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@sonney2kwiking, I hope you are happy now19:36
@sonney2kheiko, wiking  - should we have some release plan for 2.1.0?19:36
heikosonney2k, sorry just saw this19:56
heikosonney2k, yes good idea19:56
heikowhat should be in there then?19:56
@sonney2kheiko, just the stuff we currently have... but some more stabilization I guess19:58
heikosonney2k, ok, I am still working on this kernel selection stuff, at least I plan to do so, and there were a few bugs: streaming features, model-selection (kristinas mail), etc19:59
heikowhat else is going on?19:59
@sonney2kheiko, not sure if you have seen but I have moved most of the unrelated stuff from CMath -> to SGVector etc20:02
@sonney2kand added load/save stuff to sgvecttor/sgmatrix etc20:02
heikoyes I saw that20:02
Dark_LanternHello everybody20:02
heikowhat about the unit testing, any progress in that?20:02
heikohi Dark_Lantern20:02
Dark_LanternI am kinda new to open source development20:02
@sonney2kI would wish I could get Sparse/Stringfeatures to work with the new SGdata types20:02
@sonney2kbut I am not there yet20:02
@sonney2kDark_Lantern, hi!20:03
Dark_LanternAny way for me to get started contributing to shogun?20:03
Dark_LanternAny advice20:03
Dark_Lanternlike any bugs or issues?20:03
@sonney2kDark_Lantern, if you miss some algorithm/documention/find some bug tell us or even write it yourself and supply it to us20:03
Dark_LanternI can help with the Classification trees that lisitsyn is doing. :)20:03
Dark_LanternI have a good idea about ID320:04
Dark_Lanternand I can read up on C4.520:05
heikoid3 is a good thing to have20:05
@sonney2kDark_Lantern, yeah would be a very welcome addition20:05
heikorandom forests would also be nice, but thats a bigger project :)20:05
Dark_Lanternhas lisitsyn started anything?20:06
@sonney2kas would C5.0 ...20:06
@sonney2kDark_Lantern, I don't think so20:06
Dark_Lanternoh ok :)20:07
Dark_LanternI have just built the source20:07
Dark_Lanternbut I still have to get a hang of the code20:07
Dark_LanternWas browsing through the features source today20:07
Dark_LanternHope you guys don't mind while I explore a bit first?20:08
heikoDark_Lantern, sure, thats the best way to start, browse through stuff20:08
heikotry to understand the files that are related to your ideas20:08
@sonney2kDark_Lantern, well first start using shogun then you will notice what is missing/can be improved and start with that :)20:10
Dark_LanternThat is the right way I guess #sonney2k20:11
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