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abhshkdzanybody here?08:09
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wikingso basically it's working now... apart from having troubles in the examples.. but that's not the setup's fault :P13:13
wikingi guess sonney2k is away atm :)13:15
wikingblackburn i'll fix now still clang compilation problems and i'll send in a PR about this travis thing, see if u/soeren likes it13:17
wikingi wonder why does regression_gaussian_process_ard fail there13:18
wikingand not on my machine :)13:19
wikingand same goes with base_map_parameters13:19
wikingthat fails on my machine but not on travis13:19
wikingas well as converter_localitypreservingprojections13:19
blackburnit requires nlopt ?? ??13:19
wikingit needs an IFDEF then somewhere13:20
blackburnabout LPP13:20
blackburnno idea13:20
wikingblackburn: [ERROR] Failed to solve eigenproblem (6)13:24
wikingthis is what i get vrom LPP13:24
blackburnwiking: bad data is used..13:29
blackburnit should not appear on the daily basis actually :D13:30
wikingmy data repo is up-to-date13:30
wikingso i dont knwo how can it get bad data13:31
wikinghere's a fix for the regression shit13:31
blackburnwiking: no, normally it is bad data13:31
blackburnthat fm_train_real is a little bad for dim reduction13:31
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blackburna few linear dependent vectors in there13:32
n4nd0wiking: hey13:32
blackburnn4nd0: hey n4nd0 it's been a while :)13:32
wikingn4nd0: hey ! just a sec13:32
wikingbe right back13:32
blackburndid your exam take place?13:32
n4nd0blackburn: yes13:32
blackburnhow was it?13:32
n4nd0blackburn: I finished it barely half an hour ago13:32
n4nd0psee... just fine13:33
wikingbtw lol check out the PR's description bottom :D13:43
wikingit'll actually show now whether this really fixed it :DDD13:43
wikingn4nd0: so here?13:43
n4nd0wiking: yes13:43
wikinglolface wtf is this!/vigsterkr/shogun/builds/285200613:44
wikingaaah ok13:44
wikingi know13:44
wikingn4nd0: so the thing is that i'm trying to use your mosek solver13:45
wikingbut it's giving me bad results13:45
wikingthus i think the formulation is wrong13:45
wikingbut then yesterday you've sent me the formula13:45
wikingand that's what i want to solve13:45
wikingactually i have a code for you13:45
n4nd0so what does that but mean?13:46
n4nd0do you still think the formulation is wrong or not? :)13:46
wikingit's good13:46
wikingit's what i want13:46
wikingblackburn: can u plz merge it?13:46
wikingn4nd0: so here's the thing
wikingn4nd0: this way of using mosek13:47
wikingfor the same problem13:47
wikingi get much better results13:47
wikingyou were using mosek more13:47
wikingso you might be able to tell me13:47
wikingwhere i'm going wrong :)13:47
n4nd0mmm but if you get better results13:48
blackburnwiking: merged13:48
wikingblackburn: thnx13:48
n4nd0shouldn't that be that your way is better?13:48
wikingn4nd0: i dont have a fuking clue13:48
n4nd0mmm ok13:49
n4nd0so what have you seen different from my implementation and that file you've sent me?13:49
n4nd0and I am no expert in mosek :P13:49
wikingwell the Q013:49
wikinghow it looks like13:49
wikingit's tootaly different13:50
wikingwith your implementation13:50
wikingQ0 = I13:50
wikingfor me13:50
n4nd0mmm but Q0 = I is not something general13:50
n4nd0I might have used it for one of the models13:50
n4nd0but you should be able to use any other Q if you wish13:50
wikingbut i need to solve this13:50
wikingi know13:50
n4nd0for example the HM-SVM uses another one13:51
wikingbut the thing is13:51
wikingthat C = Q013:51
wikingmore or less13:51
n4nd0well yes ... more or less13:51
n4nd0part of it13:51
wikingso because13:51
wikingmy equation and constraint looks like this13:51
