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KMcQuistenOk, so I still can't get this to work at all, blackburn.  I keep getting the same undefined symbol every single time.  Anytime I try to import modshogun.00:43
blackburnKMcQuisten: workaround time?00:43
KMcQuistenI've tried to back up to previous commit tags, but I cna't even get them to compile properly to see if they fix the problem00:44
blackburnrm line 4 interfaces/modular/Latent_includes.i00:44
KMcQuistenRighto.  I shall try that00:45
blackburnrm lines 22,28 interfaces/modular/Latent.i00:45
blackburn11-13 as well00:45
KMcQuistenOk, I'll recompile and give it a shot00:47
KMcQuistenIf this works i'll actually get to go home tonight!  woohoo!00:48
wikingblackburn: i wonder what's the difference00:48
blackburnwiking: no idea :D00:48
wikingblackburn: i mean Structure.i _includes.i does the same :)00:48
blackburnI just want KMcQuisten to go home tonight :D00:49
KMcQuistenHahaha!  thank you00:49
wikingKMcQuisten: can you do this: in the directory where you've cloned the git repo: ls src/shogun/latent/DirectorLatentModel.cpp.o00:49
wikingafter you've compiled of course00:49
wikingjust paste here the result00:50
KMcQuistenSure thing.00:50
wikingor even better: ls src/shogun/latent/DirectorLatentModel.*00:52
KMcQuistenHere's what I get:00:56
KMcQuistensrc/shogun/latent/DirectorLatentModel.cpp  src/shogun/latent/DirectorLatentModel.cpp.o  src/shogun/latent/DirectorLatentModel.h00:56
wikingso there's object00:57
wikingKMcQuisten: what os/arch r u using?00:57
KMcQuistenI'm using Centos 6 on x86_64 architacture00:57
wikingmmm ok00:57
blackburnanother one uses centos00:58
blackburnand another gone and another gone00:58
wikingwell now u shouldn't have any problems anymore with that class since you've thrown it out from modular interface00:58
wikingbut i really wonder what could cause there the problem00:58
KMcQuistenblackburn, what distro do you prefer?00:58
wikingas for both me and blackburn it works w/o the any problems...00:58
KMcQuistenYeah, iv'e never seen anything like this before00:59
blackburnKMcQuisten: no idea :)00:59
wikingalthough i'm using python 2.7 as well00:59
blackburnI use ubuntu00:59
wikingbut there's nothing fancy/funky about that given class00:59
wikingi.e. if that fails then other classes should fail as well00:59
KMcQuistenYeah, it should work just like all the other director classes.00:59
KMcQuistenUh oh:01:02
KMcQuistenImportError: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ undefined symbol: _ZN6shogun23CMeanShiftDataGeneratorIdE20set_mean_shift_modelEdi01:02
KMcQuistenI truly have no idea what the fuck's happening now.01:02
blackburnit is implemented I am sure01:03
KMcQuistenSo let's see:  Swig problem, python problem, anything else it could be?01:04
blackburnKMcQuisten: how long has it been since you last updated your git?01:04
blackburnI mean shogun git01:04
KMcQuistenThis was with the newest pull.  I can't remember what tag I was on before.01:05
KMcQuistenI did a fresh clone01:05
KMcQuistenI generally pull the newest one every morning01:06
blackburnmy guess is that for some reason your .so file is old01:06, or
blackburnmay be both, no idea01:07
blackburnand no idea how can that ever happen but just guess01:07
KMcQuistenRighto.  I'll see what I can do01:07
wikingls -la /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/_modshogun.so01:11
wikingwhat's the output01:11
KMcQuisten-rwxr-xr-x   1 root root 27347037 Nov  5 18:11 _modshogun.so01:12
blackburnnot old I believe01:13
wikingmmm swig is ok01:13
wikingi use 2.0.8 as well01:13
wikingwell then i guess it's time for checking the .so01:13
wikingstrings /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/|grep CMeanShiftDataGenerator01:14
KMcQuistenWll that's a lot of text01:15
KMcQuistenSeems to have found a lot01:15
KMcQuistenYep, there's the symbol it says it can't find01:16
blackburnokay guys I have low battery need to sleep :)01:18
blackburnsee you01:18
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KMcQuistenwiking:  What's it mean that it can't find a symbol that seems to be in the .so01:20
wikingthat's a really good question :S01:20
KMcQuistenBWA!  Old version of and in the lib64 folder01:29
KMcQuistenlet's see if getting all those fresh helps01:30
KMcQuistenBOOM!  Headhsot01:32
KMcQuistenGot it!01:32
KMcQuistenThanks for helping me wad through this blackburn and wiking.  You're lifesavers01:33
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wikingblackburn: have u seen what was the problem of KMcQuisten? :)10:12
blackburnwiking: old binaries as I guessed?10:13
wikingindeed :)10:13
wiking"Old version of and in the lib64 folder"10:13
blackburnno idea what happened though10:13
wikingwell that :)10:14
wikingietf meeting on future video codec design:
blackburnwiking: have you seen link in my twitter?10:34
blackburnabout halide language10:34
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wikinghaven't seen my twitter feed for a while :(10:40
wikingah i see10:40
wikingmm interesting10:41
wikinglol error: no type named 'initializer_list' in namespace 'std10:49
wikingi cannot get c++11 work10:49
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wikingheiko: yo11:21
heikowiking hi11:21
wikingheiko: do you know what's up with the streaming fw? :)11:21
