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@sonney2kwiking, alive?10:14
@sonney2kwiking, in case you will become alive - we need to chat about you ubuntu build slave :)10:15
wikingsonney2k: pong10:39
wikingsonney2k: if u r still here10:40
wikingsonney2k: and i have some question about the svmlight port as well for you10:40
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wikingmmm sonney2k is away11:04
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@sonney2kwiking, blackburn look - I polished the website a bit
wikingsonney2k: heeey!13:58
wikingso you are here now?13:58
@sonney2kI need to sleep now... 5 am here and the gsoc bus is leaving in 3.5 hrs13:59
wikinghahah ok13:59
blackburnsonney2k: nice14:45
@sonney2kblackburn, hey17:36
@sonney2kdo you have a minute?17:36
@sonney2kcould you edit
@sonney2kand make the irclogs point to the new page (I used beautiful soup again to convert it into our style)17:37
@sonney2kthe new page is
blackburnsonney2k: okay18:07
blackburnlet me recall how to log in :D18:08
blackburnsonney2k: it took time to find that crazy german password you gave me :D18:11
blackburnsonney2k: done18:14
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blackburnsonne_: heh21:22
blackburnwhat's that about?21:22
sonne_blackburn, I am on my netbook21:23
sonne_old hardware old configs :)21:23
sonne_blackburn, did you see my attempts of polishing the website21:23
sonne_(instead of sleeping)?21:23
blackburnsonne_: yeah, I did fixed that link you asked21:23
sonne_blackburn, cool21:23
sonne_I don't trust to do it over wlan here21:24
blackburnirclog page looks nice21:24
blackburna lot of hax0rs21:24
sonne_blackburn, I will improve it a bit hopefully21:24
blackburnare you at summit?21:24
sonne_blackburn, btw it would make sense to move others info also to the contact front page21:24
sonne_blackburn, can you do that?21:25
sonne_I guess that is the reason we have so few people writing to the mailing list21:25
blackburnlike heiko and?21:25
sonne_we should have that in the very front21:25
sonne_ahh yes good idea21:25
sonne_you both certainly too!21:25
blackburnwhere to put us?21:25
blackburnto 'contact'?21:26
sonne_blackburn, at the very bottom21:26
sonne_mailinglist should be encouraged first21:26
sonne_then irc21:26
sonne_blackburn, another thing21:28
blackburnI do not understand how to change order :/21:28
sonne_I talked with carol smith and I learned that there will be a google documentation sprint in california end of the year21:28
sonne_where people can apply and write documentation in just a few days21:29
sonne_google covers housing etc21:29
sonne_question is blackburn would you be interested?21:29
sonne_and fernando, heiko (who else?) too?21:29
blackburnsonne_: so google covers all travel expenses and etc?21:29
sonne_we would need at least 4 people I think21:29
blackburnsonne_: it sounds pretty interesting21:30
sonne_well they cover housing etc - travel one can apply but we will somehow manage (worst case we have to pay it with our gsoc money - though I would prefer to have a shogun mini conference next year with all of you)21:30
sonne_blackburn any ideas who else would be interested?21:31
blackburnsonne_: well only heiko, me, fernando and wiking are around21:31
sonne_I mean we can all help giving input (phd thesises etc)21:31
sonne_maybe wiking would be too?21:31
sonne_blackburn, maybe we could ask all the other students?21:32
sonne_blackburn, could you do that?21:32
sonne_wiking, still sleeping?21:32
blackburnsonne_: I don't mind - but I have to learn a bit more what is it21:32
blackburnso google covers housing and we are all going to the same place21:32
blackburnand write doc?21:33
sonne_blackburn, yes - you sit at googleplex in some room with heiko and the others and write doc for a few days and google pays hotel etc21:33
blackburnsonne_: are you in?21:33
wikingno i'm not sleeping21:34
sonne_blackburn, hard to tell... my gf might kill me21:34
wikingsonney2k: here ?:)))21:34
sonne_handling kids + work is tough21:34
sonne_wiking, would you be interested too?21:35
wikingsorry i wasn't following21:35
wikingjust got back21:35
sonne_please read the few lines above21:35
sonne_ doc sprint21:35
sonne_at googleplex21:35
blackburnI have to solve 'an army problem' faster :D21:35
blackburnsonne_: so it is december?21:35
wikingin ca?21:36
sonne_blackburn, I am trying to find out...21:36
