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wikingblackburn: what have u done? :)00:07
wikingstl ?! :)00:07
blackburnwiking: why not?00:07
wikingso it's never going to be merged into shogun?00:21
blackburnno idea :D I'd attempt00:36
blackburnwiking: but it is crazy fast now00:44
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wikingsonney2k: ping10:11
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wikingblackburn: what's up man, have u finally received your job offer?11:21
blackburnwiking: no 'no', no 'yes' yet11:30
blackburnmay be this week, not today for sure - holiday11:31
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wikingaaah i see11:47
wikingno doc summit results yet i guess :(11:50
wikingbtw: ive just reailsed that somebody set a 2.1 milestone for shogun... which is due in 26 days :)11:51
wikingis it the xmas edition of shogun? :)11:52
blackburnwiking: hmmm11:56
blackburn26 days? :D11:56
blackburnwiking: http://webtrax.hu/myfacewhen/faces/lineart-memes/fuck-this-shit-table-flip.jpg11:59
-shogungit:#shogun- [shogun] vigsterkr opened pull request #813: Fix LatentSVM unit testing (master...utest) https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/81312:15
-shogungit:#shogun- [shogun] lisitsyn pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/compare/9ff681f049bc...0b17728376c912:16
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master f1cadaf Viktor Gal: Fix LatentSVM unit testing12:16
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master 0b17728 Sergey Lisitsyn: Merge pull request #813 from vigsterkr/utest...12:16
wikingheheh that was a fast clikc ;)12:16
blackburnnot so fast12:19
blackburnI'll work on this, we need to get response time to 2 seconds!12:20
blackburnto build communism12:20
blackburnwiking: when scikits takes 9.24s, my shit takes 1.46s12:27
blackburnjust measured12:27
wikingu do svd?12:28
blackburnwell it is LTSA12:28
blackburnalignment of PCA of each local path12:28
blackburnconstructing principal manifold12:28
blackburnsvd is here in one step in general, yet12:29
blackburnbut final embedding is done via eigendecomposition12:29
blackburnwith smallest eigenvectors12:29
wikingbut you do eigen vector/value calculation12:29
blackburnI use LDLT and Arpack for that12:29
wikingjust because a friend of mine need one that can do that really fast12:30
blackburnI am eigenexpert12:30
blackburnif he needs only a few eigenvectors I know good library - arpack :)12:30
blackburnwith 50000 vectors12:30
blackburnscikits 46.912:31
blackburnmy thing 4.7412:31
wikingblackburn: naaa he has huge matrices12:32
blackburnwiking: symmetric?12:32
wikingafaik yes but i gotta ask him12:32
blackburnall eigenvectors?12:33
wikingyes he needs all of them12:33
blackburnall eigenvectors of huge matrix? http://cache.ohinternet.com/images/e/e6/Okay_guy.jpg12:33
blackburnfull eigendecomposition is tough12:34
blackburnis it sparse at least?12:34
wikinggotta ask him12:37
wikingbut i know that he needs it for his simulations12:37
blackburnthe only way to handle big dense matrices is parallelization and/or distribution I believe12:38
wikingyeah i think he is planning to use a nvidia tesla for his problem :P12:39
wikinghehehe blackburn who's gonna implement t-SNE in shogun?12:40
blackburnwiking: I am going to but not in shogun :D12:40
wikingy not?12:41
blackburnI am preparing a toolkit for such stuff here you know12:42
wikingi c12:42
blackburnwiking: actually sometimes i think I made a carpet generator12:45
blackburnwiking: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10139213/shogun/carpet.png12:45
blackburn200000 points :D12:46
blackburnwiking: shogun's serialization framework http://ubuntuone.com/3Evo6s561El0wagE3TV6SK12:52
wikingmmm i should check how i can segment with svm :)13:00
blackburnI can haz segments wiz da svm13:00
shogun-buildbotbuild #622 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test ruby_modular]  Build details are at http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/buildbot/builders/deb3%20-%20modular_interfaces/builds/622  blamelist: Sergey Lisitsyn <lisitsyn.s.o@gmail.com>13:28
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KMcQuistenHey there all22:04
KMcQuistenSo after compiling the most recent code (That I pulled this morning)  I cannot import anything into python.  No matter what object I try to import, I get the following error:22:05
KMcQuisten ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/_modshogun.so: undefined symbol: _ZTIN6shogun20CDirectorLatentModelE22:05
KMcQuistenEven when I'm not using any code related to LatenSVM22:06
wikingKMcQuisten: the latent model unfortunately you wont be able to use from python at this moment22:06
blackburnsomeone forgot to safe his code if #ifdef USE_SWIG_DIRECTORS wiking :D22:06
KMcQuistenI don't want to use the latent model.  The inclusion of the laten model has broken the whole damn codebase22:07
wikingKMcQuisten: but it's thrilling that you are trying to use latentsvm :P may i ask what's the problem for which you'd like to use it22:07
KMcQuistenI'm not using it wiking.22:07
wikingKMcQuisten: ah ok22:07
wikingKMcQuisten: let me check22:07
wikingblackburn: i'm pretty sure i did that22:08
wikinglemme check22:08
blackburnhmm you did22:08
wikingKMcQuisten: it's happening with any of the python code?22:10
KMcQuistenYes.  I tried to import RealFeatures from shogun.Features, and it craps out with the above erroe message.22:11
wikingKMcQuisten: mmmm22:11
wikingblackburn: any ideas? :)22:11
KMcQuistenEvery object I've tried has given me this error22:11
wikingKMcQuisten: can u give me your ./configure command line?22:12
blackburnwiking: ehmm not really22:12
KMcQuisten./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-swig-directors --interaces=python_modular22:12
blackburnso directors were enabled22:13
KMcQuistenYes. I need the for DirectorKernels22:13
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KMcQuistenI have swig 2.0.822:13
blackburnKMcQuisten: did you try to recompile?22:14
KMcQuistenYes I did.22:14
KMcQuistencompletely cleaned and build form scratch22:14
blackburnKMcQuisten: okay I have to compile and check22:16
KMcQuistenmake -j 222:17
KMcQuistenoops, wrong window ;)22:17
blackburnhaha wrong language22:17
blackburnokay we are all wrong22:17
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blackburnKMcQuisten: it actually works here..22:37
blackburnthe only difference is that I am using python2.722:38
blackburnbut it seems to be strange anyway22:38
KMcQuistenI'm backing up a few commits to see if that fixes things on my machine.  I'm using 2.6.6 here22:38
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