heikowiking, it leaks :)11:21
wikinghehe i know11:22
heikowiking, I did some changes (since it leaked before)11:22
wikingmore over it has double-free -s11:22
heikothat I needed for the two-sample test stuff11:22
wikingwhich makes the code crash on my mac11:22
heikoI will have a look,11:22
heikoany particular code?11:22
wikingmm yeah11:22
wikingi think it was this mkl CV11:22
wikingjust a sec11:22
wikingthis one crashes on my machine11:23
wikingdo u wanna see the backtrace?11:24
heikoI probably also crashes here11:25
wikingheiko: dunno i mean last time all the buildbots were fine but the code crashed on my machine :(11:25
heikowow strange11:29
heikoI am currently at work, but I will look into the example later11:29
heiko(and also fix the other memory problems)11:29
wikingforget that11:30
wikingi've recompiled now the code11:30
wikingit's somewhere else the crash :DDD11:30
wikingit's now here:
wikingwoah i have an extra day for submitting this paper \o/11:44
wikingthe lord is mighty :>11:45
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blackburnwiking: is it more or less ready?12:15
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wikingblackburn: yep it's getting theere :)12:47
blackburnwiking: nice12:47
blackburnwiking: will have an interview this friday13:13
wikingblackburn: another one? :) comeoooon13:30
blackburnwiking: different job13:30
blackburnappears to be java programmer13:30
wikingnoooo don't java :D14:18
wikingmake more shogun14:18
wikingr we like out from this doc camp or what? :)14:19
blackburnno idea but I will not get in for sure :)14:30
blackburnwiking: will you go if we are in?14:39
wikingblackburn: it seems i could go yes14:43
blackburnso it could be honeymoon for you and fernando14:44
blackburnor heiko14:44
wikingmy internetz is dying :)14:44
wikingblackburn: did u manage to get that halide compile?14:48
wikingi mean the exampl14:48
blackburnwiking: I didn't try yet14:48
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@sonney2kwiking, I've heard you have resurrected a patient who head-shooted himself?17:19
@sonney2kand wiking no news about doc camp yet...17:21
n4nd0what?? is wiking like a doctor?17:22
n4nd0well not even a doctor can do that ... is he like a Jesus? :D17:22
@sonney2kn4nd0, yes jesus, lazarus - you name it17:24
@sonney2khe is out $deity17:24
wikingsonney2k: ahhahaha yes :D17:24
n4nd0but what's that?17:24
n4nd0wiking: what did you do?17:24
wikingn4nd0: read yesterday night's logs17:24
@sonney2ksaving the world was not enough17:24
n4nd0let's see17:24
@sonney2khe needs new challenges17:24
wikingwe need FAQ17:25
@sonney2kwiking, type type type it in :)17:25
wikingsonney2k: aintnotime now :(17:25
wikingbut yeah that should be a little more nicely designed17:25
@sonney2kwiking, design third17:25
wikingcontent first :D17:25
n4nd0wiking: got it hehe17:25
wikingn4nd0: yeah that was a good one :>17:26
wikingpeople with centos having the most problems till now :D17:26
@sonney2kwiking, I am on centos too17:26
@sonney2kand no issues17:26
wikingsonney2k: hehe i'm just stating the obvious17:28
@sonney2kI actually made sure it runs smoothly...17:28
wikingmore than 50% of the people since i'm around and trying to help out ppl with their problems are using centos17:29
wikingbut anyhow... i guess it's an accident :P17:29
wikingi mean coincidence :P17:29
wikingsonney2k: have u done some visualization of lbp when u were doing libocas?17:30
wikingand somebody should kick the arses of macports people to finally apply the 2.0 patch for macports..17:31
@sonney2kwiking, no impl. is incomplete17:35
wikingok i see17:36
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wikingmmm i wonder how one could visualize this feature at all ;)17:43
wikingooh okeeey17:45
wikingsonney2k: still here?17:55
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wikingsonney2k: /Users/wiking/shogun-latent-build/lib/libshogun.13.dylib (compatibility version 0.0.0, current version 0.0.0)19:13
wikingi think this caused his problem19:13
wikingblackburn: ping19:19
wikingok that's at least for osx19:22
blackburnwiking: ponggg19:35
wikingshouldn't we like really maintain a proper major and minor version number for libshogun? :)19:36
-shogungit:#shogun- [shogun] vigsterkr opened pull request #814: Fix libshogun.dylib compilation on OS X (master...latent)
-shogungit:#shogun- [shogun] lisitsyn pushed 2 new commits to master:
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master 118d15b Viktor Gal: Fix libshogun.dylib compilation on OS X...20:52
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master ffeff45 Sergey Lisitsyn: Merge pull request #814 from vigsterkr/latent...20:52
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shogun-buildbotbuild #623 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
wikingthis is LOOOl22:15
wikingblackburn: here?22:15
wikinghehe new eigen22:23
blackburnwiking: well ratherbugfix release22:28
wikingblackburn: have u known about this command of git: git shortlog22:28
blackburnlooks cool22:29
wikingit's pretty good for creating a changelog file for a release22:29
wikingu can specify the commit as well22:29
wikingso that it only creates the list from that given commit22:29
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