sonne_found the mail21:36
sonne_I will forward it to you21:36
wikingi mean getting to googleplex (CA) in december is not the cheapest :)21:36
wikingbut yeah none the less sounds good21:37
wikingdepends a lot on the dates though21:37
sonne_december 3-721:37
wikingmountain view?21:37
blackburnI wish I knew about that earlier21:38
wikingmm ok the the plane ticket is not sooo horrible as i thought21:39
wiking580 for the return21:39
wikingsonne_: have shell access atm?21:39
sonne_this netbook doesn't even have blackburns email address21:40
blackburn912 euro for me :D21:40
sonne_for heiko about 700 I guess21:41
blackburnsonne_: I can't promise anything 'document'-wise21:42
sonne_but 4 days hotel is certainly more expensive - but google covered21:42
sonne_blackburn, what do you mean?21:42
blackburnsonne_: I am not in EU you know21:42
blackburnand it would need quite more actions to get me to USA21:42
sonne_blackburn, can you fix that problem before?21:42
blackburnI have to think about that21:43
blackburnsonne_: all the planes are going through london anyway :D21:45
blackburnsonne_: in best case it costs 1K$ for me21:46
blackburnand takes 35 hours :D21:47
blackburnthrough JFK21:47
blackburnsonne_: will I be able to receive invitation to get visa?21:47
sonne_that should not be the problem21:48
blackburnone can not simply get visa :D21:48
blackburnbeing russian21:48
wikingsonne_: can u fire up the buildbot? :)21:48
sonne_blackburn, ok you are in principle interested right? wiking you too?21:48
sonne_then lets see what the others say21:48
blackburnyes I am interested but I have to think and estimate whether I can do that21:48
wikingsonne_: pretty much depends what happens with my papers in the next 2-3 weeks21:49
blackburnPlease note proposals are due by October 26, so get yours in ASAP!21:49
wikingsonne_: and when u have time check this one out:!/vigsterkr/shogun/builds/285218221:50
sonne_wiking, but you are in principle interested right?21:50
wikingsonne_: in principle yes21:50
sonne_wiking, please wait I have to first finish the talk with blackbeard :D21:50
sonne_blackburn, regarding the website21:50
sonne_I meant to just copy the page over and remove the other contact subpage21:51
blackburndjango admin is so classy21:52
blackburnsonne_: how can I get visa in less than month?21:56
sonne_blackburn, figure it out - no idea21:56
blackburnin general it takes month so I am bothered with that21:56
wikingblackburn: u can get a 5 days visas21:56
blackburnwiking: is that faster?21:56
wikingit'll cost u some for sure21:57
blackburnwhat is the advantage then? :D21:57
wikingthey might not refuse it21:57
wikingsince u know that u have to pay21:57
wikingand they can still refuse to give it to u21:58
wikingand then u've lost your money21:58
wikingand no visa21:58
blackburnpretty nice21:58
wikingyeah welcome to the us of fucking a21:58
blackburndoes some invitation or anything makes sense to they?21:59
sonne_wiking, alright - so what I wanted to ask is what is the setup of the buildslave?21:59
sonne_I mean what commands shall it run21:59
wikingblackburn: it does the more the better21:59
wikingbut still can refuse it21:59
sonne_you only gave me the passes21:59
sonne_but no more21:59
wikingsonne_: ok21:59
wikingfor configure22:00
sonne_wiking, and I also wanted to ask you about unit tests22:00
wikingthe usua configure line u use when u only build cmd_static22:00
wikingand prepend that command with this22:00
sonne_wiking, I want to make them *mandatory* e.g. enable them when building and for new code22:00
sonne_wiking, please email this22:00
sonne_I will need it on the other machine22:00
sonne_wiking, that is the reason I couldn't set it up last night22:01
wikingscan-build ./configure ...22:01
wikingjust a sec then22:01
wikingsonne_: check travis22:01
wikingyou'll love that for that22:01
sonne_wiking, buildbot etc is not the issue - we need the integration test to run when one enters make22:02
sonne_directly at compile time22:02
sonne_otherwise people don't see that things fail22:02
sonne_also we have to somehow figure out how to run a full valgind on make check-examples etc22:03
sonne_blackburn, this reminds me - whats wrong with the build currently?22:03
blackburnsonne_: WIP of heiko22:03
sonne_blackburn, did you email heiko?22:04
blackburnhe started to fix streaming features22:04
wikingsonne_: sent22:04
blackburnwell he knows22:04
blackburnhe works on that22:04