wikingpage 313:52
wikingAlgo. 113:52
wikingsorry page 413:52
wikingC = 1 in my case13:53
wikingi mean in Algo 1 C = 113:53
n4nd0yes, I understand13:53
wikingand thus i though C matrix to be I13:53
n4nd0what about 1/n?13:53
wikingi scale PSI() vectors with that13:55
wikingso dont worry13:55
wikingthat's solved13:56
n4nd0then it should be identity matrix for Q13:56
n4nd0well sorry13:57
n4nd0the part 1/2 w' * C * w of the formulation I use13:57
n4nd0should be n/C in algorithm 1 IIRC13:58
n4nd0since you say that C = 1 and you are accounting for n somewhere else then it should be ok with the identity13:58
wikingyeah that's what i thought13:58
n4nd0I am not sure if you can actually account for n in the PSI() but I trust you have done that right :)13:59
wikingbut then using that code with different Q13:59
wikingi get much better result13:59
wikingbut everything else is the same13:59
n4nd0what is the different Q?13:59
n4nd0maybe you are actually encoding another value for C there13:59
wikingit's a Gramm matrix14:00
n4nd0why don't you just show the matrices and vectors given to mosek in both cases?14:00
n4nd0if they are the same, then you must get the same result14:00
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n4nd0if they are different, well then it may be normal that you get other results14:00
wikinghow can i debug that part?14:01
wikingi mean within mosek14:01
n4nd0you shouldn't need to debug in mosek14:01
wikingis there a func for that?14:01
n4nd0use it as a black box14:01
n4nd0I already put some methods to print the matrices and vectors given to mosek14:01
n4nd0let me check the name14:01
n4nd0I think it was display_problem14:01
wikingbut that code i've given u14:02
wikingon pastebin14:02
wikingit's not part of shogun14:02
wikingbut none the less14:02
wikingi'll print it14:02
n4nd0well.. use the same I used in the method I am telling you14:02
wikingbut i just wonder14:02
wikingwhether that mosek_qp_opt14:02
wikingcode uses some differnt parts of mosek?14:02
wikingi mean different solver?14:02
n4nd0it could be14:03
n4nd0but that shouldn't give you a different answer14:03
n4nd0since the problem I solved is convex14:03
n4nd0so let's do this14:04
n4nd0display the problem14:04
n4nd0see CMosek::display_problem ^14:04
wikingok lemme check14:04
n4nd0do that in shogun and in your code14:04
n4nd0and compare14:04
n4nd0let me know ;)14:05
wikingworks finally14:06
n4nd0what's that?14:07
wikingn4nd0: it's like buildbot14:07
wikingn4nd0: but it's nicely integrated with github14:07
wikingn4nd0: so for example when somebody sends a PR14:07
wikingto the project14:07
wikingautomatically tries to compile the code with that patch14:07
wikingand will tell on the PR page14:07
wikingwhether that PR breaks the code or not14:08
n4nd0cool, it looks like something useful14:08
wikingwanna convince blackburn and sonney2k to use it14:08
wikingbut there's still some shit with clang14:08
wikingso i have to fix that before sending in the PR about this14:08
wikingbut i'll just go and get now some food/coffee14:09
wikingand try this mosek thingy14:09
wikingas it's more interesting now for me14:09
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shogun-buildbotbuild #562 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test libshogun]  Build details are at  blamelist: Sergey Lisitsyn <>14:34
shogun-buildbotbuild #454 of deb2 - static_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test libshogun]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>14:39
wikingn4nd0: still here?14:51
n4nd0wiking: yep14:51
wiking||w||^2 = dot product right?14:52
wikingi mean this is completely unrelated14:52
n4nd0what is unrelated?14:53
wikingthis question14:53
wikingfrom mosek14:53
wikingl2-norm = dot prddcoduct14:53
