
sonne|workptizoom: no one attempted that for perl - but given swig is working stably it should not be too hard ... basically writing typemaps for perl arrays etc10:23
wikingbut it's not rocketscience at all to write an sql query for that ...10:23
ptizoomwell wiking, there is more than sql queries.... db can be quite sofisticated, one need to manage db access, tables, and raw, then those are relationel... etc...10:26
wikingptizoom: ? we're just talking about accessing features from db10:27
ptizoomthe perl-dbx/dbi classes are quite extricated and have been evolving since the begining of it!10:27
ptizoomdb are the most sophisticated ways of storing data (and indeed accessing features)... I think these are important to grow machine learning10:30
ptizoomI just wanted to check with you where you put the bundaries of IO?10:32
ptizoommy problem is, parsing one data format to a "shogun" format... really.10:34
ptizoomok, for perl, I would like to give a go to swig it...see you in a few month!10:42
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blackburnwiking: I see you talking ;) it's been a while12:08
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n4nd0hi sonney2k, how are you?19:37
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