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yuweiweiAnyone here?14:07
yuweiweiI have a fews questions about shogun14:07
yuweiweiwhen I run python_staic ,there is a problem:import sg form sg14:09
sonne|worknot really a lot of information... besides I would suggest using python_modular14:10
yuweiweiunder ubuntu,in the dir application,i run the examples there a problem:modshogun14:14
yuweiweimodshogun? what's this? my english poor,forgive me please14:15
sonne|workdid you run make install?14:15
yuweiwei./configure and then make14:16
sonne|workand make install as root?14:16
sonne|workand what did configure say - which interfaces is it building for?14:16
yuweiweiubuntu? sudo make install?14:16
sonne|workwhat is the output of ./configure ?14:18
yuweiweilet me try again ,thank you so much .  ./configure  there a list14:18
sonne|workplease paste the output14:22
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yuweiweii am back , just change to ubuntu14:31
yuweiweilibshogun and the following interfaces: cmdline_static python_static matlab_static14:32
yuweiweiWARNING: SHOGUN is built using SVMlight which was written by Thorsten Joachims and uses a different non GPL compatible license. To build a fully GPL'd SHOGUN use  ./configure --disable-svm-light  The SVMlight license can be found in LICENSE.SVMlight.  In case you do not know or cannot agree to the licensing terms expressed in LICENSE.SVMlight press ctrl+c to abort configure now.14:32
yuweiweiwhat's wrong?14:32
yuweiweiImportError: No module named modshogun14:34
yuweiweisorry , i am a newer14:34
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yuweiwei sonnel work are you here?14:58
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-shogungit:#shogun- [shogun] karlnapf opened pull request #849: MMD kernel selection work (master...master)
-shogungit:#shogun- [shogun] karlnapf pushed 7 new commits to master:
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master 0935200 Heiko Strathmann: assed forgotten quare root, was wrong before17:31
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master 2533756 Heiko Strathmann: added single variance test17:31
-shogungit:#shogun- shogun/master 8b1a6f0 Heiko Strathmann: added maxmmd test for linear time MMD17:31
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