n4nd0and yes ||w||^2 w'*w that is the dot product14:53
n4nd0I meant that the l2-norm squared is also w'*w14:54
wikingok here it goes15:14
wikingprinting out the problem :)15:15
wikingfirst compiling15:18
n4nd0looking forward :)15:20
wikingn4nd0: should i display it after each iteration?15:32
n4nd0wiking: the idea is to compare why you don't get the same results15:33
n4nd0so do it every time the optimization problem is to be solved15:33
wikingthen i have to dump it into a log file :)15:34
n4nd0hehe yeah15:35
n4nd0I did that for testing even for small problem instances15:35
wiking-rw-r--r-- 1 wiking staff 101M Oct 19 15:38 primal.mosek.log15:39
wikingstill growing15:39
n4nd0wtf ...15:43
n4nd0can't you make a smaller instance of the problem?15:43
n4nd0if they are different it should actually be possible to see it in a toy example15:43
wikingit's pretty different15:46
n4nd0you mean the Q, A etc matrices?15:47
wikingwhile in your case as we defined15:47
wikingQ = I15:48
n4nd0then it's no wonder that the results were different ;)15:48
wikingQ = I*2191523.1615:48
wikingand the A vector is like15:48
wiking0,: = 115:48
n4nd0maybe they are multiplying Q by n or a factor of some sense15:49
n4nd0to solve min ||w||^2 + C/n sum_i \xi_i15:49
n4nd0is equivalent to solve15:50
wikinghere's en example15:50
wikingin your case15:50
wikingVariable Bounds, vectors lb and ub:15:50
wiking-1000000000000000019884624838656.00 1000000000000000019884624838656.0015:50
wikingVariable Bounds, vectors lb and ub: 0.00 1000000000000000019884624838656.0015:50
wikingso there's a similarity at least :DD15:50
n4nd0read that as -inf15:50
n4nd0the first one is not bounded15:50
n4nd0while the second one is forced to be positive15:50
n4nd0the second type is normally used for \xi_i15:51
n4nd0the first one for the elements in w15:51
wikingand the A is like this15:51
wikingatrix A:15:51
wiking(0,0)   1.0015:51
wiking(0,1)   1.0015:51
wikingwhie in your case15:52
wikingMatrix A:15:52
wiking(0,0)   2.0015:52
wiking(0,1)   0.1015:52
wiking(0,2)   -0.0715:52
wikingpretty random numbers :)15:52
wikingin this other solver Matrix A is not even a matrix15:54
wikingit's just a vector15:54
wikingwith about 56 elements that are exactly equal to 1.015:55
wikingor that varies15:56
wikingso the number of element in matrix a grows after each iteration15:56
n4nd0they are not random numbers15:56
wikingand they are equal to 1.015:56
wikingbut in your case15:56
n4nd0take a look to the formulation to understand their meaning15:56
wikingMatrix A is a full-blown n*n matrix where n = dim(n)15:57
wikingand they are not 1.015:57
wikingso i guess the formulation is just different :D15:57
n4nd0but if you want to solve the same problem15:58
n4nd0then the formulation cannot be different15:58
n4nd0I am coming back later15:59
wikingi should put this solver into shogun :)))16:00
wikinghow's this related to svm^light?16:10
wikingblackburn: here?16:11
n4nd0wiking: what solver?16:16
n4nd0the pastebin snippet?16:16
wikingn4nd0: no the whole thing around it16:17
n4nd0I think that actually you should do an StructuredModel16:18
wikingthis is a latent struct svm solver16:18
wikingbased on mosek16:18
wikingyeah i thought about the same that maaaybe with a very custom init_ops function16:18
wikingi could mimic it16:19
n4nd0we have that method already16:19
wikingyeah i know16:19
wikingthat's what i mean16:19
wikingbecause now it's very simple16:19
wikingQ = I16:19
wikingand that's i16:19
wikingbut the problem is16:19
wikingthat for example in this solver16:19
n4nd0so why don't you just re-implement the model and do what you need?16:19
wikingbecause as i was about to say16:19
wikingin this solver16:19
wikingafter each iteration16:19
wikingQ changes16:19
