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n4nd0hello hello21:03
blackburnn4nd0: hello hello21:03
n4nd0blackburn: do you have any idea about how can we solve my problem with the undefined reference to pthread_atfork21:05
blackburnstill..? oh let me check21:06
blackburnso it fails on compilation of shogun, right?21:06
n4nd0not really21:06
n4nd0on compilation of the examples21:07
n4nd0for instance, libshogun/so_hmsvm_mosek21:07
n4nd0blackburn: what is the general rule for the order of the libraries?21:11
blackburnorder of -l* stuff?21:11
blackburnI am unsure it matters21:12
n4nd0yeah order of -l stuff21:12
blackburnit shouldn't matter I believe21:12
n4nd0I have no idea how to solve this :(21:24
n4nd0anyway, first of all21:24
n4nd0blackburn: do you happen to know how can we find out if it is a problem compiling the example or if it comes from some error in the way I am building shogun with MOSEK support?21:25
n4nd0I get basically this error21:25
n4nd0/usr/local/etc/mosek/6/tools/platform/linux32x86/bin/ undefined reference to `pthread_atfork'21:25
blackburnsorry, re21:40
blackburnn4nd0: are you building example with -lmosek?21:42
n4nd0blackburn: yes21:42
n4nd0blackburn: but don't worry, I think I will read more about it later21:43
blackburnn4nd0: is actually openmp21:43
n4nd0I don't manage to quick fix so I will take it a look21:43
blackburnone idea could be to build shogun with openmp as well21:43
blackburndidn't you try that?21:43
n4nd0I don't think so21:44
n4nd0how can I do that21:44
blackburnn4nd0: try -lomp21:45
n4nd0blackburn: in my example?21:45
blackburnyeah, try that too21:45
blackburnyou may also try to build shogun21:45
n4nd0ah ok21:45
blackburnwith -lomp21:45
n4nd0/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lomp21:46
blackburnn4nd0: you may also try to link your example with -lpthread21:48
n4nd0blackburn: I was already linking with lpthread21:50
n4nd0I think that actually it should be with pthread21:50
n4nd0tried with both though21:50
n4nd0-fopenmp didn't make it either21:50
blackburnbad :(21:51
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