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orisonne|work: sonney2k  are you there?06:31
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HausasAre you all developers?14:58
n4nd0kind of :)15:00
n4nd0Hausas: can I help you with something?15:00
HausasNo, I don't need help15:03
HausasI don't even use your software15:03
n4nd0haha ok15:04
Hausas"I'm here to observe" - Sheldon Cooper15:05
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wikingblackburn: have u seen my twit \o/17:29
blackburnwiking: yeah lung17:31
blackburnwiking: is that you have been working on lately?17:32
wikingblackburn: yep17:34
wikingblackburn: body part locator17:34
wikingbut it fucking works17:35
wikingeven on random image fetched from google image search "xray lung"17:35
blackburnwiking: can you locate testicules?17:36
blackburnit would be useful thing to bash testicules17:36
wikingwell now i'm tyring to do multi body labelling17:36
wikingwe'll see17:36
blackburnjust a single slap and that's it folks17:36
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wikingblackburn: so actually we could do roadsign shiat20:51
blackburnyeah once I get less workload20:52
wikinghehe oalrighty20:52
blackburnI am a little confused with full-time job I work on :D20:52
blackburnmay be it was wrong to say I can work fulltime haha20:52
wikingdo u know a good/easy lib for fetching data from the net?20:52
wikinglibcurl was my first ideea20:53
blackburnfetching like? wget? :D20:53
wikingwell yeah but a lib that i can use in c++20:53
blackburnlibcurl then :)20:53
wikingheheh thought u have a better idea20:54
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@sonney2kHausas, Sheldon is my superhero :)22:34
@sonney2kwiking, don't do such stuff in C++ but in python!22:35
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