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wikingblackburn: ping?17:27
blackburnwiking: pong17:33
wikingdo we have a lasso solver?17:34
blackburnwiking: yes17:37
blackburnregression? binary? multiclass?17:37
blackburnwiking: tree guided would work17:40
blackburnwiking: it is not trivial to use though :D18:44
blackburnkinda rocket science and requires a phd18:44
blackburnI mean it is not documented IIRC :D18:44
wikingyeah i can see that19:15
blackburnwiking: it is actually for tree lasso but it works as basic lasso as well19:16
blackburnwiking: hmm actually MulticlassLogisticRegression is L1 reg logistic regression19:17
blackburnis that what you need?19:17
wikingi need to optimize19:17
wiking\lambda \sum ||\beta_i||_219:18
wiking- f(\lambda)19:18
wikingblackburn: ?19:48
blackburnwiking: what is beta what is f?19:48
wiking\beta is an M lenght vector19:49
wikingwhile L is a loss function19:49
blackburnwell bfgs, etc :)19:51
wikingookeey face19:59
wikingthere's this paper20:02
wikingHeterogeneous Feature Machines for Visual Recognition20:02
wikinghas a different approch for mkl20:02
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