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shogun-buildbotbuild #117 of nightly_none is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at
shogun-buildbotbuild #134 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
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jsan3386anyone have problems with matlab bindings??10:23
jsan3386cannot execute any example, matlab crashes at first line of sg('')10:24
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sonne|workheiko1: you might want to twitter about ptizoom's perl port efforts too :)17:01
heiko1sonne|work yeah I already had that in mind :)17:02
heiko1sonne|work my girlfriend just told me that I should also add #-tags and do not use smileys :)17:02
heiko1sonne|work, is the perl stuff already working?17:02
sonne|workit is good that you have a professional next to you :)17:02
sonne|workheiko1: some parts like vector/matrix typemaps IIRC but only in ptizoom's fork17:03
sonne|work(see the PR)17:03
heiko1sonne|work, ok, I thought with blackburn that we could actually tweet anything that goes to the NEWS file. So when the PR is ready, Ill do it :)17:04
sonne|workheiko1: it is even good to advertise work in progress - or call it : call for help17:06
heiko1sonne|work, well ok, Ill do that then, but will distribute it a bit over the days :)17:07
heiko1sonne|work, how are things in berlin btw?17:07
sonne|workheiko1: btw I will be going to gsoc mentor's summit from this friday on17:38
sonne|workso in case you have some questions to related projects / issues bugs or so that you know in software you depend on - now is the time17:39
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wikingblackburn: yo,20:19
wikingblackburn: does clang_complete work for you in SGVector.cpp? i had a problem with including Eigen/Dense, but once i've resolved that (adding the include path it into .clang_complete) it still does not want to autocomplete, but i don't even get an error message in :copen20:20
blackburnwiking: no actually I have to change include to eigen3/Eigen/Dense20:30
blackburnwhen I want autocomplete :)20:30
ptizoomheiko#:hi, I do not do twitter.(!)..use github ...check comments on pull request to see the state of perl port... I need a second view on the config file to complete the make install!20:54
ptizoomI stopped the perl porting  a bit, and try to do an auto translator for translating python example into perl !!!20:57
ptizoomshall be easy with a Gibbs/Markov machine, to create the perfect LAR parser?20:59
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blackburnsonney2k: any ideas whom to talk with?21:11
ptizoomoops, I thought I had a customer for perl porting, but miss-red "sonne|work"... going back to sleep.21:20
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