wikinghence init_opt is not really a thign for me16:20
wikingas that only init-ed in the beginning16:20
n4nd0aham so Q changes16:20
wikingbefore the optimization cycle16:20
wikingcycles for that matter...16:20
n4nd0I don't think I took that into account16:20
wikingand A as well16:21
n4nd0that is taken into account16:21
n4nd0to put more constraints16:21
wikingwithin iterations?16:21
wikingah ok yeah16:21
wikingyeah yeah i see that now16:22
wikingin primalmoseksosvm16:22
wikingand now i was just wondering how is svm^light included in shogun (really cannot figure it out with the original package)16:22
wikingas there's a version based on svm^light as well16:23
wikingas well as16:23
wikingand the other question here is of course16:23
wikingcan this be used for simple structural learning16:23
wikingbut afaik yeas16:23
wikingbecause the inner loop of a latent sosvm = a simple sosvm16:23
wikingso for that matter it would be good to port the svm^light based sosvm into shogun as well16:24
n4nd0sounds reasonable16:24
wikingand there basically it's just a simple switch between svm^light and mosek solver16:24
wikingbasically it's a oneliner :)16:25
wikinganyhow i have no fucking clue how is svm^light integrated into shogun16:25
wikingas checking SVMLight.h/cpp16:25
wikingit seems pretty different from the original one :)16:25
wikingblackburn: where are u? :D16:25
wikingi mean the funny thing here all in all16:26
wikingthat when i use your solver16:26
wikingi get very good PO16:26
wikingmeaning it's better than the one i find with P3BMRM16:26
wikingbut the performance on the test set is significantly worse16:26
wikingthan P3BMRM16:27
blackburnwiking: here16:42
blackburnwhat's up?16:42
wikinginformation i need17:19
wikingdo you know anything about it?17:20
wikingi mean how is it ported into shogun?17:20
blackburnwtf is with your message :D17:20
wikinghehehe i dont know :)))17:20
wikingi think mosh fscked it up17:20
blackburnwell it is not a base svmlight17:21
blackburnsee header17:21
blackburn  15 /*   THIS INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONS                             */17:21
blackburn  16 /*   Generic Kernel Interfacing: Soeren Sonnenburg                     */17:21
blackburn  17 /*   Parallizations: Soeren Sonnenburg                                 */17:21
blackburn  18 /*   Multiple Kernel Learning: Gunnar Raetsch, Soeren Sonnenburg,      */17:21
blackburn  19 /*                          Alexander Zien, Marius Kloft, Chen Guohua  */17:21
blackburn  20 /*   Linadd Speedup: Gunnar Raetsch, Soeren Sonnenburg17:21
blackburnso pretty rearranged17:21
wikingheheh yeah i saw that :)17:21
blackburnuh it is 1999 when sonney2k was young :D17:22
blackburnand I was 817:22
wikinghahahah 8 :)17:23
blackburnwiking: I can be sure I didn't patch it because when I was 8 I preferred to ride a bike or to read some books about rome or to play some games17:23
wikingdman it :)17:24
blackburnhmm one can not simply close skype in ubuntu17:24
wikingi hoped you wee already hacking some svms :P17:24
wikingat tat age i mean :)17:26
wikingman i have one char per minute on this stupid mobile net on the train17:27
blackburnwhere are you moving to?17:27
blackburnfinally decided to visit bryansk?17:27
wikinggoing home17:27
blackburnah I can't get used you use trains to get home :D17:28
blackburnyou and sonney2k at least17:28
wikingi was visiting a uni today for some collaborations17:28
blackburnI usually use trams and buses :D17:28
wikingyeah stupid westerneuropean thing.... they haven't heard of internetz "DDD17:29
wikingyah i'm taking a train for 50kms :)17:29
blackburndo you live 50 km far away from that uni?17:29
blackburnuse bike!17:30
wikingsoon my cell coverage is going to die :))17:30