sonne_it is really important that we get it to green asap22:04
sonne_otherwise we don't know about the new bugs wiking wants to introduce :D22:04
sonne_wiking, thx22:04
wikingsonne_: i mean the travis shit is great because it's heavy intergration with github22:04
wikingso check this out for example22:05
wikingsonne_: check the bottom of the PR description22:05
wikingsonne_: " Good to merge -- The Travis build passed (Details)"22:06
wikingsonne_: so once somebody sends a PR to you22:06
wikingtravis hooks automatically fire up22:06
wikingand try to build the project with that PR22:06
wikingand will give you somethign like this:!/matplotlib/matplotlib/builds/267651522:06
sonne_wiking, cool!22:07
wikingas you can see it built fine22:07
wikingso it'll indicate it on the PR page22:07
sonne_wiking, where is travis running?22:07
sonne_did you set it up?22:07
wikingsonne_: cloud22:07
wikingsonne_: i have the necessary code for integrating it with shogun22:07
wikingi can send in the PR for that22:07
wikingthe only thing is that only you can set up the hooking22:07
wikingbetween the travis and github (with the account of shogun-toolbox)22:08
wikingor with the account which has admin rights over22:08
sonne_that is not the issue22:08
sonne_I could do this right away22:08
wikingshoudl i send the pr then now?22:08
sonne_(thanks to google chrome)22:08
wikingit's sitting in my master repo22:08
wikingok i'l explain what u need to do22:09
wikingin the PR22:09
wikingsonne_: read before merging22:13
blackburnwhy there are SO MANY DIFFERENT VISAS22:14
blackburncrazy state..22:14
wikingsonne_: ah yeah that turn on/off thing is on the travis profile page...22:14
wikingah yeah thi sis the pr :
wikingheheheh travis says it's good to merge ;)))))22:16
sonne_wiking, is it sufficient to have shogun src code synced with travis?22:16
sonne_or do we need shogun-data etc too?22:16
wikingsonne_: it'll do that automatically22:16
wikingjust add shogun22:17
wikingno need for shogun-data22:17
wikingit'll recognize that there's a .gitmodules in the repo so it'll clone those as well22:17
wikingso i mean just turn on the thing for 'shogun' repo22:17
sonne_wiking, that is so F****g uebercool22:18
sonne_why didn't you tell us earlier?22:18
wikingi still have to fix clang bulding22:18
sonne_wiking, could that thing run also valgrind stuff?22:18
sonne_I mean we need quite some resources...22:18
wikingit could22:18
wikingthe only thing is22:19
wikingthat there's a hard deadline22:19
wikingfor each build instance22:19
wiking25 minutes22:19
wikingalthough i saw projects like rails/rails for 51 minutes22:19
wikingso i'll still try to push around22:19
sonne_wiking, ok22:20
wikinglet's see the builds22:20
sonne_it would likely run all the libshogun integration tests and unit tests even under valgrind22:20
sonne_yeah that first22:20
sonne_I will get some lunch here now22:21
wikingyou might need to do something22:21
wikingfirst :)))22:21
wikingdo this22:21
sonne_kissing your ass is out of question22:21
sonne_though I *loooove* this change22:21
wikingin there Admin22:21
wikingon the right22:22
wikingService Hooks22:22
wikingi mean on the left22:22
wikingdo you have it?22:22
wikingand the bottom of that page22:22
sonne_yeah in there22:22
wikingyou should see Travis22:22
sonne_where is the cia bot btw22:22
wikingis it green?22:22
wikingif yes22:23
wikingthen click on it22:23
sonne_the bot yes22:23
wikingis it ticked out22:23
sonne_travis not22:23
wikingthe 'Active'22:23
wikingtravis should be22:23
wikingis it red?22:23
sonne_no user no token - nothing22:23
wikingoh shit22:24
wikingare u checking it with the right account?22:24
wikingi mean github account22:24
wikingbut i guess u do22:24
wikingthen go back to
wikingand check if shogun-toolbox/shogun22:25
wikingis turned on22:25
sonne_wiking, ok turned it on again22:26
sonne_now it is green22:26
wikingok great22:26
wikingso go back to the admin hook page22:26
wikingon github22:26
wikingand click on the green travis22:27
wikingand there force build :)22:27
wikingso basically i think something like22:27
wikingyou have a buttom there22:27
wikingyou see it?22:27
wikingtest hook22:28
wikingthat should be the name of the button22:28
sonne_argh http://cia.vc22:28
sonne_maintainer ill22:29
sonne_wiking, I pressed test hook22:29
sonne_now what?22:29
wikingnow we should see the magic22:29
sonne_wiking, where?22:29
