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blackburnhey n4nd017:45
blackburnhow are you?17:45
n4nd0I am fine, just came back home from a coding day :)17:51
n4nd0blackburn: what about you?17:51
blackburnn4nd0: what is coding day? some event?17:52
blackburnI am working on the second test task for job :D17:53
n4nd0yeah, that I've spent the day coding17:53
n4nd0a contest at the university17:53
blackburnI see17:53
blackburnthat's quite popular out there too17:53
n4nd0blackburn: so what are these tasks for the job?18:02
blackburnn4nd0: they cancelled first one due to user agreement restrictions of that service I analyzed18:04
blackburnfunny :D18:04
blackburnso they gave me C++ task18:04
n4nd0but this is for the new job you told me about?18:05
blackburnyes yes that one18:05
n4nd0oh cool, then it is awesome18:05
n4nd0and what is it that you are doing?18:05
blackburnwell it is simple but they asked me to do it like I'm doing serious business thing :)18:06
n4nd0hehe, so what is it?18:06
blackburnthere are aggregates (containing parts, each having signature - a set of integers)18:06
blackburngiven part I need to find nearest aggregates18:06
blackburni.e. aggregates having parts most similar to the specified one18:07
n4nd0I see18:07
blackburnit could be hardcoded for sure18:07
blackburnbut I am (R) (TM) experienced java enterprise (TM) developer :D lol18:08
blackburnok joking, still hardcode is bad and it is worth to implement it in a flexible way18:08
blackburnlike instances of 'parts' should be created by factory not manually all around the code18:09
blackburnand I prefer to have a singleton to provide data access routines18:09
n4nd0hehe ok18:11
blackburnand I use a lot of std finally :D18:11
blackburngood chance to learn it for the first time18:11
n4nd0I have used some factory classes and heard about the singleton but I am not sure I really understand what are the advantages of following these patterns18:12
blackburnand sonney2k I like it18:12
n4nd0I love everything from the c++ standard, std rocks!18:12
blackburnn4nd0: during the runtime of that program I have to have some pointer to the object that manages entities18:12
blackburnthere are a few ways18:13
blackburnlike dependency injection in java when some server puts a reference to that object automatically in all objects18:13
blackburnyou may also handle it manually but you know not the best way to handle everything manually18:13
blackburnor you can EntityManager::get_instance().do_something()18:14
blackburn(I assume one needs only one 'entity manager' during the runtime)18:15
blackburnthat's exactly singleton for18:15
n4nd0I'll probably get the idea if I have to use it some time :)18:22
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