blackburnso you joked and you are going to bryansk17:30
blackburnI can hardly believe there is no coverage17:31
wikingusually around half way to home there's a blind spot for about 20kms :D17:31
wiking2the ;ast two sentence took about 2.5 mins to be sent :)))17:32
blackburnhuh and last one was corrupted17:32
wikinghehehe yeah :)))17:32
wikingcrc :P17:32
wikingcrc error17:32
blackburnwe've got 3g internet all the 100km way from toliatti to samara17:33
blackburnyou third world country17:33
wikinghehehehe seems so :D17:33
wikingand it's even expensive17:33
wikingthey ask freaking 10 euros for 500megs17:34
wikingcan u believe that ? :D17:34
blackburneven here it is cheapier :D17:34
wikingyeah i think  everywher lese is cheaper17:34
blackburnare you sure it is belgium not nigeria or somalia?17:34
wikingdude i'm really not so shure17:35
blackburnI should be banned from visiting belgium after all these jokes :D17:35
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blackburnand the last one before ban :D "EU doesn't deserve the Nobel prize! You participate in wars!"17:36
wikingyeyeah i'm looking forward to the day whe i can lift of from here :)17:37
blackburnto belarus?17:38
blackburnmay be kyrgyzstan? it is like borat's country from the borat movie but worse :D17:39
wikingblackburn: pong18:49
blackburnwiking: LOL19:41
blackburnthat tumblr really rocks19:46
wikingwhy u noooooooo compillles20:34
wikingbase/class_list.cpp:614:85: error: expected a type20:34
wikingstatic CSGObject* __new_CCSOSVM(EPrimitiveType g) { return g == PT_NOT_GENERIC? new CCSOSVM(): NULL; }20:34
wikingsince this is going to be the copy-cat of the so-svm of joachim's implementation20:36
blackburnit fails on that line?20:36
blackburnthat's kinds strange20:37
blackburndidn't you forget about namespace or anything?20:37
wikingyeah maybe20:37
wikingi don't20:38
blackburnshow me the code then :D20:38
wikingthis is the definition20:39
wikingvery very basic :))))20:40
wikingas i've just started to implemt it20:40
wikingi used have this problem before20:41
wikingbut i cannot recall how i solved this20:41
blackburncan't see nothing wrong out there20:41
wikingohcomeonwtf :D20:41
wikingi dont know why isnt' it working: D20:42
wikingi already did a make clean && make20:42
blackburnnot yet?20:51
wikingit's the same20:58
wikinglet's try another make clean && make20:58
blackburnin hope it could be a combo breaker, yeah20:59
wikingso travis go/no-go?21:00
wikingbtw heiko has some funky commits21:00
wiking'n instantiation of member function 'shogun::SGMatrix<unsigned long long>::operator==' requested here'21:00
wikingcontrol may reach end of non-void function21:01
blackburnwiking: I am ok with travis21:01
wikingi meant that21:01
wikingshould i PR the .travis.yaml?21:01
blackburnfeel free :)21:01
wikingdo you have admin right for the shogun repo?21:01
blackburnI am not sure21:02
wikingsince the thing is21:02
wikingthat imho21:02
blackburnprobably not21:02
wikingthat main repo should be linked with travis21:02
blackburnI mean I could push but not sure I can set up things21:03
wikingcan u try this21:03
wikingdo you have there an Admin tab?21:03
wikingand i have still the same rror21:04
wikingbase/class_list.cpp:614:85: error: expected a type21:04
wikingstatic CSGObject* __new_CCSOSVM(EPrimitiveType g) { return g == PT_NOT_GENERIC? new CCSOSVM(): NULL; }21:04
blackburnI do not21:05
blackburnwiking: is your .h included in classlist?21:05
wikingok then you don't have admin access21:05
wikingso then only sonney2k can fix this21:05
blackburnyeah then we would have to wait21:05
wikingit's not21:06
wikingwhere how? :)21:06
wikinghah lol21:08
wikingi renamed it to CCCSOSVM21:09
wikingand now it works21:09
wikingnevermind i give a fuck21:09
wikingit compiles21:09