wikingit seems the hook is not attached to the shogun-toolbox account22:30
wikingbut there it goes22:30
wikingit's started22:30
shogun-buildbotbuild #455 of deb2 - static_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test libshogun]  Build details are at  blamelist: Soeren Sonnenburg <>, Viktor Gal <>22:30
wikingsonne_: it's not the right repo :(22:31
sonne_wiking, ahh I see22:31
sonne_hmmhh now idea how to switch profiles22:31
wikingyeah you'll have to figure that one out :)22:31
wikingas this repo build will fail22:32
wikingsince it doesn't have the .travis.yml file22:32
wikingso it doesn't really know what to do with the repo other than checking it out22:32
wikingbtw i've just found out about travis when i've seen this article22:32
wikingsonne_: you'll like it imho:
wikingamazing patch :D22:33
wikingi think github is really having issues lately: 129 KiB/s when cloning :)))22:35
blackburnwiking: that's me with the ice cream22:37
blackburnbut I like professor pic most22:37
blackburnokay my research completed - it seems to be possible to get visa and foreign passport in month22:37
blackburnbut pretty hard22:37
sonne_wiking, alright now it shoudl work22:39
sonne_but where do I see it?22:39
wikingctrl-f shogun22:39
wikingthere you go22:39
* sonne_ is starving22:40
wikingsonne_: go have lunch22:40
wikingthnx a lot for setting up22:40
wikinglet's discuss the rest later22:40
wikingabout the testing etc22:40
wikingbecause with this thing now we can really do some nice funky things22:41
wikingi.e. forcing in a PR that it build with travis22:41
wikingand in travis we force to run unit testing22:41
sonne_wiking, yeah but you could already get gmock etc stuff to work on configure as a starter22:41
* sonne_ off for food22:41
wikingi'll start that22:41
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wikingblaaameeee meee you motherfucker22:49
shogun-buildbotbuild #456 of deb2 - static_interfaces is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
wikingyooo cool22:54
wikingbuilt successfully22:54
wikingblackburn: here?22:55
wikingif u want emails ;)22:56
wikingadd your's there22:56
blackburnnot really thanks :D :D22:56
blackburn email:    on_success: change    on_failure: alwaye22:57
blackburnis that a mistake?22:57
wikingyeah i wondered as well about that22:57
wikingthe validator passed it!!!22:57
blackburnbad validator22:58
wikingheheh yeah22:58
wikingok let's see how this works23:00
wikingi'll send in a new pr23:00
wikingwith fixing the typeo23:00
shogun-buildbotbuild #565 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test libshogun]  Build details are at  blamelist: Soeren Sonnenburg <>, Viktor Gal <>23:03
wikingheheh cool23:03
wikinglet's see how this one will build ;)23:03
wikingDetermining merge status...23:04
wikingblackburn: don't merge it... :)23:04
blackburnokay :D23:07
wikingas afaik it'll fail with clang23:08
wikingare these people on adsl? :)23:09
wiking566 kbyte/sec23:09
wikingbtw it's fucking lol23:17
wikingblackburn: check out the difference between clang vs gcc23:17
wikingin a minute clang will finish23:17
wikingit's finished23:18
wikinggcc is still just compiling the library23:18
wiking15 vs 1723:20
wikingyey niiice23:20
wikingactually in the meanwhile with the other changes it seems the clang error has been fixed23:21
wikingblackburn: u can merge it ;)23:21
wikinggoodie :)23:22
blackburntravis is pretty cool23:23
wikingbut seems now they are having a bit of a problem with bandwidth23:24
wikingyesterday it was much faster... the clone23:24
wikingoh lool23:25
wikingi wonder why does it do this as well23:25
wikingso it builds the merge of the PR as well23:26
shogun-buildbotbuild #457 of deb2 - static_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test libshogun]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>23:35
blackburnwe should write more code :D23:36
wiking  irc:23:37
wiking    channels:23:37
wiking      - ""23:37
wiking      - ""23:37
wiking    on_success: [always|never|change] # default: always23:37
wiking    on_failure: [always|never|change] # default: always23:37
wiking    use_notice: true23:37
blackburnoh it even notifies on irc23:37
wikingwe want this most definitely23:38
wikingMORE FLOOD23:38
blackburnyeah would be nice if I could talk to him about vodka or so23:38
blackburnich bin so allein with my alco addiction :(23:38
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