blackburnwe assume C*21:14
wikingstill it was CCSOSVM21:17
wikingso there was enough C in the beginning :D21:17
blackburnbut header was CCSOSVM too?21:17
wikingyou mean the header file?21:19
wikingyeah it was called CCSOSVM.h21:19
wikingso i guess then it was looking for CSOSVM.h21:19
wikingor something like that21:19
wikingok let's shogunize 2 functions :)21:20
wikingwhat's long21:21
blackburnI have no idea actually21:21
blackburnlong int long21:21
blackburnlong long int21:21
wikingwhat is long :)21:21
blackburnlong is kind of21:21
blackburnit is like a hint21:21
blackburnI don't like 64/32 thing actually21:22
blackburnI am ok to have only 'double'21:22
blackburnor 'float'21:22
wikingwhere the fuck are the types defined ? :)21:22
wikingconverter/Isomap.cpp:   inline double distance(const ISOMAP_COVERTREE_POINT& p) const21:24
wikingstill some doubles left in the repo21:24
blackburn#define double float64_t okay21:25
blackburnwiking: #define true randn()>0.0  true21:25
blackburnwiking: #define true randn()>0.0 ? true : false21:25
wikingultimate haxx0ring21:26
blackburnhappy debugging it is called21:26
wikingfunky type DOC **dXc; /* constraint matrix */21:27
wikingwtf is DOC21:27
blackburnDOC is DOC21:28
wikingi guess :>21:28
blackburnwhy that inplace new fucks up!21:28
blackburnY U CANT SIMPLY allocate21:29
wikinglets FORK shogun :)))21:29
wikingand add STL and openmp21:29
wikingand all the funkiest shit eeeveeer!21:29
wikingand boost21:30
wikingi was just about to write it21:30
blackburna lot of boost21:30
wikingboost the motherfucker up!21:30
blackburnwell actually there could be funny things21:30
blackburnwith boost parsers we could parse kernels21:30
wikingbtw: what was the 'standard' parallel execution in shogun21:30
blackburnso one writes say ParsedKernel('exp(||x-y||^2)')21:31
wikingusing simply posix pthread calls?21:31
wiking6 days old news21:32
blackburnwiking: shogun gave us a lot of lessons learnt21:32
blackburnat least design-wise21:32
blackburnI'd say implementing such library with all these lessons *learnt* could take much less time21:33
wikingwhat's in a library21:33
wikingjust take it21:33
wikingand dont include it21:33
wikingsuppose that we have libsvm21:34
blackburnI thought about linking to it21:34
wiking#include <liblinear....MOTHERFUCKA"21:34
wikingif u don't have it21:34
blackburnbut no, it doesn't work21:34
wikingfuck UUU21:34
wikingif u dont have boost21:34
wikingfuck uuu21:34
wikingif you dont have STL21:34
wikingthen well21:34
blackburnhahah no stl?21:34
wikingu dont have anythign to start with21:34
blackburnis that gcc 1.0?21:34
wikinggo for lua lesson21:34
wikingand FUCK U21:35
wikingof course21:35
wikingno openmp21:35
blackburnwiking: actually about solvers I am really saddened we can't just include it21:35
wikingFUCK UUU21:35
wikingin fact21:35
wikingone would have to work really really hard21:35
blackburnbecause developers of such libraries are idiot savants21:35
wikingnot to get fucked21:35
wikingthat would be an awesome lightweight library :)21:35
wikingyeah i know21:36
wikingi mean fuck man21:36
wikingwhen u can segfault svmlight21:36
wikingwith simply not giving enough arguments21:36
wikingthen i say21:36
wikingFUCK U21:36
blackburnliblinear is unusable without our patches21:36
blackburnwe sshould have FUCK_YOU  macro21:36
blackburn#define REQUIRE(x) if (!x) FUCK_YOU;21:36
blackburnmost intolerant library ever21:37
wikingit's good enough though21:37
wikingto rely already on some basic stuff21:37
wikinglike lapack21:37
wikingand eigen21:37
wikingbut yeah21:37
blackburnno lapack21:37
wikingfor that matter21:37
blackburnno more lapack21:37
wikingjust eigen21:37
wikingand no SGVector21:37
wikingthere's eigen21:37
wikingit's goodenough21:37
wikinghas everything21:37
blackburnno more lapack in 21st century21:38
wikingno eigne21:38
wikingFUCK UUUUU21:38
blackburneigen can be installed even on ARM21:38
wikingit has some nice neon optimized code21:38
wikingso it's really cool21:38
wikingthat would be an interesting thing21:38
wikingto try to replace SGMatrix with eigen's matrix21:39
wikingwonder how much time would it need :)21:39
blackburnsounds pretty tricky21:39
wikingbut i guess the most pain would be21:39
wikingthe interfaces part21:39
wikingbut as a first step21:39
wikinglet's have c++11 STL and boost21:40
wikingfork shogun -> fucku21:40
wikingfucku branch21:40
wikingwhere's gsomix?21:40
blackburnsomewhere in my room21:41
wikingmaaaan it's amazing how everybody disappeared after the money has gone (~ gsoc)21:41
blackburnhah did you ever think it won't happen?21:41
wikingno not really21:41
wikingi remember when i've joined the channel last february21:41
blackburnit was me and soeren21:42
wikingthat there was like the 2 of you and the bots21:42
blackburnand some accidental guests21:42
wikingand then suddenly21:42
wikingaround march/april is it?21:42
wikingwhen the gsoc people started like flooding21:42
wikingwe had like contantly 11 people around21:42
wikingi bet it's going to be the same in 201321:42
wikingbut no more gsoc for me21:43
wikingalthough i'd like to mentor21:43
blackburnI will be eligible twice more but not sure it is a good idea21:43
wikingwhy not21:43
wikingi mean if u can do it?21:43
wikingmeaning you have time21:44
wikingthen do it21:44
blackburnit probably makes more sense to find a similar money job now (what I am trying to do)21:44
blackburnand mentor21:44
wikingone of next year gsoc project should be21:45
wikingi mean shogun+boost+stl21:45
wikingthat'd be totally worth it21:45
blackburnbig project21:45
wikingback to copy-cat solver21:45
wikinglet's see how i can hackdizshit together before i fall asleep21:45
blackburnjust for experiment I want to develop templated CS liblinear solver21:46
blackburnwith eigen21:46
wikingthe reason i've asked about openmp21:46
wikingbecause p3bmrm is totally paralizable21:46
wikingor how the fuck u spell that shiat21:46
blackburnparallelizable yeah idiot word21:47
wikingparallelizible :)21:47
blackburneven more idiot in russian21:47
wikingyou can fuckin even21:47
wikingdistribute that21:47
wikingso basically that svm21:47
wikingis totallly map-reduceable21:47
wikingthis is a call for a mahout patch21:47
blackburnthey seem to be not mature enough to use such complex methods :D21:48
wikingahhaha lolface21:48
blackburnmay be you rather choose k-means21:48
wikingyeah i mean i love opensource projects21:48
blackburnor nearest centroid :D21:48
wikingwhere u send in a bug report + patch for fixing it21:48
wikingand then it takes about 4-5 months21:48
wikingto apply it21:48
blackburnyeah it is cool21:48
wikingnot your patch21:48
wikingbut the header rewritten patch21:48
wikingi.e. that they dont' even fucking give credit nowhere in the commit log21:49
wikingthat's like totally fucking great :)21:49
wikingok recoding21:50
wikingi feel like a fucking parser/translator21:51
wikingthis thing could be totally done by a fucking LL(k) parser21:51
wikingblackburn: sgvector::resize does the whole reallocation thingy?21:56
blackburnno idea21:56
blackburnrealloc probably21:56
wikingis there a good vim plugin21:58
wikingthat can jump to the implementation and definition of a function?21:58
blackburnyes it is already in22:02
blackburnit works using ctags22:03
blackburn for example22:03
blackburnor that22:03
-!- hoijui [] has joined #shogun22:55
blackburna sketch :D22:56
-!- hoijui [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]23:02
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